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Chapter 1045 Catch Me lf You Can.

This had truly taken every player by surprise, making them doubt their ears!

\'How! There is more than a thousand kilometer separating us from the arena!\' Singularity frowned, \'Didn\'t he already lose his wings, which were his main source of speed!\'

She had analyzed Felix\'s latest games and saw that he had never utilized his Railguns due to his wings absence.

This made her assume that she would be the fastest champion to get the crown since she was using gravity in her favor to increase her speed.

\'Sh*t, this really ruined my masterplan greatly.\' Singularity cursed and tried to push herself even harder to reach the arena and attempt to steal the crown from Felix before the others arrive.

Nocturne, The Bishop, Nightowl, and the other champions were also forced to push themselves to the limit, knowing that Felix was getting ahead of them with each second wasted.

Unbeknownst to them, getting the crown was merely Felix\'s first step in his masterplan.


What is he doing!

Why did he grow that big

Dismayed exclamations echoed throughout the stadium and the chat rooms as everyone eyed Felix turning into a colossal titan!

He was clouded within a suit of poisonous black mist, making him resemble a demonic god with his dark/blue hair and red eyes.

He had already crossed hundreds of meters in size, making him visible as a tiny dot for some players in the sky.

Before anyone could react, Felix extended his palms forward at the ground and mumured to himself, Lagoon Cemetery.

A flood of bloodish red water was projected from his palms and most of his pores, making him resemble a mountain with hundreds of waterfalls on his body!

There was so much water being discharged, it already spread out to the edges of the arena in less than half a minute!

This happened while the arena had at least tens of kilometers as a radius!

What the hell is going on!

The viewers had no idea what to think of this as everything was new to them.

No one had any clue that Felix\'s new element was related to water since he hadn\'t used a single thing related to his Kraken\'s bloodline.

After all, he wasn\'t dumb to expose his trump cards and give his next opponents Intel about him when he could win without using them.

Why is he filling the arena with water Does he want to turn it into his favorite environment And for the love of god, someone tells me why is his water red! Venali fired off multiple questions that clouded not only his mind but every other spectator.

Even the primogenitors left confused by the strange color of the water.

Are we missing something here Siren wondered as she eyed Lady Sphinx, We know that water is colorless and adapt to the environment, but how is it red when the arena is clearly white and the sky is blue

You will see soon enough. Thor replied with a faint grin as he watched the arena get turned into a red pool.

The invisible barrier helped contain the red water since it was considered as an elemental ability.

This made it seem like the water was floating at the edges of the arena as it kept increasing in height.

I don\'t know what Felix is up to, but he has to stop and take cover right away. Elnora expressed as she eyed the fast approaching players.

They were none other than the five empyrean ranked champions!

The green dragon Nocturn could be seen flying from the western side in his humaniod form while being pushed by jets made out of green flames.

On his right side, the fanged black pandion, Nightowl had a much unique movement ability as he was using the neutral energy around him to launch himself forward.

This made him seem like he was sprinting through the air.

On the opposite side, Singularity and Knight Guard N33 could be seen flying one behind the other.

Singularity relied on her gravity while Knight guard utilized his insane telekinesis powers to fly just as fast as those three monsters.

The Bishop was the slowest of them all as he was traveling underground...Yet, he was still much faster than the rest of the peak radiant players.

\'As expected, their speed is really incomparable with peak radiant players.\' Felix thought to himself as he eyed all five empyrean ranked players with his infrared vision.

Even though he could see that it would take them merely ten seconds to arrive, he still hadn\'t reduced his size or stopped filling up the arena.

\'Time to step it up.\'

Instead, Felix committed even harder by manifesting a humongous circular barrier around him that was created out of white adamantine.

The barrier was filled with holes, giving out access to the water.

Since the quantity released couldn\'t be completely contained within the barrier, the water emerging from the holes was turned into deadly hydro streams by the insane pressure.

There were thousands of them being emitted nonstop, capable of cutting through even metals...Especially when the water was infused with deconstruction attribute!

However, this hadn\'t fazed those five monsters even a bit.

\'Tsk, childish attempt.\' Singularity snickered as she dashed inside the arena without an ounce of hesitation.

The instant she entered, she was assaulted by tens of massive hydrostreams.

However, immediately after entering her manipulation range, they started to slow down until they halted completely and kept floating in the air as giant water bubbles.

ᴛʜɪs ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ɪs ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ʙʏ ꜰʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙɴoᴠᴇʟ.


Even though she was a low ranked empyrean player, her gravity manipulation range was already over five kilometers!

The other four monsters had their own ways in dealing with the hydrostreams as well.

Nightowl created a neutral energy barrier around him that deflected the hydrostreams away from his direction.

This took little to no effort.

Knight Guard N33 did the same but with his telekinesis.

As for Nocturne and The Bishop They allowed themselves to get hit by it, trusting in their scales to protect them completely.

\'Hmm Why does it tickle\'

\'Did he add something to the water\'

However, soon enough they realized that their scales started itching them after being touched by the water.

When they glanced at them, they were left stunned by the sight of their scales getting deconstructed...It was slow process, but it was happening!

This made them take the water more seriously and shield themselves against it.

Did Landlord mix poison with his water to alert even a heavenly turtle and a royal dragon Venali commentated.

Most of the viewers thought the same and even believed it to be the reason for the water turning red.

Singularity and the others had no interest in knowing about any of this as they focused only on removing the crown from Felix\'s head.

So, the moment they reached him, they attempted to break through the adamantine barrier.

Nocturne started ahead of them by breathing condesned beam of green fire at one of the holes.

He wanted to take advantage of them and kill Felix when he least expected it.

Because the water was already emerging from the hole, this caused a red cloud of fog to emerge from their contact.

Unfortunately, the water was nowhere able to block the green fire beam, giving it free access inside the barrier.

When the others saw through their unique visions that condensed green beam had landed on Felix\'s colossal body, they refrained from doing anything and just watched from a distance.

In their eyes, why bother waste their energy when one of their opponents was already helping them out

\'This is a bit too peculiar...There is no way Landlord is dumb enough to allow himself to get hit by a soul burning fire beam so easily.\' Nightowl knitted his eyebrows.

He wasn\'t convinced at all about the smoothness of their assault.

His doubts were shared by even the primogenitors, who knew that Felix was too shrewd to put himself in such a bad position.

They were absolutely right...

\'This should buy me a minute or two before they come to their senses.\' Felix thought to himself as kept drinking a pinkish liquid.

The liquid was none other than normal poison with soul-healing sacred attribute!

Felix had allowed himself to get hit by the green fire beam since he knew that his fire immunity would protect him physically.

As for the soul-burning effect He was healing the damage done to his soul before it could even turn painful!

Neither the players nor the viewers had any idea about his fire immunity or his soul-healing attribute.

This made them assume that he was bound to give up eventually when the pain turn too much to handle.

Alas, seconds went by and then a minute...Nothing changed but rising water\'s level and those monsters\' patience drying out.

How is he surviving for this long Am I hitting him or not Nocturn was too stunned by Felix\'s tenacity, he started to doubt if he had lost his soul burning attribute.

If even the owner had grown this antsy, there was no need to mention the others.

Damn it, I guess I have to do everything by myself.

Just as Singularity finally snapped and planned to lift the entire f*cking white adamantine barrier, the water stopped being released.

It was followed by the adamantine barrier breaking into light barriers and Felix\'s size shrinking rapidly until he returned into his original size.

When the fog was cleared out, only a smooth spherical white ball was seen hovering on water...Felix was sitting within the sphere in a chair while wearing a crystallized seatbelt around his waist.

\'Catch me if you can.\' Felix sent a telepathic message to the five empyrean players, making them flinch a little.

They could feel Felix\'s absolute confidence behind that statement, and they didn\'t like it one bit.

\'You just made it easier for me to throw you outside the arena.\' Singularity sneered as she called out, Gravitational Pull!

The white ball lifted in the air and started approaching Singularity under the confused eyes of the viewers, who had no idea what the hell Felix did all of this for.

\'I don\'t think so.\' Felix smiled faintly as he snapped his finger.

Without warning, hundreds of gigantic red tentacles emerged from the water throughout the entire arena!


The nearest water tentacle to Felix rushed in his direction and held him tightly before pulling him away from the stunned Singularity.

Then, it threw Felix to another tentacle that was kilometers away from Singularity before it was caught by another tentacle!




Everyone was left utterly speechless by this unimaginable sight, having absolutely no idea how to react!

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