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In terms of long-range skills, the white python had Spatial Flash, Spiritual Barrier, Instant Hell Strike, and Shadowless Line.

For support skills, it had Ultimate Sublimation, Free-size, Soul Space, and Complete Darkness, no less than Xiao Jiu.

The only aspect where the white python could not beat Xiao Jiu was probably the lack of explosive power.

The white pythons skills were just like itself.

They were powerful but also very stable.

The “explosive power” as mentioned referred to the skills that could defeat opponents of a higher level.

For example, Golden Crow Falls West.

To be honest, the white pythons skills were not weak, especially after its many skills reached the peak mastery realm.

They had achieved a qualitative leap.

The white pythons core skill for close combat was Dimensional Cleave.

[Dimensional Cleave (peak mastery): Intermediate space-type skill.

You can use the power of space on your body parts, instantly forming multiple cleave attacks from a very long distance! The cleave attacks can penetrate part of the enemys spiritual resistance and defense.

Your attacks can also ignore the enemys defensive skills below the emperor grade.]

This move had already reached the peak mastery realm before the white python evolved, so after the period of simulations, it was already close to reaching the enlightenment realm.

The profoundness had changed from a probability trigger to a direct skill effect.

It allowed the white python to ignore the enemys defensive skills.

Even if against an Emperor-class pet that was four or five stars stronger than it, the white python could easily and instantly kill the other party.

If it activated Supercomputing Space and Soul Space, it could manage to barely clash with Xiao Jius Divine Light Flame Strike.

“An intermediate skill against an advanced skill.

Since the former is close to the enlightenment realm, it has already, in fact, reached the power of an advanced skill.”

The improving realms of skills did bring about a great increase in power.

This was especially so when the profoundness had become a direct skill effect.

Without conditions to be fulfilled to trigger the effect, the damage would be even more terrifying and stable.

Basically, in close combat, the white python could use Dynamic Vision to trigger the Supercomputing Space.

With this, it could cause explosive damage very steadily.

[Dynamic Vision (peak mastery): An intermediate special-type skill.

By focusing on observing the opponents trajectory, the opponents movement can be slowed down by ten times in your eyes, allowing you to observe the changes in the energy in the opponents body.

Your powerful Dynamic Vision allows you to learn more powerful abilities.

Comprehended profoundness: Broken Flow.

Once you activate Dynamic Vision, you will have a chance to interrupt the opponents skill with any of your attacks.]

[Supercomputing Space (peak mastery): Advanced space-type race skill.

When you dodge the enemys attack at an extreme, you can activate the powerful space potential in your body and enter a unique algorithm space.

In the algorithm space, the enemys actions will be infinitely close to static.

When the opponent is forcefully hit by your attack, the energy in the space will increase explosively, and the power of all your space skills will increase tenfold.

Comprehended profoundness: Lasting Battle.

After using Supercomputing Space, the enemy will suffer a space explosion.]

These two were the white pythons core skills.

It relied on these two skills in close combat.

Moreover, as support skills, the effects of their profoundness were not bad either.

“However, the most powerful skills are still the long-range ones, especially Instant Hell Strike.”

This was a dark-type skill.

It was a soul dark-type skill that focused mainly on the dark attribute.

As a composite skill, its strength lay in the fact that the upper limits of the amplifications it brought were far stronger than a single attributed skill.

For example, a skill with similar effects, the white pythons Complete Darkness, could amplify the power of dark-type skills, but not the power of space-type skills.

Therefore, after activating Complete Darkness, Dimensional Cleave wouldnt become stronger.

In contrast, Instant Hell Strike could do what Complete Darkness couldnt.

It was the same for any skill.

There were many types of support skills that could increase the power of skills.

A composite skill could be used in conjunction with these support skills to raise the power of the skills to a whole new level.

This was also the core point of many beastmasters pet nurturing.

Moreover, the white python had Soul Space as well.

[Soul Space (great success): Emperor space-type skill.

By unleashing all the space-type energy in your body, you can temporarily create a powerful Soul Space.

The Soul Space will have boundless spiritual energy.

Your combat power will temporarily rise by four small levels, but this will still be unable to break through your upper limit (calculated in terms of your potential).

After using this skill, you will enter a weakened state and will be unable to use space-type skills.]

This was a skill that was comparable to Xiao Jius Body-burning True Flames.

The powerful part was that its buff effect was not that strong.

The advantage was that it would not lower the grades of the white pythons six dimensions.

It would only be weakened for a while.

The improvement of four small levels meant that Xiao Jiu, who was now a four-star level three pet, would be improved to an eight-star level three pet.

It would have a spiritual energy value of 800,000 which it could use endlessly until the Soul Space disappeared.

“You lack nuclear explosion-like skills, but you dont want to send yourself to your death either, huh” Wang Ye patted the white python that was emitting a dark color and pondered.

“Next, lets simulate the combat technique.

I dont have very high requirements.

Its enough for you to reach the third degree.

With the five emperor-grade resources you ate, your combat technique might be able to reach the effects of Xiao Jius combat technique in the sixth degree.

After all, the more you eat, the more powerful you are!”

It was much more difficult for the white python to improve its combat technique compared to Xiao Jiu.

Xiao Jiu purely relied on fortuitous encounters.

By itself, it couldnt cultivate to such a high degree.

At this stage, other pets might struggle to even reach the first degree of an emperor-rank combat technique.

If one wanted to reach the third degree, without some fortuitous encounters in real life, one couldnt possibly achieve it in just a few years by relying on cultivation alone, let alone the sixth degree.

That was calculated in terms of decades!

However, in terms of emperor-rank combat techniques, the entire Dongli probably did not have much stock.

Most of them were even incomplete.

Researching a combat technique was even more difficult than researching the pets evolution route.

Yet, the improvement brought by pet evolution was far higher than the improvement brought by combat techniques.


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