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Chapter 1091 One Of His Sneakiest Tactics!

Fagur started the chase swiftly thorough the shadow realm, making him bridge the distance between him and Felix in little to no time.

Traveling across dimensions was always faster than the matter universe.

\'He is alone\' Fagur frowned after seeing that Felix was sprinting all by himself, \'Don\'t tell me he already got rid of his partner.\'

Just to be certain, Fagur searched the nearby area.

\'No wonder their score is moving up again.\' Fagur reasoned after not catching a single whiff of Marquise Sebastian.

\'Aqua, catch up quickly, he is all alone.\' Fagur shared after popping his head from the shadow realm, \'We can take him down easily if we worked together.\'

\'On my way!\' Aquamia replied with a sadistic smile as she surfed on a self created river.

\'When you get near, don\'t expose yourself.\' Fagur warned, \'We have to catch him by surprise, and he might still be having his guard up.\'

Sure enough, Felix had his vigilance heighten to the max...He kept it this way for the next hour until he traveled for more than thousands of kilometers.

\'I can\'t run forever.\' Felix thought to himself, \'If Fagur is still chasing me, I can only actively bait him out.\'

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Felix knew that the unknown was more frightening...As long as he took away the unknown element, he wouldn\'t mind dealing with Fagur or any other player.

So, he engaged with the first celestial he found in his journey.

Landlord is targeting The Three Headed Hideous Rat. Ulfang commentated, Does he think that he is finally safe

This is terrible. Aegnor knitted his eyebrows as he stared at the highlighted Fagur hiding in Felix\'s shadow.

The moment he leaves an opening, he will get assassinated. Elnora added with a worried tone.

It looked like Felix didn\'t seem to worry about any of this as he swiftly began preparing another long-distance snipe to take down the three headed giant rat.

He manifested sniper rifle v3, which had the normal length barrel...Then, he started condensing the red bullet without adding any of his copies.

Fagur was watching all of this while being merely a meter away from Felix.

\'Should I really wait for Aqua She is still quite far away.\' Fagur thought inwardly, \'His neck is so near and unprotected.

I can easily slice it in the blink of an eye when he fires his shot.\'

Fagur knew that Felix\'s entire concentration would be on the rat to not miss his shot...That would provide him with the best opportunity to assassinate him.

He understood that if he waited for Aquamia, they might not be given another chance like this, or it would take hours before it happen.

Fagur wasn\'t planning on wasting hours dealing with Felix when the other teams were enlarging the gap with each chance they got.

\'What if this was a bait Landlord is quite shrewd.\'

Fagur still wasn\'t too sure...He knew that Felix was too cunning to not anticipate himself getting ambushed by him.

\'If this is a bait, what can he use to defend himself\' Fagur scanned the entire area around Felix, wanting to see if he had anything hidden that could backfire on him.

The only thing he ended up finding was the sniper rifle...This made him drop his suspicion, knowing that there was no way Felix would be quick enough to defend himself when his focus divided.

\'What kind of shadowborn would hesitate at this moment\' Fagur narrowed his eyes coldly as he finally made up his mind to make his move.

And so, he waited for Felix to finish his preparation of the red bullet while holding a dagger made out of solidified shadows.

He was in perfect position to pounce on Felix, making the viewers hold their breath in anticipation.

The instant Felix placed the red bullet in the rifle\'s chamber, he took a deep breath and squinted his eye at the three-headed giant rat.

Fagur tightened his grasp on the dagger after seeing that Felix\'s focus was fully consumed in his snipe.



The instant the sniper rifle\'s recoiled after firing off the bullet, Fagur launched himself from Felix\'s shadow and swung his dagger at his neck in the blink of an eye!


Unfortunately, the anticipated fountain of blood and flesh ripping apart wasn\'t delivered...Instead, the only feedback Fagur received was an insane pushing force immediately after his dagger touched Felix\'s neck!


The noise produced further made his heart drop two folds as his worst nightmare ended up occurring!

\'Retreat!\' Without an ounce of hesitation, Fagur ditched his dagger and attempted to pull back inside Felix\'s shadow.

Too bad, Felix wasn\'t that forgiving...


Fagur felt chills course on his spine after his vision was hit by a sudden pitch-black darkness!

He couldn\'t sense any nearby shadows anymore as Felix had surrounded both of them with a cloud of corruption inducement!

The corruption inducement was known to be able to absorb light particles, making it impossible for shadows to exist around it!

After all, shadows and darkness were fundamentally different things as shadows were formed only when part of a light beam was blocked or redirected.

You are in my world now. Felix whispered akin to a devil as he took hold of Fagur\'s waist that had the AP bracelet.

He was so strong, he applied just a bit of force and Fagur\'s bones were broken into little fragments with his bracelet.


Before Fagur could react to the pain, the noise of the nuke explosion had finally reached them.

\'A chance!\'

This rekindled Fagur\'s chance of escaping through the shadows, knowing that poison would get scattered forcefully by the shockwave.

This did indeed happen...However, before Fagur could feel delighted, his expression turned petrified when he realized that the darkness didn\'t disappear!

You might not see it, but we are locked inside a Danbconite dome. Felix smiled demonically as he came face to face with Fagur.

Even though he couldn\'t see a damn thing, Fagur still felt his fingers curl up with every breath assaulting his face.

He knew that he was locked in with a monster, and he was hopelessly unable to do anything about it.

After all, he couldn\'t conjure shadows in darkness and his other countermeasures were ruined.

Just like every shadowborn, he always carried with him many objects that could emit light to be used in such terrible scenarios.

Too bad, Felix was familiar with this habit and destroyed his AP bracelet!

\'F*ck this, I surrender!\'

Fagur swiftly gave up on the game, knowing that he wouldn\'t be able to survive a single punch from Felix in such a close distance.

Sure, he was ranked in the top three hundred strongest players, but he was still a shadowborn...His physical strength could never compare to the behemoth before him.

Thank god he made a swift decision as Felix\'s deadly fist ended up going through his broken apart particles.

Pretty decisive, huh. Felix clicked his tongue while unclenching his fist.

Then, he got rid of the Danbconite dome, exposing him in the open.

Only then did the stunned viewers finally came back to their senses as everything had occurred in less than a second.

From the failed assassination to the surrender of Fagur.

HOW THE HELL DID LANDLORD PULL THIS OFF! Ulfang was the first to remark loudly with a look filled with disbelief.

He just couldn\'t believe that Felix was capable of firing that bullet while at the same time defend himself against one of the best assassins in the universe, who was barely a meter away from his neck!

It just didn\'t make sense and was too supernatural.

The only ones sharp enough to figure out Felix\'s strategy this quickly were primogenitors.

Just brilliant as always. Erebus clapped his hands slowly while sighing in disappointment at his champion\'s unexpected elimination.

We even warned them about his passive, one soul, many lives. Siren rubbed her eyelids in frustration, not liking the fact that her champion was left on her own.

He might have considered it, but I doubt he thought that Felix can use it to place wisps of his consciousness within his own sniper rifle. Thor smirked.

That\'s right!

The secret to Felix\'s baiting strategy was the sniper rifle itself!

Felix had split a wisp of his consciousness and placed it within his sniper rifle.

While he was acting like his focus was on the rat, in reality, 99% of his concentration was placed on his shadow!

Meanwhile, the hidden wisp of consciousness fired the bullet to lure out Fagur.

That\'s why Felix had chosen his sniper rifle v3 as it was easily operated by just one wisp of his consciousness!

When he emerged, it was easy for Felix to defend his neck by coating it with layer of Danbconite.

Since it was capable of reflecting elemental energies, the shadow dagger wasn\'t able to push through it at all or even force Felix out of his position!

The rest was history.

What shocked the viewers even more was the ending of the three-headed rat.

-Congratulation, you have successfully earned 150K points for slaying The Three Headed Hideous Rat Celestial!-

With one single move, Felix had eliminated a player and also a celestial!

\'Don\'t tell me he is going to pull this off...\'

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