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She didnt turn her head.

Instead, she lowered her voice and asked, “Tell me, whats going on”

“The master hasnt been in the family during this period of time.

Hes been in the capital all this time.

This has caused some ambitious people in the family to have other thoughts.

Last time, they hired a sniper.

The master was careless and fell into their trap.

Fortunately, the masters skills were good and the bullet didnt hit his vital parts,” Baro explained.

“It didnt hit his vital parts.

If it hit his vital parts, how could he still be alive How did you protect him How did you let him suffer such a serious injury.

Moreover, he suffered such a serious injury, and you didnt let him have a good rest.

Do you know that if I hadnt discovered him today, his wound would have been infected Do you know the consequences of an infected wound” Chen Menger was so angry that she couldnt help it, her voice was raised by several decibels.

Allen and Baros faces didnt change because of Chen Mengers raised voice.

They changed their faces because they heard Chen Menger say that their masters wound was infected.

“Mistress, you must save Master.

He…” Although Yuwen Jing had a bad temper, Baro and the others treated Allen sincerely.

Now that Allen was speaking, his voice was a little choked up.

“Even if you dont say it, I will save him.

You guys go out now.

Wait outside.

I want to treat his wound again,” Chen Menger ordered calmly.

Allen and Baro did not say anything.

They turned around and left the pharmacy.

They were very relieved to hand their master over to Chen Menger.

After Allen and Baro left, Chen Menger turned her head and looked deeply at the person on the bed.

His face was so pale that there was not a hint of blood left.

His eyes were tightly shut, but because of the pain in his body, he frowned from time to time.

Chen Menger looked at Yuwen Jings deeply furrowed brows.

“Tell me, how can you not take care of your own body Dont you know that if I look at you like this, my heart will ache” Chen Menger could not help but whisper.

After saying that, Chen Menger sighed deeply.

Forget it.

Some words should be said after Yuwen Jing woke up.

The most important thing at the moment was to first treat Yuwen Jings wound.

Chen Menger wouldnt be stingy with Yuwen Jing.

She took out a bunch of bottles and jars from her portable space.

Although these bottles and jars looked small and looked like handicrafts, they contained various medicinal powders and pills that were worth thousands of gold coins.

Chen Menger first poured out a pill and stuffed it into Yuwen Jings mouth.

Fortunately, the pills that Chen Menger made were all high-quality and melted when they were in contact with water.

Otherwise, Yuwen Jing, who was currently unconscious, would not be able to take any pills at all.

This pill was used to protect ones life.

It could be said that no matter how serious ones injury was, as long as one took this pill, one would be able to hang on for a long time.

Originally, Yuwen Jings situation did not require such a precious pill.

However, Chen Mengers concern made things messy.

After giving Yuwen Jing this pill, Chen Menger let out a sigh of relief.

Only then did she focus on treating Yuwen Jings wound.

She untied the white bandage on Yuwen Jings body.

The bandage on Yuwen Jings body was tied up in several layers.

When Chen Menger untied the bandage layer by layer, her face became more and more unsightly.

If Yuwen Jing wasnt unconscious now, she would have cursed at Yuwen Jing.

He clearly didnt want to live anymore, right This wound hadnt healed at all until now, and it kept bleeding.

He had actually been working all the time, and even came to the Green Gang.

In his current situation, he had to stay in bed and rest.

Chen Menger couldnt hide the pained expression on her face no matter how hard she tried.

After removing the bandages on Yuwen Jings body, she picked up another small red porcelain bottle and opened the stopper.

She poured the white powder inside the small porcelain bottle onto the wound on Yuwen Jings body.

The powder fell onto the wound.

The unconscious Yuwen Jing couldnt help but let out a comfortable sigh.

Chen Mengers medicine was very powerful.

If other medicine touched the wound, the patient would definitely feel discomfort and pain.

However, when Chen Mengers medicine powder touched the wound, it would immediately alleviate the pain of the wound.

Chen Menger did not immediately bandage Yuwen Jings wound.

Instead, she let his wound stay open.

She ran to the desk at the side, picked up a brush, and wrote down a prescription.

However, after she finished writing, Chen Menger picked it up and looked at it.

Then, she put it down.

She thought for a moment and entered the space in a flash.

This Chinese herbal medicine was produced in the space.

Its effects were very different from those in the pharmacy outside.

Chen Menger thought for a moment and decided to use the medicinal herbs in the space to brew the medicine for Yuwen Jing.

In this way, the effects would come faster.

Chen Menger quickly grabbed the medicine and flashed out of the space.

She didnt dare stay in the space for too long.

She was afraid that Yuwen Jing would wake up and catch her.

At that time, her secret would be exposed.


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