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1051 A Perverted Scene!

Felix remained unresponsive...He merely kept tracing her with his eyes as she walked around him.

He would be lying if he said that he had anticipated this much.

He was truly caught off guard by her hidden prowess.

It\'s okay, you stay silent as much as you want. Tangleseeker got closer to his face and gave him a quick peck in his forehead with a mischievous look, My mom has told me to spend some time humiliating you properly until your mind cracks.

So, we will be sending some time here...But don\'t worry, time runs a hundred times faster in here. Tangleseeker whispered in his ear.

I am sorry to interrupt your villainous speech, but is Kumiho your mom Felix asked with a look of intrigue.

Tangleseeker\'s eyelids twitched at his casualness like his life wasn\'t on the line.

Still, she wanted to avoid appearing affected by him, making her answer with a hint of pride in her tone, Yes, she is.

Stop being disrespectful and call her Miss Universe.

Miss Universe Felix closed his mouth shut, trying his best to hold out his laughter.

You f*cking prick, you dare laugh at my mother! Tangleseeker kicked Felix in the stomach to vent her anger after seeing him disrespect her mother twice.


Although it looked like a normal kick, Felix couldn\'t help but groan in pain.

I have increased your pain sensors here to the limit. Tangleseeker placed her heel on his crotch as she threatened, So, stop f*cking being disrespectful and let me torture you in peace.



That\'s where I draw the line! Felix snapped his eyes open in anger after his innocent little general was drawn into this mess.

Line Haha! What line You don\'t have a line in my world...Eh

Before Tangleseeker could finish her ridicule, she was left shocked speechless at the sight of Felix breaking her chains like they were made out of twigs.



Felix slapped her in the face the moment he stood up, not allowing her to even express her shock.

Felix knew that Asna wouldn\'t hesitate to watch his memories and see what kind of things he was doing with Tangleseeker in this world.

B*tch, you are trying to create trouble for me with my girl

Upon hearing so, Tangleseeker got even more confused and bewildered by the whole situation, feeling like she was in a dream.

This was supposed to be her world and Felix was nothing but a slave in it with absolutely no control whatsoever!

You freak! What did you do! Tangleseeker teleported a couple of meters away from him, feeling a bit spooked.

Me Nothing. Felix shrugged his shoulders carelessly, I won\'t lie, your mental prowess did catch me off guard, but it still not enough to overwhelm me.

That\'s impossible! I can even enslave royal dragons in mid empyrean rank! Tangleseeker called bullsh*t on him instantly, not daring to believe his words.

Who could blame her She was the daughter of Kumiho, the charm primogenitor.

Sure, she pulled the short stick in terms of bloodline purity, making her extremely weaker than what was expected of the biological children of primogenitors.

But still...She was leagues above the rest of spirit foxes and even many Hive Knight Guards!

It\'s impossible for a human like you to possess mental prowess rivaling mine!

You are right. Felix smiled, I shouldn\'t rival your mental prowess the way things are.

But just like you, I also have a card in my sleeve.

The moment he finished speaking, Felix snapped his finger, causing the entire world to collapse, which resulted in them getting kicked out immediately.

Cough Cough!!

Tangleseeker suffered from a nasty backlash, making her cough out large quantity of blood.

Huh Landlord has already broken through her mental attack Venali wondered in surprise after seeing Tangleseeker\'s horrible appearence compared to Felix.

Everything happened so fast, the viewers were still reacting to the fact that Felix had gotten caught in a mental attack.

This shocked no one more than Kumiho...Her charming smile was stiffened the moment she saw her daughter coughing blood.

\'It can\'t be...\'

She was just about to ridicule Lady Sphinx before her entire plan fell apart akin to a house of cards.

Manananggal, Wendigo, and Saurous were in the same boat as her...Their hopes were just about to rise up about the fact of Felix getting killed before getting crashed yet again.

Did he drink a potion to boost his mental defenses or something Erebus and the others were also left bewildered.

They honestly assumed that Felix was done for, and he would be forced to either surrender or go through the worst possible experience in his life.

After all, this was Kumiho\'s biological daughter!

It must be that golden electricity on his body. Siren asked Thor, Did you teach him a new ability to enhance his mental defenses

Nope. Thor answered.

Thor didn\'t lie, but Siren was still correct in her assumption.

The golden electricity coursing underneath Felix\'s void suit had played a considerable role in his ability to break apart Tangleseeker\'s mental attack.

The golden lightning was nothing but normal electricity with a sacred attribute!

This attribute was from the royal yellow gemstone on Felix\'s chest and was the second gemstone to have a mental affecting effect!

The orange royal gemstone helped increase Felix\'s mental attacks while the yellow handled his defenses!

The instant Felix realized that something was wrong with Tangleseeker, he covered his entire skin with golden electricity right before he was taken inside her hallucination world.

It boosted his mental defenses just enough to be on equal terms to her.

I really never expected to use it this early in my climb. Felix mumured as he transformed his hair into nine tentacles.

When Tangleseeker saw them, she felt chills course on her spine as it made Felix appear even more devilish.

\'I need to run away to recover!\'

Sadly, she was just too dangerously close to Felix, making her get caught by his tentacles in the blink of an eye.

Let me go, you bastard! She cursed while struggling to escape from the tentacles\' clutches.


Alas, the more she struggled, the harder those tentacles tightened their grasp on her.

So, you wanted to humiliate me right Felix smiled coldly while controlling his tentacles to open her limbs apart, making her seem like she was in a cross.

She had already lost her fox transformation when she suffered from the backlash, returning her humaniod bewitching beauty.

With her slightly ripped apart clothes and flushed cheeks from anger, she really caused most male viewers to start nose bleeding.

The scene did look a bit perverted as the tentacles were separating her breasts as well as scraping between her legs.

Dear lord, don\'t tell me he is going to use those tentacles to do hentai stuff to her!

Play with her!

If I was in his place, I would defintely go for it...


Before the viewers could finish their perverted discussion, they felt their blood run cold at the heinous sight before them.

Felix had used his tentacles to rip apart all of Tangleseeker\'s limbs and tails simultaneously, causing her to let out the most heart-wrenching scream they ever heard!

If it wasn\'t for your mother, you will be dead by now. Felix remarked calmly as he threw what remained of Tangleseeker to the side akin to a garbage bag.

Tangleseeker cried with snot and tears flowing down her face as she stuttered, I su..re..sure,nder...

Felix had made her too traumatized to even consider staying in this game for another second!

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