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Chapter 1044 Faster Than The Camera!

After the preparation period ended, the players were all summoned to the game hall.

Since this was an important individual game, Felix had kept the tradition alive by playing poker with his tenants before the game to increase his luck.

It never hurt to have the goddess of luck in your side.

Shit, that\'s Landlord...Just the sight of him sends shivers down my spine.

Tell me about it...Have you watched his latest game He split a black royal dragon in half with his bare hands.

I am not gonna lie, but he scares me more than the empyrean ranked players.

The instant Felix teleported inside the game hall, chatter broke between the peak radiant players.

While the champions had a stoic expression as they glanced in Felix\'s direction, the normal players kept looking at him like he was the boogeyman.

Who could blame them Felix had truly left a memorable impression on everyone in his previous three games as he went completely wild with his physical strength.

In a few moments, the game\'s judge had arrived and introduced himself to everyone.

Greetings, my name is Venali Naeren and I will be your judge.

\'Even winged elves are interested in becoming an MC What a strange career path for him.\'

Felix wondered as he eyed a fair skinned winged elf, who had a faint smile on his pink lips...With his long wavy pink hair and pistachio green eyes, anyone would mistake him for a beautiful girl.

I don\'t think there is anything to explain about the game, so any questions

Just one, can abilities leave the premise of the arena

No, there is an invisible barrier that keeps everything contained.

So, none of the abilities will leave the arena or enter them.

It was clearly done like this to avoid having players from the outside harm the ones on the inside or vice versa.

Instead of just penalizing the act, they made it impossible to even try it.

This would give a peace of mind for the players on both ends.

After the question was asked, no one spoke again.

They had already studied about this game and learned almost everything about it...Even that question was just to double-check.

Nothing Good. Venali nodded in approval before sharing, For those interested, this game has a long historical title called the Unmovable Crowned King...If you want to get it, you just need to hold into the crown longer than the current player with the title.

Venali paused for a second before adding, The record is two hours and forty-six minutes.

It\'s being held by non-other than the current Elder Dragon.

As expected of the GOAT.

I will be happy to just win the game and finally get promoted...This is my fifth shot at it.

No one reacted to the information as they had already read about it during their search.

When they first found it, all of them were left speechless and awed by Elder Dragon\'s strength to pull off such a feat.

The game lasted for three hours.

Yet, He kept the crown for two hours and and forty-six minutes.

That\'s an insane duration when considering that he was being hunted down by twenty-nine players in a sealed arena and without his ability to cast flame orbs!

\'Time to piss off that lizard.\' Felix smiled coldly.



As always, Felix opened his eyes on top of the arena while basking under a perfected harmonious chant by his fans.

At this point, it was simply impossible for any player to match Felix\'s fans energy and numbers because of his race!

In those high-leveled games, only races with humble numbers possessed the strength to participate.

The other races like slimes, humans, goblins, and such might possess unimaginable numbers, but they had never ever dreamed of stepping foot in radiant rank.

The only race that was an exception was the hive race as their numbers surpassed even the humans...But, they weren\'t too interested in watching such games.

In fact, even the players themselves were joining those games by the orders of the Hive Queen to keep her race interacting with all platforms available.

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets wisely, as today\'s\' game result will be unpredictable! Venali commentated out loud, hyping up the spectators even more.

I know who I am betting on!

Thirteen wins in a row, four more to go!

Thirteen wins in a row, four more to go!

Thirteen wins in a row, four more to go!

A new chant erupted immediately as most Felix\'s fans started betting on him like crazy akin to crackheads!

Venali might have said that the results were unpredictable, but in the eyes Felix\'s fans This was nothing but another game in the bag and another chance to get earn some money.

More than 30% of Felix\'s fans were turned filthy rich because they trusted in him from the very start and kept betting him all the time.

Now, even though the odds weren\'t as insane as before, they still kept putting considerable sums of money on Felix\'s chances to emerge victorious.

In a short while, Venali kicked off the interview segment and ended it after getting most of the players\' thoughts on the game.

Immediately after he finished, he returned to his platform and teleported the players into their randomized corners on the island.

This time, they were placed on the ground and in a perfected calculated distance from the center of the game.

The island was like any other tropical island.

Clear sky, a rich forest, beautiful beaches at the edges.

Though, it was extremely vast, covering enough distance it could be considered as a quarter of small continent than an island.

Felix had been sent to the northern side of the island...Just like everyone else, he was paused in his place, not able to move a single inch or cast an ability.

\'The key to this game is speed and confusion.\' Felix thought to himself with a faint confident smirk, \'Luckily, I have both.\'

Three! Two! One!! START!!!

The instant Felix\'s felt his body sensations return, he stretched his hand forward and manifested more than forty electrical rings in a straight line!

Without his wings, what can he do with those Run in them Saurous snickered mockingly as he watched the game in the council with the rest of the primogenitors.

Not everyone was here, but those interested in such a high profiled game did attend to join the festivities.

It will be really hard to reach the same speed without his wings. Erebus supported.

Everyone thought the same as they knew that Felix\'s Railgun rings were a mere speed boosters, not speed providers.

In other words, they require momentum and also an uplift, so the ground wouldn\'t affect them.

Felix already knew this as well and had created the perfect technique to replace his wings\' role.

Hmm Are those tentacles

Kumiho raised an eyebrow in intrigue after glancing at Felix\'s screen, and seeing that he had manifested two thick white adamantine pillars on opposite sides, while he stood between them with his hair turned into two long blue tentacles!

Before the rest could discuss the tentacles, Felix commanded them to hold into the white adamantine pillar as tight as possible.

The instant he made sure of their grip, Felix started walked back, causing the tentacles to stretch akin to a gum!

He kept pulling and pulling until the tentacles reached their stretching limit...Then He narrowed his eyes at the line of Railgun rings and smirked faintly, Release.


In the blink of an eye, Felix went through the forty Railguns and received one of the craziest speed boost he had ever achieved!!

He was so fast, by the time the camera caught up to him, he was already standing close to the center of the white clean arena with a mystical holographic golden crown on top of his head!

Only smoke and path of destruction was left behind him...If it wasn\'t for the trees and boulders in his path, Felix would have actually reached the other end of the island!

Was that enough for you Thor replied mockingly as he eyed Saurous\' startled expression.

Hahaha! As expected of that little brat, he always comes up with the weirdest utilization to his abilities. Erebus laughed joyfully.

I am with you on this. Siren smiled wryly, Who would have thought that he would use his hair and pillars as a slingshot to build momentum

Unlike their civilized reaction, Felix\'s fans went absolutely bonkers at the sight of Felix, wearing the game crown in the first three seconds of the game!

Dear lord! The other players haven\'t even 10% of the distance yet! Venali exclaimed loudly, They are in for a shock real soon!

The instant Venali finished his commentary, Queen Ai announced throughout the entire island.

-Landlord is in possession of the Crown, the points will be rewarded each second starting now!-

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