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In the UVR, inside a towering spherical building that had a dark red-scaled Serpent coiled around it, an elderly man with a golden beard sighed dejectedly after receiving disheartening news.

It understandable to reject those low-class clans, but to reject even us, The Rebellious Abrak Clan, he truly doesn\'t know what\'s best for him.

Sir Brandi, you are completely right.

This man is simply acting arrogant cause he landed on a legendary bloodline.

But so what Without joining a clan he won\'t be able to follow a bloodline path and learn techniques. A good looking young man with red scales around his neck scoffed.

Mirage, don\'t disparage others without full information.

After all, who knows if he is in a different clan already Brandi scolded.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._47597680477667098 for visiting.

I doubt it, if he was in a clan he wouldn\'t be hiding under that hoodie, but proudly represent his clan in the games as the majority does. He snickered, I tell you, he simply lucked out on that bloodline and now he feels like he is a big shot.

Whatever, if he refused us there is no point mulling over it anymore.

He is just one of the hundreds of invitations we sent. Brandi murmured, Though, he was quite special than others.

Sir, don\'t worry too much, I am sure he will come begging for us later to accept him. he shrugged his shoulders, A clan is a must in our bloodline paths, and is there any serpent poison clan better than ours in the Mariana Empire

We will see, though I have a strange feeling that he will tread on the solitary path and not bother with any clan. Brandi said.

That\'s impossible sir. Mirage shook his head firmly.

Even if elder Brandi was a prestige scout, who was known for having sharp senses, Mirage still dared to firmly oppose him.

He knew that the elder feeling was too far of a stretch.

Solitary path heh!

He knew that not a single sane human dared anymore to risk their future over unknown paths when they could simply join a clan and obtain a perfect bloodline path that leads to the Origin Realm.

Not to mention, the techniques that took those clans thousands of years to amass.

He truly believed that Felix would not bother to create his own bloodline path when he could just join their clan that had a well-made one with higher chances than others to reach the origin realm.

The clans\' entire existence in the first place was created by origin realm bloodliners to keep their descendants who inherited their bloodline and abilities united against the rest.

But nowadays, the majority of clans were turned public for everyone to join.

A bloodliner just needed to have the same affinity as the bloodline path the clan was following and he could take the trails of entry.

However, the moment someone joined he must use the same beasts\' bloodlines from awakening to the 6th stage of the replacement

This was the true meaning of a bloodline path!

A combination of all the bloodlines one used since awakening until emerging as a new sub-human race in the origin realm.

The majority of the clans had a perfect bloodline path that leads to that realm.

In other words, someone used it and reached that realm successfully.

On the other hand, imperfect paths were ones that either had compatibility issues between the bloodlines beasts used or simply the last tier 7 beast was impossible to be devoured by the 1% of the human bloodline.

This showed that it was easier to fall into an imperfect path than to land into a perfect one leading to the top of the human ladder.

This was why humans stopped bothering with researching for new paths and decided to simply join ancient clans and make their lives easier.

But what truly killed solitary paths or research paths, was the techniques created from the combination of active and passive abilities of different bloodlines one used during his path!

A bloodliner could combine active ability with another active ability, or active with a passive, and finally passive with passive.

The minimum requirement needed for a technique to be created was for the abilities combined to be from different bloodlines.

The tier or the rank didn\'t matter, as long as they were different.

For example, in Felix\'s previous life, he learned *Absolute Mind* technique from the clan he was on.

This technique was created from the combination of passive ability *Blood Regulation* of uncommon tier 1 Giant Anaconda, and the active ability *Intermediate Mind Control* of epic tier 4 Wisdom Serpent.

This technique allowed his blood to be as cold as ice and have the same characteristics as reptiles.

The cold blood circulates to his brain and makes it into a cold processing machine.

Adding to the *Intermediate Mind Control* used on him, and his emotions were completely gone.

He could watch his grandfather get slain in front of him and his thoughts would still remain clear and unaffected.

This was just one of the many techniques amassed over the years of the clan.

So, who would bother going on his own way to risk his life creating techniques, when he could simply just join a clan and have them all ready for picking the moment he reached 1st stage of replacement All of this without dropping a single sweat.

Unfortunately for Felix, he couldn\'t join any clan since his path was unique to only himself.

As for the techniques He had to create them by himself, and the process of creating them wasn\'t any regular joe could do.

They took a lot of time, experience, and most of all, having a pain tolerance way above average.

Just from this, Mirage was certain that Felix would join them soon or later.

In his eyes, although Felix already f*cked up his chances of having their perfect bloodline path by awakening with a legendary beast, at least he would be able to learn their techniques.

Too bad, he had no idea that Felix wasn\'t just treading on any a solitary path, but on THE solitary path that could only be explored by him.


Are you happy now Annoyed, Felix said while exiting the Cinema, after ending up watching two movies instead of one.

She threatened him that she would ruin his night with Nora if he didn\'t.

So, he could only comply.

I still want to watch more.

But I won\'t make things hard for you, since you have a date with that ugly duckling. She replied while stretching her hands behind her back.

Well, it\'s not a date per se. He coughed, But more like she will visit me home to drink coffee.

You lying bastard.

You told me it will the same as before, a date in a restaurant. She yelled.

We already did that, and I have no time to redo it again.

Now it\'s time to take it up a notch. Felix said as he turned the engine of his car on.

If you planned to do that.

can I watch She asked curiously.

F*ck no! Leave me alone for tonight.

You better keep your promise and cut the connection off.

Otherwise, I won\'t visit you anymore. Felix denied her firmly.

Watch him What kind of crack she was on to request that Felix didn\'t want a spectator when he tries to tame Nora.

Even with his thick skin, he would still feel ashamed a bit.

Fine! I hope her brother finds out and breaks your balls. She cursed him and cut off the connection right away.

Sign, what am I suppose to do with that gorilla he smiled wryly after remembering Nora\'s over-protective brother.

He honestly just wanna go for a fling with Nora, doing it a couple of times until his l.u.s.t get soothed than refocus on his important matters.

But it seemed like Nora came with a large drama package on her shoulder.

If he wanted her, he must go through her brother first, and he would rather change clubs in the training center than waste his time on such nonsense.

\'Sigh, whatever if things go out of hand, I can simply climb up and join another floor.\'

Even though Felix wanted to have Nora, he still wouldn\'t land himself in an unending family drama for her.

There was plenty of fish in the UVR.

If he saw that her brother was hell-bent on rejecting their fling, he could only ignore her and train on higher floors.

As for beating her brother up Felix had no such thoughts.

After all, He was literally trying to get into his sister\'s pants, it was only normal that her brother wouldn\'t like that one bit.

Though his reaction to destroying men\'s jewels even in real life was a tad over the top, Felix totally understood where he was coming from.

But understanding was one thing and letting himself be put in the same position was another.

If her brother dared to approach him with ill intentions, he wouldn\'t mind teaching him a lesson.


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