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One Month Later...

Felix could be seen sitting on his room\'s floor with his chest exposed in the open...He had just finished with integrating the last 2% of the Kraken\'s bloodline, finally hitting 99%!

As for Aegnor and the war room Felix did what he said and carried on with living his life like normal.

Though, he received updates on the war preparation by Aegnor each week, making him further his masterplan little by little.

Without delay, Felix entered his consciousness space, expecting The Great Kraken to appear anytime soon.

Is he here Felix asked after joining everyone near the round table.

Not yet. Lady Sphinx frowned, Something is wrong.

You can\'t sense his presence as well


Both Lady Sphinx and Fenrir were still alive in the real world, making their wisps of consciousness much more powerful than Thor and the others.

If even them couldn\'t sense Kraken\'s presence, there was no need to mention the rest.


What does this mean Felix\'s happiness for meeting a new master was short-lived.

He could feel that this wasn\'t good news.

It means that either Kraken\'s wisp of consciousness wasn\'t awakened or the amount of bloodline you gathered isn\'t enough to create it in the first place. Lady Sphinx answered with a solemn tone.

It can\'t be... Felix was left stunned...Especially when he heard the second reason.

He just couldn\'t believe it since this method had been reliable for five bloodlines.

But at the same time, there was no way Kraken would remain dormant even after a complete wisp had been created.

Now what Asna wondered as she looked at everyone\'s baffled expressions.

We can only wait. Thor sighed, knowing that nothing much could be done in this bizarre situation.

And so, they waited and waited until their patience finally run dry.

Did I just get scammed Felix mumured with a deadpan expression.

He chose water element because he believed that he would be getting its manipulation...But now It looked like he was royally screwed over as the only thing he would be getting from this bloodline was a single ability!

Seems like my second prediction was right. Lady Sphinx commentated.

I guess so. Thor supported, The Kraken has the largest and strongest soul among all primogenitors due to his obsessive focus on his soul research.

This made sense as everyone here knew that the strength of consciousness depends on the soul.

They might seem similar but they really weren\'t.

Soul was the container while the consciousness was the manifestation of it...Each soul could have many consciousnesses derive from it.

Since The Kraken\'s soul was on another level than other primogenitors, he naturally had an entire different requirement to create one of his wisps.

You will need much more than just 99% of his bloodline to awaken him.

But how Felix rubbed his eyelids in frustration, I will be dead meat if I went past 99%.

Felix would never risk going past 99% integration as the grave consequences of doing so were printed deep with his soul.

He had seen many videos of daring retarded bloodliners ignoring the warnings and going for it...The only fate awaited them was their bodies melting on cellular level.

You don\'t have to do it personally. Lady Sphinx looked at Asna and asked, Are you capable of extracting soul threads

Of course. Asna nodded.

Felix already knew that the primogenitors bloodlines posessed bits of soul threads, which were passed over generation after generation.

Those soul threads were the ones that make a wisp of consciousness when they become a whole.

In the Kraken\'s case, clearly more were needed.

Then, it\'s settled. Lady Sphinx explained, Bring that girl Hina and anyone you have given the kraken bloodline to.

Asna will extract the soul threads and merge them with the ones currently in your body.

I guess this is the only way forward. Felix nodded in understanding.

Felix knew that Lady Sphinx chose to pick those bloodliners since Felix had given the Kraken bloodline to at least five people around the galaxy.

He had sold them for money when he was strapped for cash and to also relieve some pressure on his back from all the interest his bloodlines had garnered.

It was much better to group up those bloodliners and extract the soul threads at once than cultivate a new bloodliner from the start with the Kraken\'s bloodline.

It would take far too long.


After dealing with this emergency, Felix exited his soul consciousness and called Malak.

He requested that she tracks down all the mythical water bloodliners and send them to the nine elvish realms...Naturally, he would pay them handsomely for their cooperation.

If they refused Malak asked.

You know what to do. Felix said indifferently before hanging up.

As for Hina He intended to take care of her on his own.

Let\'s hope this work out.

Felix wished that this method would help him wake up Kraken.

Otherwise, he would really be losing out too much on this bloodline...Especially, when he had no idea about Kraken\'s ultimate ability.

He had asked his masters, but even them didn\'t know much about it as Kraken was quite a secretive individual.

All they knew was that it wasn\'t size manipulation.

It must be related to souls. Thor commentated, That old geezer rarely shared anything about his soul research.

Except for the advanced passive ability, *One Soul, Many Lives.*, Kraken refused to share the rest of his discoveries with his peers...Especially about his ultimate ability.

I do hope so. Felix said with an eager tone before closing his eyes, checking on the details of the Kraken\'s peak active ability.

Huh Are you serious

In less than a moment, Felix snapped his eyes open, showing a look filled with nothing but utter disbelief.

The moment the information was available in Felix\'s memories, the tenants didn\'t wait for him to break out of his shock and ease their curiosity.

All of them read the details from his memories, and they couldn\'t help but share Felix\'s expression.

Soul Remembrance, is that even possible!

He actually reached this level in his soul research That crazy madman!

I am honestly speechless.

Even Asna, the soul expert was left with her mouth wide open, knowing that she hadn\'t reached such realm with all the gifts she was given.

Who could blame them for such a reaction

Kraken\'s peak ability allowed him to store his memories and retain them within his soul! This might sound useless and easy to do, but that was far from the truth!

Why Because such an ability would allow the Kraken to retain his memories even after his death!

In other words, he could actually transcend to the spirit realm, fully knowing what he was going into compared to everyone else!

When I died, everything blacked out until the day I was awaken by Felix. Thor narrated, I have absolutely no clue if my main consciousness is currently residing in the spirit realm or in other place since I remember nothing.



The rest of the tenants, who experienced death, agreed with his statement.

No wonder that bastard killed himself even when he seemed still too vigorous in his soul studies. Thor remarked, He must have decided to take things to the next level by visiting the spirit realm and exploring the dimension while still retaining his memories.

He is really one of a kind... Lady Sphinx couldn\'t help but complement him, knowing that obsessive researchers like hers would never stop until they reach their goal...Even if it meant death!

God knows what was the Kraken\'s end goal, but it was clearly related to the spirit realm.

Do you think he is still there Felix asked.

I think only Lord Quetzalcoatl knows the answer. Lady Sphinx replied.

The Life primogenitor was the only one capable of entering and leaving the spirit realm as he pleased at the moment.

Unlike the Kraken, he had created an ability that allowed him to hijack a dead soul and ride it to the spirit realm.

Naturally, his life element must have played a considerable role in this.

I don\'t know if he had met him in the spirit realm and was asked to keep it to himself, or they never actually met. Thor shrugged his shoulders, No one truly knows how big the spirit realm and what\'s in it.

It was like a taboo to speak about the spirit realm as neither Lady Sphinx nor the talkative Lord Quetzalcoatl shared what they have seen in the spirit realm.

Lady Sphinx\'s spiritual vision allowed her to glance a few seconds before getting kicked out...Still, it was enough to see some freaky stuff.

Yet, she refused to share it with the group, telling them that they would understand if they were in her situation.

Wait a second, this ability is astonishing and quite an impossible feat to be honest. Felix gulped a mouthful after he was hit by a chilling realization, But, isn\'t it too f*cking useless for me at the moment




Felix expected some of them to defend Kraken\'s peak ability and start listing all the good stuff he could use it for...Alas, no one spoke.

They just kept giving him a look filled with sympathy.

Did I just get scammed again


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