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I can\'t believe that Landlord is going to face The Monkey King! Ulfang shouted as he displayed the statistics of The Monkey King.

When the viewers read them, they couldn\'t help but suck a deep breath in shock.

Crap! Felix will suffer big time. Baron exclaimed.

He is really too unlucky to land against his perfect counter.

Will he be alright Carwen added with a worried tone.

He can always run away...

Having no clue that his fans were shouting at him to retreat, Felix already kicked off his assault.

He started by manifesting tens of crystallized soldiers with assault rifles.

He created a ditch above the ground with his gemstone manipulation, allowing his soldiers to have a perfect place to fire as well as remain protected.

Then, he took out two wisps of consciousness and installed them into two soldiers, freeing him of controlling all these Railgun rings on his own.

Looks like Landlord wants to conclude this as safe as possible. Ulfang commentated as he watched Felix join the assault team by picking up his infamous sniper rifle.

Will it work though Ulfang shook his head.


Boom Boom Boom!!

Not giving anyone\'s time to react, Felix and his soldiers showered the monkey king with a sea of bullets!

The monkey king didn\'t even bother to budge as he watched those bullets either fly past his face or land on his body!

When the noise went away and the dust settled, Felix couldn\'t help but knit his eyebrows at the sight of the monkey king still sitting in a lotus posture.

Besides his ripped apart clothes, not a single bullet left a scratch on him!

Felix instantly knew why as his ripped clothes had exposed a chiseled golden torso.

Even his limbs were toned out and dignified with a golden skin...This made him resemble a statue made out of gold!

\'A Metal elementalist.\'

Felix thought to himself as he watched the monkey king stand up calmly while having the wooden pole placed on his shoulder.

He knew that as a metal elementalist, the monkey king should be using Strucrase metal or another type that was extremely tough to break apart.

So, he ordered his soldiers to keep pressuring the monkey king while he condensed electricity to create an Electrical Storm Bullet.

Felix believed that his skin should be highly conductive to electricity, making it a weakness!

Boom Boom!

The Monkey King remained in his place but this time, he was more active in his defense as he kept using his wooden pole to swat most of the bullets away!

The wooden pole didn\'t get destroyed in the process due to being also covered by the same golden metal.

When Felix saw that the monkey king\'s reaction speed was actually high enough to block his hypersonic bullets, he was extremely taken back.

\'The hell Are elemental celestials this strong even physically\'

Felix believed that only barbarian celestials should possess this kind of reaction speed since they rely mostly on their physical strength.

In truth, if it wasn\'t for the scorpion celestial\'s humongous size and Marquise Sebastian\'s killer move on a cellular level, it would have been extremely diffuclt to take him down.

\'I have to aim at his feet.\'

Felix swiftly came to the best decision and aimed at ground near monkey king, knowing that his electrical storm bullets\' real damage was caused by the aftermath not the first contact.

If only he knew... Ulfang couldn\'t help but show a sympathetic expression for Felix as he watched him fire the electrical storm bullet.


In the blink of an eye, the bullet disappeared and what was left behind it was a destructive storm of electricity that consumed kilometers of distance around the monkey king!

It was so bright, no one managed to see the monkey king\'s fate after being hit directly by such a calamitous ability!

However, everyone but Felix knew that the monkey king would emerge without an injury from the storm.

That\'s precisely what he did as the monkey king shoved his now metallic pole inside the ground and jumped on top of it.

Then, he enlarged the size of the pole somehow and made it bent to the back by putting all of his weight on the top.

When enough tension was created, the monkey king removed the weight, causing him to get launched akin to a missile in direction of Felix!

He was engulfed in electricity, making him pretty noticeable in the air.

Felix could only watch him falling in his direction with a mouth agape, not daring to believe his unluckiness.

\'Motherf*kcer is also a lightning elementalist!\' Felix cursed angrily as he prepared himself to receive the retaliation of the celestial.

He knew that the force within his electrical storm was enough to break even metal apart!

So, for the monkey king to escape from the storm without even getting paralyzed, it only meant that he posessed lightning immunity!


The instant the monkey king was close to Felix, he merged his hand with his golden pole and enlarged its size until it resembled a cylinder smooth skyscraper.

Then, he smashed the area, where Felix and his soldiers were camping!


Besides the moon dust raising and rubble being sent everywhere, nothing else resulted from this attack.

Landlord also has one of the best defenses in the universe! Ulfang commentated passionately as he watched the giant golden pole fail to break through a newly created crystal dome!

The force was enough to push the dome a few meters into the ground, but that\'s all it did.


The monkey king lowered the size of his golden pole while sliding on it in a cool manner.

By the time he was about to reach the crystal dome, the pole was already tucked nicely underneath his armpit.

He looked at Felix indifferently thorough the crystal dome while standing on it, seeming like he was daring him to step outside.

This is why you need another empyrean as a partner. Ulfang asserted, Those celestials aren\'t to be joked about since they are created with the basis of giving even empyreans a real challenge.

No one doubted him as they had watched the celestial fights of other teams.

The only ones, who made it seem easy were Daydreamer and Mipopo.

But that\'s only due to their abuse of their cranky synergy.

The others struggled with each fight even as duos!

\'Two elements countering me and even a legendary artifact as a weapon...My unlucky streak continues I guess.\' Felix stared directly into the monkey king\'s soulless eyes, knowing that if he wanted to win this, he must dirty his hands.

\'Deconstruction Waterspout!\'

Without delay, Felix manifested a towering vermilion waterspout after removing his crystal dome.

The monkey king ended up losing his footing and get thrown into the air by the waterspout.

Before he could regain his balance, Felix appeared near him akin to a ghost and kicked in the back!


The monkey king got launched outside the waterspout like he just got smashed by a sledgehammer.

Though, he didn\'t seem like he got injured as his expression remained indifferent.

You ain\'t going nowhere! Felix extended his palm in his direction, commanding a newly created vermilion water tentacle to catch him midair!


The monkey king defended himself by blasting the water tentacle into little droplets just as it was about to touch him.

He already sensed the danger of the water as his metallic skin was getting eaten by it.

Whoosh Whoosh!!...

Unfortunately, ten more emerged from the waterspout and came at him from every single direction.


Abruptly, a powerful burst of electricity emerged from the monkey king and caused any tentacle to get blown out the moment they touch his field.

For Felix and the viewers, this sight was quite peculiar as they weren\'t used to seeing lightning abilities being used against him.


Just like a mindless machine, the monkey king increased the size of his golden pole and swung it at the waterspout.


The waterspout got separated into half for a split second before blowing up into a chaotic mess, losing its tornado-like shape instantly!

This caused Felix to start falling into the ground as he had lost the uplift.

Still, he easily recovered by having a water tentacle catch him.

It was created from the chaotic portions of water in the ground.

As anticipated! Landlord is struggling! Ulfang commentated excitedly.


The moment Felix was dropped on the ground, the monkey king joined him by landing akin to a meteor.

Before the noise could even echo twice, he was already sprinting in direction of Felix while dragging the golden pole behind him...It was engulfed in electricity, creating a truly deadly combination!

\'Unless I weaken him, I ain\'t winning this any time soon.\' Felix swiftly beamed his crescent battleaxe and covered it in purplish electricity as well.

This was the first time he was going to use the energy draining sacred attribute since he always abused his soul burning attribute.

But in this case Felix was smart enough to know that his soul burning attribute was useless against those celestials since they were operated by AIs.

In other words, they had no souls whatsoever to burn!

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