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Chapter 1089 Must Take Every Opportunity!

How is Landlord keep changing the colors of his lightning as he wished! Ulfang remarked in surprise as he watched Felix charge towards the Monkey King while leaving behind him a long trail of purplish lightning arcs.

The monkey king tightened his grasp on the golden pole and swung it as hard as he could at Felix\'s head.

Felix blocked the strike with the surface of his axe, knowing that the blade would lose out against the bluntness of the golden pole...After all, they were both legendaries artifacts.

CLiiing!!! Szlzlzlzlz!!

The instant the two weapons clashed, an explosion of electricity occurred, causing both to get assaulted by them.

However, while Felix came out of the clash alright, the monkey king had a slight change of expression after sensing that his mental energy, elemental energy, and his physical energy was reduced just a little.


Felix didn\'t let him think for a second about this as he rushed him again and showered him with a barrage of strikes, forcing the monkey king to block them with his metal pole!

Each time he did so, the purplish electricity would be transmitted straight into his body because he was connected with it!

He might be immune to electricity, but nothing could defend him against the energy draining sacred attribute!


When the monkey king began to feel weaker and weaker with each clash against Felix, he started to pull away under the stunned eyes of the viewers.

Everyone could see that somehow Felix was dominating him, which shouldn\'t have happened since they were merely smashing their weapons around.

What the hell is going on! Why is the monkey king is getting pushed around Ulfang frowned, I thought he will at least hold down Landlord for about an hour if not more.

Unbeknownst to them, the monkey king was getting sapped dry out of everything, making it harder and harder for him to even lift his golden pole.

The worst part, he couldn\'t even escape since Felix was just as fast as him...He was literally being forced to keep clashing against Felix!

However, just as Felix assumed that everything would keep going this smoothly, the monkey king finally decided to force Felix by any means possible.

His eyes suddenly turned purple and was followed by the rest of his body...Even the pole became purple, making Felix frown as he had recognized what type of metal was being used.

\'Damn it, it\'s the Nethersteel!\'

Felix pulled away on his own, knowing that his strategy was doomed to fail against the Nethersteel.

In fact, it would do more harm than good, since the Nethersteel was also capable of absorbing the heat produced from electricity and turn it into kinetic energy!

When Ulfang saw this, he finally managed to connect the dots about what\'s truly was going on...To make sure, he highlighted the monkey king statistics again, making him and the viewers gasp audibly.

He is sucking all of his energies! Elnora stated with a shocked tone as she eyed the monkey king\'s energy bars all being on the low side.

No wonder he switched to the Nethersteel metal! Ulfang added loudly.

The sharp viewers realized that his choice wasn\'t completely beneficial to him since he wouldn\'t be able to use lightning anymore...The monkey king must have left this choice as the last countermeasure for this sole reason.

Unfortunately, it didn\'t change much in his situation.

I have two more elements my friend. Felix smirked as he coated his battleaxe with true poison that posessed the energy draining attribute as well!

To make it even harder for the monkey king, he turned his hair into many tentacles and coated them too!

Cling! Cling!! Cling!!..

While their weapons clashed together, Felix used his tentacles to sneak attacks from any opening he saw.

It didn\'t matter that they weren\'t strong enough to break through his Nethersteel skin.

As long as the poison touched his skin, the effect would be applied!

That\'s because the monkey king wasn\'t using another layer of Nethersteel to cover himself...He transformed his skin into Nethersteel, which explained his ability to stay flexible!

If it was possible to coat oneself with solid objects and not being too affected, Felix would have been doing it always with his gemstone manipulation.

As for transforming his skin like the monkey king He hadn\'t reached that level yet.

Unless the monkey king finds a way to counter Landlord, this will be the end of him! Ulfang declared noisily.

There is nothing to do. Selphie smiled happily, This is Felix\'s victory.

She was smart enough to know that the monkey king was designed to fight with his wooden pole.

When his electricity was countered and his fighting style became a hindrance, there was nothing much to do.

Sure, he could escape or hide inside an unbreakable metal shield...But the alliance would never create a celestial that hide instead of fighting to provide entertainment.

So, the monkey king was forced to keep trading blows against Felix even when he knew that only one fate awaited him.

It happened sooner than anticipated as his Nethersteel skin was finally removed, exposing his flesh in the open after his elemental energy was killed off completely!

It was a good fight. Felix nodded calmly as he tightened his grasp on his crescent battleaxe and sliced the monkey king\'s head in a single motion.

Even though his head was separated from his body, the monkey king still had the same indifferent expression.


Felix beamed back his crescent battleaxe as he watched the monkey king separated body break into light particles.

The only thing left behind was the wooden pole.

-Congratulation, you have successfully earned 150K points for slaying The Monkey King Celestial!-

Felix ignored the notification and walked towards the wooden pole.

Now that it wasn\'t coated in metal, he could see that it had a couple of futhark gemstones embedded at the bottom and the top.

It has a nice weight to it. Felix mumured after picking the pole and seeing if he was comfortable in using it.

If it was an epic artifact, he wouldn\'t have batted an eye...However, a legendary artifact capable of expanding its size

Although he wouldn\'t be able to take it out at the end of the game, he knew that it would come in handy.

Felix stored it in his spatial card and sprinted in a random direction, continuing his hunt.

Landlord\'s score is currently 300k points.

He is making good progress, but will it be enough Ulfang stated as he showed the other teams\' scores.

Damn, most of them managed to take down another celestial. Baron frowned, The gap isn\'t shrinking at all.

To make matters even worse, Felix spent the next fifteen minutes sprinting and scanning nonstop.

Still, nothing came in his radar.

After all, this was an actual moon instead of a small map.

So, Felix could only wish for the best and keep up his search.


Half an hour later...

Felix could be seen lying on the ground while squinting in front of him...He had his vision pushed to the limit, helping him see past a hundred kilometer of distance.

\'What should I do here\' Felix thought to himself as he watched a humongous ashen white serpent, smashing its tail all over the place.

He could see that it was trying its best to strike two humaniod skeletons...Based on their skeleton structure alone, Felix recognized them to be Fagur and Aquamia!

Will Landlord be daring enough to attempt and steal the celestial from their hands Ulfang expressed with an eager tone, Based on what I have seen, Landlord never backs away from challenges.

Although he said so, most viewers felt that Felix would be quite foolish to get himself involved in such mess without backup.

On the other hand, they also knew that it wouldn\'t be possible to find free celestials lying around.

If your boy wants to catch up, he can\'t waste any opportunity. Erebus grinned, I hope he doesn\'t dip here.

Oh, you don\'t have to worry about that. Thor smirked faintly as he watched Felix creating a new sniper rifle.

The shape of it took everyone by surprise as it had a ten-meter barrel that was being supported by poles in the middle and the front!

Nevertheless, what took the viewers back the most was the amount of electrical rings on the barrel.

There were more than a hundred of them lined up perfectly from the back to the front!

Felix\'s usual sniper rifle merely had three meters barrel and thirty or forty electrical rings.

Yet, it still delivered an insane level of damage.

Don\'t tell me Landlord is planning on kill stealing from such a distance Ulfang gulped a mouthful, That\'s a whole one hundred kilometers in distance! Hell, neither the players nor the celestial are capable of seeing him!

The viewers could only hold their breaths in disbelief and anticipation as they watched Felix preparing his killer bullet.

When they noticed red particles emerging from his hand and condensing into a thin dark red bullet, they felt chills course on their spine.

All of them remembered the damage a single red marble caused in the dragons\' ceremony!

Don\'t tell me Landlord intends to take all three of them at once!

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