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He could only watch the figure get further and further away from him.

“Menger, dont go.

You have to stay with me.

Dont…” Yuwen Jing struggled and shouted.

“Yuwen Jing.

Whats wrong Wake up, Im here.

Im here.” Yuwen Jing, who was lying quietly on the bed, suddenly waved his hands wildly.

He kept shouting, asking Chen Menger not to leave him behind.

Chen Menger, who was calm, saw Yuwen Jing like this and immediately lost her composure.

She quickly reached out and grabbed Yuwen Jings hand.

She wanted to prevent him from hurting himself by unconsciously waving his hand.

It was unknown whether it was Chen Mengers words or the effects of Chen Mengers medicine.

However, Yuwen Jing, who had been unconscious, finally opened his eyes.

Although his face was still frighteningly pale, at the very least, he was finally awake.

When Yuwen Jing opened his eyes and saw Chen Menger for the first time, he thought that he was hallucinating again.

This time, after being shot and unconscious, he woke up.

He had experienced such an illusion before.

He mistook Baro for Chen Menger.

“Im delirious again.

Why is Menger here at this time Why is she here” Yuwen Jing let go of Chen Mengers hand, turned his head to the side, and closed his eyes.

“I think youre not very clear-headed right now.

Ill give you some medicine in a while, and youll be clear-headed.” Chen Menger saw Yuwen Jing like this, and her heart was filled with bitterness.

She didnt know why, but at this time, her eyes felt sour, and something wanted to flow out of them.

“Dont move first.

Lie here.

Ill go make some medicine for you.”

Chen Menger was afraid that she wouldnt be able to control her tears.

So, she quickly found an excuse to leave.

* * *

Outside the door, Baro and Allen were pacing anxiously at the door.

Allen would occasionally put his ear to the door and listen to the movements in the room.

When he heard his master calling their mistresss name in the room, he was a little excited.

“Baro, Master should be awake.

I heard him calling out mistresss name.”

But, Baro poured cold water on him.

“Dont forget, only when Master is unconscious would he call out his own thoughts so brazenly.

Do you think that usually, when Master is awake, he would call out Mistresss name so excitedly The doctor had already told us that although Masters injury this time was not in his vital parts, if he doesnt take good care of himself, it will have a great impact on his body.”

“Thats true.” Allen thought for a moment and nodded in agreement.

“Ah, Ive advised Master many times to rest.

When has Master ever heard of rest” Towards their master, Allen and Baro could only feel deep helplessness.

Just as the two of them were talking.

The door creaked open from the inside.

“Mistress!” Baro and Allen called out in unison.

“Mm, your master has already woken up.

You can go in and take a look.

Ill go and make the medicine,” Chen Menger said to Baro and Allen.

“Mistress, why dont we go and make the medicine You can accompany our master inside.” Allen was trying to find an opportunity for his master.

“You dont know how to make this medicine.

Ill go,” Chen Menger said and left the pharmacy with her Chinese medicine bag.

Allen looked at Chen Mengers back and gave Baro a push.

“Ah, why are you like a piece of wood Why dont you know how to create an opportunity for Master”

“Youre quite enthusiastic.

I havent seen you successfully create an opportunity for Master either.” Baro looked at Allen with disdain.

“Lets go.

Lets go in and see Master.”

In fact, Chen Mengers pharmacy had a special medicine for Yuwen Jing.

However, Chen Menger was afraid that the two of them would be embarrassed to face Yuwen Jing at this time, so she found an excuse, took the medicine, and ran to the kitchen to make the medicine for Yuwen Jing.

“Hey, Little Miss, why are you here I heard from Zhuge that Yuwen Jing fainted How did that kid get hurt Why didnt I hear anything” Chen Menger went to the kitchen to make the medicine and happened to bump into Fatty who was looking for food in the kitchen.

Fatty saw Chen Menger and asked in surprise.

“Recently, Ive been paying attention to the matter of the general election.

I didnt pay much attention to the matter of the Buyano family.

So, I only found out about Yuwen Jings injury today.” Speaking of this, Chen Menger really felt a little bad.

Recently, because of her intentional actions, the Green Gangs intelligence network had deliberately excluded the information about the Buyano family.

This also resulted in Chen Menger not knowing anything about the Buyano family or what happened to Yuwen Jing.

Chen Menger felt some lingering fear.

If it wasnt for the fact that Yuwen Jing happened to come to the Green Gang today and was discovered by her, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Just now, when Chen Menger applied medicine on Yuwen Jings wound, it showed that Yuwen Jings wound was already prone to infection.

Otherwise, Yuwen Jing wouldnt have had a fever.

And if it was discovered a little later, or if it wasnt for the medicinal powder that she developed, Yuwen Jings injury would have been difficult to deal with.

“I say, isnt this kid quite powerful How could he fall into someone elses trap” Although Fatty felt that Yuwen Jing wasnt suitable for his little miss, he still gave a very positive evaluation of Yuwen Jings strength.

“Its his negligence.” Chen Menger knew in her heart that Yuwen Jing fell for someone elses trap this time, and it actually had a lot to do with her.

“Uncle Fatty, I wont stay here anymore.

Im going to make some medicine.”

“Oh, okay.

Do you need my help” Fatty held the food he found in his hand and asked.

“No need.

I can do it myself.

Uncle Fatty, youd better hurry up and finish your extra meal.

Otherwise, if Uncle Skinny and the others see you later, they will scold you again.” Chen Menger remembered that Skinny and the others had been controlling Fattys food intake recently.

Otherwise, Fatty would not have sneaked into the kitchen to look for food.


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