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Chapter 1094 The Gods Raid! Ll

\'I need to make sure first that he wouldn\'t backstab me.\'

\'That f*cker will backstab me without countermeasures.\'

Again, they both reached the same conclusion that it would be impossible to trust each other with their \'rich\' history.

Felix decided to make the first move as he approached Elder Forrester and Jaygat...When Knight Guard N8, Garr, and Aquamia saw this, they traded glances between each other and made their moves as well.

In a few moments, they were all gathered inside a deep crater that was tens of kilometers away from the virtual god.

All of them kept a decent distance from each other.

I believe everyone here reached the same conclusion. Elder Forrester eyed everyone before disclosing with a solemn tone, We cannot slay that virtual god without working together.

No one argued with that...Even the proud Jaygat.

So, let\'s make it simple and swear on our names and reputation to not backstab each other. Elder Forrester proclaimed, I trust that no one will break their words under the public eye.

Since Queen Ai couldn\'t be used to deliver messages between each other or write any contract, they could only do it this way.

Honestly, the best second option was to swear on their ancestors or sponsors...Too bad, they couldn\'t make this happen without exposing their existence to everyone.

I agree.

Fine by me.

Tsk, I guess there is no other option.

One by one, Felix and the others voiced their agreement to be loyal to this temporarily alliance.

It might seem unreliable, but everyone knew that reputation for those authoritative figures meant too much to them.

Jaygat was an official of the green dragon clan.

Elder Forrester was one of the Heavenly Turtles Ministers.

Garr was known as the hidden guardian of the gremlins royal family.

Aquamia was from the noble family of the fishermen race.

There was no need to mention Knight Guard N8.

I am not too sure about Landlord, though. Jaygat narrowed his eyes at Felix, Human words can be treated the same as ** on the sidewalk.

Name once when I broke my word. Felix replied calmly.


Shut the f*ck up next time then. Felix didn\'t hesitate to cuss Jaygat after he failed to produce anything.


Enough! Elder Forrester interfered before this could go an extra mile.

Then, he continued on, Let our people be the judge of our characters...For now, let\'s produce a plan.

\'Now that I have your trust, I will be creating a telepathic channel for us.

I just need you to relax your mental defenses.\' Night Guard N8 sent a telepathic message in everyone\'s minds forcefully.

If it were anyone else requesting this, no one would bother entertaining such an insane thought...Even if there was a Queen Ai contract.

However, this was coming from Knight Guard, who vowed on the name of Queen Scarlet to not harm or betray them.

Everyone trusted him completely that he would not backstab them...Even Felix.

That\'s because vowing on the Hive Queen made it impossible for him to go against it even if he wanted!

It wasn\'t because of intimidation or worship...All hive members were wired from birth that when the Queen\'s name gets used as a vow, it would be the same as she was the one giving it!

And so, everyone relaxed their mental defenses to allow the telepathic channel to be created.

\'Can anyone hear me\'


\'Good, this will help us not feed Intel to Mipopo and Daydreamer.\'


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Felix and the others knew that Mipopo and Daydreamer might be spying on them from a spatial pocket right this instant.

They couldn\'t be any more correct.

What are they talking about Daydreamer asked as he sat behind Mipopo on a floating giant moon boulder.

They moved to telepathic conversation. Mipopo replied with an irritated tone.

That\'s unfortunate. Daydreamer expressed casually, But, it wouldn\'t matter much.

You saw what happened to Landlord. bination might be the solution they were looking for!

This was the idea that both Felix and Jaygat believed would produce positive results.

It was approved by their allies since there wasn\'t really any other option at the moment.

Felix and Jaygat made sure to keep condensing their abilities until they reached the limit.

Are you confident that little bullet will carry the same punch as my supernova orb Jaygat mocked as he eyed Felix\'s tiny wine colored bullet that was barely one centimeter big.

I am not done yet. Felix replied calmly as he started condensing another Argadite bullet.

When he was done condensing it, he began working on another one under the dumbfounded eyes of his allies and viewers.

Does he have an infinite pool of energy

He never runs out of it...

After he finished, he wiped his sweaty forehead and placed the three tiny bullets inside a bigger hallow Coltnel bullet.

You fire first to match my bullet\'s speed. Felix remarked casually as he placed the bullet inside his sniper rifle.

Jaygat got pissed off at Felix\'s condescending tone, but he had nothing to retort with.

He knew that if they fired both at the same time, his supernova orb would barely cross five meters before Felix\'s bullet explode on the virtual god.

He believed that Felix might end up slaying the virtual god before him if the explosion was too much to handle.

So, he could only lower his pride a bit and breathe out the supernova orb.

It was slow enough Felix was able to see its trajectory and traveled distance.

So, the moment it was about to collide with the virtual god\'s back, Felix took his shot.

This time, everyone was prepared and closed their eyes shut for the anticipated fireworks.

What fireworks it was as the entire sky was lit up by two suns, one three times bigger than the other!

They completely hid the virtual god, which was an insane feat on its own!


A split second later, the unbearable noise and shockwaves traveled at an insane speed and reached Felix and the others, forcing them to hide at the bottom of the crater.

When the chaos died down, all of them returned to the surface and focused on the mushroom cloud that was touching the transparent ceiling.

\'Did it work\' Aquamia inquired as she tried her very best to find the virtual god inside the mushroom cloud.

Aquamia had gotten her answer before anyone could open their mouths.

\'Dear lord...\'

All of them felt chills course on their spine as they saw the golden statue emerge from the smoke and dust with his entire body intact.

He merely lost a couple of arms and dragged a few more on the ground.

The rest were scorched up a bit and that\'s all.

What made Felix and the others feel petrified was the sight of those arms growing back again after being put under a shimmering gentle light.

In a few moments, the virtual god\'s body was perfect again.

The only difference between now and then was his expressionless cold eyes being placed on Felix and the others!

They were caught red-handed!

\'Dear god, have mercy on us...\'

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