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“Why dont we end this matter here Now that the pen is broken, it has become a reality.

Lets end this matter here!”

Yun Xis eyes widened.

She could not believe that these words had actually come out of Yun Shans mouth.

Yun Xi had thought that Yun Shans foolish filial piety had changed a lot, but now it seemed that there was not much effect.

“What do you mean its already a fact and its going to pass Dont tell me that my 30,000 yuan has been lost for nothing”

Yun Xi was unconvinced as he spoke to Yun Shan.

She did not understand why Yun Shan would often turn his back on others at such a crucial moment.

“Then its not like our child has not borne the price that he should bear! We have been busy raising money these few days.

The child is already so old and sensible.

He also knows why we are so busy raising money.

He is also worried that he might go to prison and can not sleep well every day.

It has been almost half a month, and he has received the punishment that he should bear.”

Liu Fang began to make excuses for Yun Lang.

Looking at Yun Langs rosy complexion, there was no sign of his haggard appearance.

Growing up being pampered, he felt that even if something happened to him, his family would help him settle it.

In other words, as long as something happened within the Yun family, Yun Lang would not have to worry about paying the price in the end.

However, if it was outside, he would not dare to be so presumptuous.

This was because other families would not pamper him like his own family.

Moreover, in front of outsiders, even if he sent out the Old Madam, he would not be able to say anything!

To put it bluntly, the reason why Yun Lang dared to smash Yun Yangs pen was that he had nothing to fear!

Yun Xi was going to teach him a good lesson today!

“No matter what you say today, I will sue you in court! Just wait for the legal summons to come! Either send the child to the juvenile detention center to receive an education, or take out this 30,000 yuan to pay off his debt.

There are only two ways!”

Yun Xis attitude was also very firm.

She even glared at Yun Shan, her gaze indicating that he should not speak anymore.

“You actually dare not listen to grandmothers words.

Youre too despicable.

Youre just a good-for-nothing.

You just want Yun Gangs family to have no descendants!”

Yun Lang also understood the current situation.

He rushed over and wanted to punch and kick Yun Xi.

His mouth was mixed with some insults.

These words did not seem like something a child could say.

He must have learned the phrasegood-for-nothing from Liu Fangs mouth after being influenced by the family!

“Get lost!”

Yun Langs chubby little hands were just about to touch Yun Xis body when Yun Xi changed the tone she used when talking to adults.

She was angry at Yun Lang!

Yun Lang was frightened by this sudden rebuke.

He did not dare to go forward and continue to be impudent.

He could only hide behind Liu Fang.

Just as his chubby little hand grabbed the corner of Liu Fangs clothes, Yun Lang began to cry.

It was as if he had suffered a great grievance just now.

“If you have something to say, then say it.

If you want to go to the court, then go to the court.

Why are you yelling at the child for no reason!”

Liu Fang thought she had seized the opportunity to turn the tables and quickly turned the tables, starting to blame Yun Xi.

“What logic is this Everyone saw it just now.

Yun Lang threw his fist at me and wanted to beat me up.

I only reprimanded him.

Isnt it worse than what he wanted to do to me”

How could Yun Xi let Liu Fang turn the tables

“Hes just a child.

How painful can his fist be Youre an adult now and youre about to get married.

Youll leave a psychological scar on a child in the future!”

Liu Fang was still chattering non-stop.

She might not be able to win against Yun Xi in other matters, but for her son, she would not back down

“My younger brother isnt as big as Yun Lang, or even as fat as him! You said that a childs hand strength isnt much and hitting people doesnt hurt.

Then let my younger brother beat you up and feel whether it hurts or not.

What do you think”

Yun Xi once again made Liu Fang speechless.


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