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Chapter 753: Goal, sharpening the knife (1)

After Demon Lord killed the big anaconda, he didnt move forward immediately, but swam to the wall of the cave and leaned aside to slowly adjust his breath.

In the eyes of others, maybe he killed the anaconda easily, but only he knows that it was not easy at all, and he was even a little out of strength.

Such a big anaconda, not to mention its combat effectiveness, just its strength, was not something that ordinary people can fight against.

Thanks to his rich fighting experience, which made him stronger than this big anaconda and able to should fight correspondingly.

Otherwise, he will probably die of exhaustion.

About a quarter of an hour later, Demon Lord regained his strength, took off the dagger that had penetrated the gap in the wall, and continued to move forward.

One mountain cant hold two tigers.

There were such ferocious creatures as giant anacondas in this waterway, and naturally, there will be no other ferocious creatures of comparable strength.

Throughout the next journey, he didnt encounter any danger.

Occasionally, a small fish swam by for a few days, but it didnt have any lethality.

And an hour later, Demon Lord saw a little bit of light.

A ray of sunlight from the first floor passed through the cracks in the stones and refracted into the waterway, adding a little light to the dark waterway and bringing hope to Demon Lord.

If he can see the light, it means that he was not far from the end.

Demon Lords fatigue was swept away and speeded up to swim forward.

After half an hour, he finally swam out of the waterway.

When the sun shines on the body, when the eyes can see colors other than darkness, Demon Lord had a feeling of being alive.

After taking a deep breath and spitting out the depression of staying in the waterway for the past few days, Demon Lord look around to know the situation.

Looking at the green grass on both sides, and the lush trees not far away, Demon Lord knew that he should have come to the depths of a certain forest.

As for how far away from the waterfall, Demon Lord couldnt judge for a while.

There were seven turns and eight turns in the waterway, and it was really difficult for him to identify the direction in the dark.

*Splash* He swam to the shore, and the heavy building came out of the water.

After drying the clothes on his body with internal force, he didnt rush to find people, but found an open place and made a pile of dead branches.


After soaking in the water for nearly four days, although he has the internal strength to protect his body, he was not made of iron.

Although he will not be disturbed by the cold air in the water, his body will be affected to some extent.

Roasting the fire was only good for him, and he also needs to eat, that snake gall was a good thing, but it cant fill the stomach.

In the depths of the woods, there was never a shortage of prey, especially near water sources.

Demon Lord barely took a few steps before encountering a wild boar!

Yes, Demon Lord, unfortunately, encountered a wild boar that was digging the roots of a tree.

It was very big and fierce.

There was no need to approach it.

Demon Lord knew that this guy was not easy to deal with.

After calculating the gains and losses, Demon Lord decisively gave up.

He was here to find food, not to kill the enemy, there was no need to provoke the wild boar.

As everyone knows, a guy who can occupy a place in a water source was not something to mess with.

The wild boar seemed to be full.

He raised his head and glanced at Demon Lord.

Seeing that Demon Lord was not moving, it had no intention of attacking.

It just stared at Demon Lord and continued eating the tree roots after Demon Lord left.

Demon Lord avoided wild boars and found a litter of rabbits.

He took the adult rabbit and released the little rabbits as per his habit.

As for whether the little rabbits can survive, this was not something that he can decide.

Natural selection, the forest has the rules of the forest, and this was the only thing he can do.

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