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Next morning, 09:30 AM.

Felix yawned while rubbing his hair lazily after waking up.

He cracked his neck lightly to the side and was met with an arousing image.

Nora sleeping fully nude on her stomach, while her legs spread open exposing her pink sensitive parts.

Her long wavy pink hair covering only her back, leaving her butt standing upright like a mound.


Felix slapped her right butt cheek, leaving a red mark on it.

Rise and shine sleeping beauty, don\'t you have a club to attend Felix chuckled at her clutching her butt cheeks tightly after his slap.

But she still didn\'t wake up and only murmured softly, I won\'t go today; I can\'t feel my legs anymore.

Felix sat on her peachy butt and played with it in enjoyment.

Stop whining and heal yourself.

Today, you have to go to the club no matter what.

Otherwise, your brother will find out about you sneaking to come here.

So what if he found out, he is not the boss of me. She murmured in her sleep.

Alright, if you are certain that he won\'t come to annoy me later on, you can continue sleeping. He jumped off the bed and said, But do know this, the moment he makes a move on me because of what happened here, I will not hesitate to bash his face.

If he still kept coming at me during my training, I will change floors and stop meeting up with you.

Now, are you going to wash up with me or not He asked as he walked towards the bathroom, kicking the toys that were laying on the floor on his way.

The room truly resembled a battlefield.

Fine, I\'m going to the club! Don\'t shower yet, wait for me. 

Nora immediately healed herself and chased after him with her b.r.e.a.s.ts and peachy butt jiggling.

She entered the shower after him with anticipation for round 10 She couldn\'t remember anymore.

They did it so many times she lost count.


One hour later...

So, did you have fun, my dear Felix Asna asked teasingly after she opened up the connection between them.

Why are you asking me Just read my memories and see for yourself. Felix indifferently answered her while driving towards the teleportation company.

Tsk, why would I want to watch two monkeys doing it She huffed in annoyance.

Woman can you not be so fickle You just begged me yesterday to let you watch. Felix could only rub his eyebrows at her fickleness.

I didn\'t beg you! It was merely a momentary interest on how you humans do it, that\'s all. She explained.

Well, you can fulfill your interest from my memories, as for watching me live Forget about it. He laid out his ultimatum right now, so she wouldn\'t bother him anymore when Nora pays him a visit again.

Asna understood what he meant and humphed lightly.

Then, she stopped asking him about it and changed the subject.

When are you to visit me today I want to play cards. She asked while creating a misty card bundle in her hand.

Later, I need to go check Mariana capital markets and auctions for bloodlines essence. He sighed, Hopefully this time my luck showers me with some percentages.

Oh, you reminded me, I still have the pieces and parts of Jörmungandr memories that I collected. She asked, Do you want to hear them now

No, leave them until I reach 99%. He shook his head and said, Then piece what you could and give a solid history of the primogenitor.


She gave him a sound of approval and stopped bothering him after seeing that he was about to teleport.


A few seconds later...

Felix stood near a fountain that had a humongous white statue of a breathtaking woman, holding in each hand a small version of a different beast.

Those two beasts were famous throughout the entire Milky Way galaxy as one of them was what Mariana used to awaken with and the other was for the first stage replacement.

As you could guess, This was Mariana Molfard, the goddess who created the 6 stages of replacement for humans singlehandedly.

She broke the bloodline chains of the purification realm that held the human race for over one million years.

Her achievements were boundless and extraordinary.

Even the empire was named after her, although the current royal family had a different last name.

Felix bowed slightly in respect and threw a hard coin in the fountain water.

Then, he turned around and left.

He was not the only one who was doing so, as the teleportation company of this city was standing face to face with this fountain.

Thus, anyone who teleported over must pay respect to Mariana by throwing a coin.

This tradition was being upheld by the majority of humans.

It was just basic courtesy to her overwhelming contribution.

As Felix continued walking through the busy streets, his eyes kept observing the packed yet clean streets, and towering buildings piercing the clouds with different unique designs never seen before on earth.

However, what truly made him feel nostalgic were the hundreds upon hundreds of varying people going back and forth beside him.

They were unique in the way they walk, speak, dress, and act.

The only thing in common between them was the fact they were minding their business as they went on their way.

This sight was only available in a few places in the Milky Way Galaxy UVR.

Mariana Capital was the best of them.

It was even nicknamed the center of culture due to being the only empire in the galaxy to have hundreds of kingdoms all residing within its territory.

Both in reality and in UVR.

It might sound like a good thing to have such a huge amount of diversity, but in fact, the true residents of the empire only saw them as pests and leeches taking their fortunes and resources from them.

Felix in his previous life was also counted as being a leech even though he obtained a permanent residency in the empire after he successfully passed the trails of the Triple Headed Cobra Clan.

That was the same clan he was on when he entered the ruins in his previous life.

He was especially bullied the most by clan members who were born and raised in the empire, and for Felix who came from the Alexander Kingdom territory, he wasn\'t really well-liked in the clan, just like other members, who came from different kingdoms.

Regardless of those bad memories, Felix still felt nostalgic the moment he stepped inside the city.

After all, he spent the majority of his years in it.

The reason he had to relocate his real-life residency to the main planet of the clan, was to avoid paying the outrageous fees of space deliveries.

At that time, it was quite easy to just carry his stuff and immigrate from Earth to another planet.

Why wouldn\'t he

His parents died, his grandfather died of a heart attack, and Olivia bled to death during awakening.

The only one left on earth, who he had a good relationship with him, was his mother\'s best friend Aunt Marry.

But now, he couldn\'t just do so anymore, especially before he earns a representative spot for his planet during the World Representative Battle.

He couldn\'t miss such a juicy platform, where he could join the supremacy games with his real face.

Ultimately, his Landlord persona would be kept hidden, and he wouldn\'t be able to take advantage of it in real life.

That\'s why, he was still staying on Earth even though he had the money and the means to immigrate to the Mariana Empire or any kingdom in that sense, in order to avoid the heavy taxes of deliveries.


After a while, Felix got tired of roaming around the streets and decided to visit an old pal in the Bloodline market, whom he used to hang with and also purchase bloodlines from him.

Hopefully, his password is still the same. He requested, Asna can you please read my memories in this time period from 2040 January to March.

Asna immediately understood what he was planning on doing after reading his mind.

Weren\'t you guys friends! Asna exclaimed with her hands covering her mouth.

Do you really have no bottom line to even do that to your friend

My lovely Asna, if you read my memories carefully, you would notice that me doing this, is thoroughly justifiable. Felix didn\'t even flinch at her belittling.

A few moments later, her angry voice resounded in his mind, That sick bastard is even worse than you.

No wonder you guys hit it off so quickly and became friends.

Can\'t argue with that. Felix shrugged his shoulders and asked, Tell me, did you notice his password I still remember that I was looking at him typing it in his hologram, but I was too drunk to see it clearly and remember it.

Tsk, yes I saw it. She suddenly spat, I can\'t believe you were hanging out in bars with such a creep.

Trust me, neither did I. He shook his head and kept walking through the noisy crowd.


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