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Chapter 1096 The Gods Raid! LV

While Felix was squeezing his brain to weave a proper strategy, Knight Guard N8 and the others were also suggesting ways to defeat the virtual god.

They might seem hopeless, but it didn\'t mean that they had given up already.

However, every proposal was shot down due to either a couple or many issues in their strategies.

When none of them was proposing anything, Garr smirked as he spoke to Felix, \'Do you have anything to add, the great Landlord\'

Felix opened his eyes slowly and found that everyone\'s eyes were on him...He could see from their expressions that most of them had already lost interest in fighting the virtual god.

Felix didn\'t like that one bit.

\'I have thought of a plan, but it\'s incomplete.\' Felix remarked calmly.

\'Then why bother telling us about it\' Garr scoffed.

\'Don\'t speak for us.\' Knight Guard N8 requested composedly as he looked at Felix, \'Please, do tell.\'

The rest also perked their ears in interest, knowing that Felix was the most cunning and shrewd in this pack.

Without delay, Felix fed them all the details about his strategy, making them show multiple emotions throughout his narration.

A couple of minutes later, Felix concluded, \'This is all I have.\'

\'It\'s even worse than incomplete.\' Garr frowned, \'We might lose our lives in the blink of an eye.\'

\'How is that my problem\' Felix eyed him indifferently, \'If you can\'t even use your surrender coupon in time, that\'s on you.\'

\'He is right.\'

\'We all have surrender coupons, so we can at least try it.\' Elder Forrester added, \'It\'s less shameful than hiding here for an hour until the game ends.\'

No one argued with that premise...Authoritative figures like them have too much of a face.

So, if there was a chance of a victory, they were obliged to attempt it.

\'All in\' Felix asked.

Aquamia and the rest nodded their heads with resolved expressions...Even Garr was forced to participate.

\'F*ck them, I will low key sabotag...\'

You better do your part properly, Garr. Felix warned out loud, You don\'t want your people to see that their guardian isn\'t as honorable as he shows.

You... Garr\'s shady planning was halted before he could even finish his thought.

We have our eyes on you. Felix narrowed his eyes on Garr, making the others also show displeased expressions as they looked at him.

They weren\'t dumb to not understand that Garr might attempt to sabotage their plan for the sake of making Felix lose the game due to their factions\' enmity.

But that crap might fly if he did it to Felix alone, but when it involved them as well They wouldn\'t allow it.

Bastard! You better drop your accusations! Garr growled at Felix furiously, I never had such bad intentions and if you don\'t apologize, I will not particip..

I guess I am mistaken then, sorry about that. Felix apologized immediately with a sincere smile.

Felix wasn\'t concerned about losing a bit of face like this...The only thing that mattered to him was this bastard doing his part in the strategy properly.

He might not like to admit it, but without Garr, the plan would be scrubbed.

\'Cunning shameful prick!\' Garr gritted his teeth at Felix\'s apology...He wanted to use Felix\'s accusation to leave the alliance after hearing their plan.

Alas, he knew that he couldn\'t get out now without making himself appear like a coward to his people.

This might displease his ancestor, but he also cared about his reputation more than his faction war.

Looks like they\'re going to give it another go. Ulfang commentated as he watched Felix and the others digging up towards the surface.

Naturally, they did so after they made sure that the virtual god wouldn\'t be near them.

After they made it to the surface, they returned to their previous battle area and were met with the virtual god sitting on the ground in his lotus position.

\'Let\'s begin.\' Felix announced as he started to condense another red bullet.

Jaygat was doing the same with his supernova orb.

Again Haven\'t they learned their lesson Ulfang remarked with a disappointed look that was shared by the rest of the viewers.

Felix didn\'t care about anyone\'s reaction as he shoved the bullet in his sniper rifle\'s chamber and waited for Jaygat to fire his orb.

Just like before, he managed to match the explosions together, causing the moon and the virtual god to suffer through another destructive nuke!

\'Now! Go go go!\'

However, this time everyone was taken aback by the sight of Felix and his allies charging at their top speed towards the rising mushroom cloud!

They forced themselves through the shockwave and continued their united charge!

The moment the virtual god emerged from the mushroom cloud with brilliant light surrounding him and healing all of his wounds, Felix ordered in the telepathic channel, \'Garr, now!\'

\'Damn it! Darkness Overlay!\' Garr cursed under his breath but still did his part in the plan as he cast an enormous darkness screen that intercepted the blinding light and started absorbing it!

Light countered darkness and darkness countered light...This created a balanced state in the incoming the illumination, allowing Felix and the others to see through the darkness screen!

It wasn\'t perfect but at least they had some sort of vision to work with.


Everyone used their unique ways to fly towards the virtual god\'s heads.

Knight Guard N8 used telekinesis to lift himself, Aquamia used pressured water steam to push herself, and Elder Forrester drank a flight potion, giving him five sets of humongous feathery wings at the sides of his shell!

Garr just submerged himself in his darkness screen and controlled it to keep pushing forward in the air.


\'It\'s time for you to shine.\' Felix beamed his wooden pole and covered it in white adamantine before making it grew taller.

Then, he used the same technique of the monkey king, allowing himself to get launched towards the virtual god\'s heads akin to a bullet!

He was much faster than the darkness screen, making him lose out its protection...But, Felix didn\'t care as he adjusted his vision to accept the bare minimum of light, allowing him to negate the extreme illumination!

This was much better than not accepting light completely!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!!

The virtual god didn\'t remain standing as he launched his golden palms to intercept them!

It was tough, but everyone managed to navigate through the fury of tens of palms safely due to their visions not being hindered anymore and their low numbers.

After all, the previous nukes had destroyed many arms, which were used to defend the four heads.

It would be impossible for the heads to survive the explosions if it wasn\'t for that.

\'The Eastern head is the one using metal abilities! To your positions!! \' Felix commanded as he used his electromagnetic arcs to swing from one giant arm to another, making it almost impossible to hit him!

While he was swinging, his eyes never left the two heads, which had their eyes shimmering brightly.

Because of his modified vision, he was able to spot the different in brightness between the eyes of both heads.

It was only logical to assume that the eyes of the light head would be extra bright!

\'I am behind you.\' Knight Guard N8 informed as he chased after Felix.

\'Good, everyone else! Protect us!\'

The moment Felix made this call, he swung himself one last time, making him come face to face with the metal head.

Its face was based off a guerilla with two narrow eyes and bushy eyebrows, making it seem quite threatening.

Yet, Felix didn\'t even flinch as he summoned an electromagnetic storm around him, that linked with any metal near it.

This made it possible for him to remain suspended in midair.

Then, he made his long crystallized long pole be submerged inside an orange water tentacle that posessed mental enhancing sacred attribute!


He swung the pole towards Knight Guard N8...He caught it and made himself get submerged inside the orange water tentacle, not caring about being harmed by it.

\'Blow him up!\'

Aquamia shouted at Knight Guard N8 after seeing him get pushed by Felix near the guerilla\'s face.

Unfortunately, the virtual god\'s had sensed danger from him and sent many golden fists in his direction!

\'Intercept them!\'

Felix yelled as he protected Knight Guard N8 with crystallized white shields, managing to block some palms.

The rest were handled by his allies as Aquamia used pressured water to change their trajectories while Jaygat kept firing minimized destructive orbs to keep them away.

Under the dumbfounded eyes of the viewers, Felix and his teammates acted as bodyguards, surrounding Knight Guard N8 from different areas and making sure that nothing reach him!

Garr mainly focused on protecting their eyes\' with darkness screens in front of them.

Knight Guard N8 didn\'t drop the ball and made their efforts go for naught as he channelled his strongest mental attack and released it inside the guerilla\'s head!

In less than a second, the guerilla\'s head had his eyes completely blown out into bloody mess and followed by red blood gushing out of his ears, nose, and even his mouth!

Still, he wasn\'t dead yet and used his metal manipulation to release sharp metallic projectiles in front of him, not caring where they land!

\'Argh!! I am hit!\'

\'I can\'t hold them any longer!\'

\'F*ck! I am hit too!\'

Aquamia, Jaygat, and Garr yelled in the telepathic channel as they got either pierced by one of those sharp metallic projectiles, or were forced to extend their protection to them as well.

After all, they were being hit by countless palms while doing their best to protect Knight Guard N8.

Now, they even needed to watch for metallic projectiles

The viewers knew that they would get either turned into meat skewer by those projectiles or a meat paste by one of the palms!

\'Just hold it a little longer!\' Felix yelled as he kept sending the projectiles to the ground with his electromagnetic field.

Felix lightning element was just too strong against metal.

Too bad, the others didn\'t have it as easy as him.

\'F*ck this, I am out.\' Garr was the first to ditch the team by surrendering...He might be hiding inside one of the darkness screens, but he was still able to feel pain when the projectiles pierce it.

With him gone, the darkness screens disappeared, leaving Aquamia, Jaygat, and Elder Forrester completely exposed to blinding light!

\'F*ck you!!!\'


\'Argh, I surrender!\'

They didn\'t hesitate to curse out Garr, knowing that he could have survived for a few more seconds.

But, clearly the f*cker took advantage of the first opportunity he had to sabotage them and specifically Felix!

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