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1065 A Peculiar Strong Connection.

Now tell me, how do you feel Lady Sphinx asked while scanning Felix\'s body.

A bit fatigued. Felix answered while standing up and carefully checking himself.

The surgery went much smoother than your previous ones. Lady Sphinx shared, It seems like the seed have truly found its rightful home as the balanced state of your body made it possible to grow at a normal pace instead of overtaking everything.

That\'s good to hear. Felix smiled.

Congratulation kiddo, you can now start learning runes and create any kind of spell you desire. Thor stated.

Even though you aren\'t as limited as the elves due to your varied affinities, but I still suggest that you choose one or two elements to focus on. Lady Sphinx advised.

I know. Felix said with a serious tone, I was planning to focus on two rare elements that I have absolutely no chance of learning from bloodlines.

Well, when it comes to runic rare elements, you don\'t choose them, they choose you. Lady Sphinx had to break his hopes before they grew too big for his own good.

What do you mean


Lady Yggdrasil will explain everything about runes better than me. Lady Sphinx said, Get dressed, we will be paying her a visit soon.


Felix could only bury his inquiries for now and prepare for the visit.


In The Royal Garden...

I can\'t believe it actually worked...How fascinating. Lady Yggdrasil commentated with a pleased expression as she walked around Felix while touching his antlers.

I was also surprised by how smooth my experiments went. Lady Sphinx remarked.

Don\'t forget to send me a recording of it. Lady Yggdrasil requested while scanning Felix\'s new internal system.

She could see that the seed had already opened up while having tens of green branches reaching out to the bigger organs...Those same branches had thousands of thin \'twigs\' connecting with the rest.

It was unique and made Felix\'s already peculiar internal system even weirder.

Well, a deal is a deal.

Lady Yggdrasil snapped her finger and manifested a holographic milky white root.

It was shimmering with light and kept emitting an incredible pressure that forced Felix to take a few steps back.

World Tree first root. Felix mumured with a stunned look.

This is a portion of it. Lady Yggdrasil smiled, I will give it to you when you return to Forlond.

Thank you elder. Felix bowed his head in gratitude immediately.

Throughout the entire transaction, he felt like he had lost nothing.

In fact, he could be said to have won three great things without much effort!

The ability to harness runes.

The World Tree first root.

Last but not least, Lady Yggdrasil\'s personal teaching of runes!

How could he not be grateful

Sit down, my child. Lady Yggdrasil patted the ground next to her.

After Felix sat down, she manifested a holographic screen and said, Runes are an entire new world to you.

So, I will be teaching you the general understanding of runes and send you to Selphie to teach you the basics.

\'Come again\' Asna immediately sat straight after hearing Selphie\'s name being brought up.

Even Felix was taken back as he expected that Lady Yggdrasil would handle his teaching from A to Z.

Unfortunately, Lady Yggdrasil wasn\'t planning to explain her position.

Honestly, it was apparent as there was a one way she used this opportunity to help her daughter spend more time with Felix.

Felix wasn\'t ungrateful enough to complain about any of this.

First, let\'s check how good is your runic familiarity. Lady Yggdrasil placed her wooden hand on top of Felix\'s head and closed her eyes.

A split second later, Felix\'s green veins started to brighten up while showing peculiar letters and sentences written on them.

Felix lifted his hand and zoomed in on a sentence that was written on the tip of his finger.

It appeared like this: ᚢᚬᚱᛋᚼᛁᛒ ᛏᚼᛁᛘ, ᚠᚬᚱ ᚦᛁ ᚢᚾᛁᚢᛁᚱᛋᛁ ᚢᛅᛋ ᛘᛅᚾᛁᚠᛁᛋᛏᛁᛏ ᚬᚢᛏ ᚬᚠ ᚦᛁᛁᚱ ᚬᚢᚾ ᚴᛁᛚᛁᛋᛏᛁᛅᛚ ᚢᚬᚱᛏᛋ.

\'It\'s really different from the universal codex.\' Felix wasn\'t too surprised by the runic language since he was used to seeing it when elves cast their spells or written on scrolls and such.

Compared to the universal codex, the runic and divine codices were quite known throughout the entire universe.

Were they understood That\'s a whole different story.

Ummm, this is quite surprising. Lady Yggdrasil abruptly glanced at Felix\'s eyes deeply and wondered, How can you have such a strong connection to space and time runes It\'s even stronger than Selphie.

For real Felix dropped his interest on the runes instantly after hearing so.

You also have a quite strong connection to poison, gemstone, and lightning runes. Lady Yggdrasil said, But that makes sense since you have perfect manipulations to them...But both space and time I have never seen this before.

How strong is the connection exactly

Well, to put it into perspective, the moment you master the basics, you will be able to learn time/space spells and even create new ones in mere years of effort. Lady Yggdrasil shared, That\'s a level of talent that surpasses even Selphie\'s.

This is really too weird...Are all humans hidden monsters like you Lady Yggdrasil mumured to herself, Should I adopt one for myself and give my seed experiment another chance

\'Felix, do you think it\'s because of our rebirth\' Asna guessed, knowing that Felix was a unique case.

\'It must be.\' Felix agreed, \'Nothing else makes sense.\'

Felix wasn\'t that arrogant to believe that he was born with a talent that surpasses Selphie in runes...He knew that everything had a cause and a result in this universe.

The only thing that could explain this was Felix\'s rebirth since his soul must have been affected heavily during their rebirth.

If they knew that the Soul/Time Guardian was responsible over their rebirth, it would have made even more sense.

\'Keep this to yourselves.\' Lady Sphinx ordered with a stern tone.

\'Alright.\' Felix already never had thoughts of bringing this matter before Lady Yggdrasil.

He had no issues with telling her about his other secrets, but his rebirth He refused to share this with anyone.

In fact, he was quite lucky that Jörmungandr, Lady Sphinx, and the rest of his tenants were on his side.

So, even though they saw the memories of his previous life and what happened, they didn\'t act weird about it.

With their infinite knowledge about the secrets of the universe, they knew that rebirths were phenomenal...But, they had seen and heard much more peculiar occurrences than it during their lifetime.

Still, this didn\'t mean that they thought about announcing it to their peers.

So, they kept Lady Yggdrasil in the dark about this.

If you think about adopting someone, I can recommend you one. Felix decided to change the subject by taking advantage of Lady Yggdrasil\'s missundertanding.

Umm, is he a little monster like you

Not exactly. Felix chuckled after Olivia\'s cute image emerged in his mind, She is more like a little angel.

However, she is already using your bloodline, and if you permitted her, she can push it to 99% and unlock your ultimate ability, Seed of Life.

I have a strong belief that planting a runic seed in her will work if she posessed the original ability.

Felix always sought chances to help his friends find new ways to push past their limitations.

Noah had already received his opportunity and was growing at a crazy pace under Fenrir\'s tutorage.

Now, another opportunity presented itself for Olivia!

He would be foolish to miss it when he had nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

Firstly, it is bad manners to use other people\'s property without consent. Lady Yggdrasil scolded while pulling Felix\'s ear, resembling a mother disciplining her child.

I am so sorry about that. Felix apologized sincerely, knowing that he was indeed in the wrong for utilizing Lady Yggdrasil\'s bloodline without receiving her permission.

At least, you are sensible to not use it all the way. Lady Yggdrasil let go of his ear and said, Tell me more about your friend later, I will be the judge of her character and worthiness.

For now, open your mind and listen well...Your first lesson about runes starts now.

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