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Hey, Felix!

Becky who was chatting with two other girls near the elevator, immediately greeted Felix with a hand wave after he stepped inside the training floor.

Morning Becky. Felix nodded his head towards her with a polite smile.

Becky approached him and stood on her tiptoes just to reach his ears.

Nora has been punished to not enter the UVR for 7 days by her brother after finding out that she sneaked yesterday. She continued whispering mischievously, Since she is not here, do you want to hang with me

Felix ignored the last part, as he was in deep thoughts after hearing that Nora was finally caught sneaking to his house.

\'Well, that was fun till it lasted.\' He mused while patting Becky\'s head gently like he always did to Olivia, treating her as a child.

Afterward, he went to his room, not caring about the fuming Becky behind him.

Nora with her dramatic brother was already too much for him to handle.

He would be a fool to add Becky to the mix.

If he did so, he would never be able to focus on his training each time he stepped inside the floor.

After a while, he reached his room and saw that the leader was standing next to the door.

Totally ignoring the murderous gaze the giant leader was sending him, Felix requested the AI to open up the door.


ten minutes later, the training room was thoroughly remodeled as a humongous maze with towering Metallic walls.

(Author note: The same height as the walls in the movie the Maze Runner.)

Felix didn\'t take long to modify the room this time because he instructed the AI to copy-paste the same map from a previous game.

The only thing he instructed to be changed was the layout and hidden compartments, making them randomly.

As for the beasts placed in the open He put as much variety of them as possible, filling the desolate maze with a symphony of roars and howls.

Finally the most important ingredient, the players were added at the end.

Satisfied with the final modification, Felix nodded and instructed the room AI to drop them randomly in the maze.

She did as told and teleported them all, each in a different zone inside the massive Maze.

Felix lifted his head and saw at the top of the towering walls, a blue barrier blocking everyone from flying above them.

He walked to his left wall and punched with all of his strength, trying to check its hardness.

Too bad, even with 2100 BF, he didn\'t leave a single dent on the wall.

He massaged his bloodied knuckles and tapped on the metallic ground, finding out that the walls and the ground shared the same metal.

I pity those with flying and underground abilities.

He could already imagine their ugly expression after they realize that their abilities were utterly worthless in this layout.

On the other hand, His abilities were going to shine even further in this game, especially his newly unlocked passive.

He cracked his knuckles and walked forward with red shimmering slits.


Five days later...

Felix was sitting with crossed legs on Asna bed, holding three cards in front of her with sweat covering his forehead.

My lovely Felix, why are you sweating Aren\'t we just playing games Asna said playfully while wearing only a long shirt, leaving her beautiful legs exposed in the open for Felix to enjoy.

But Felix did not love this at all, especially when taking this vixen to the movies again was the gambling bet they agreed on in this card game.

I am done! You keep taking advantage of your beauty to ruin our games. Felix cried out with a wronged expression and threw the cards away.

Heh, and you keep crying like this every time you are about to lose. Asna scoffed at his attempt to weasel out of their bet.

Stop bull**ing, I never did such a thing. He pointed at her exposed legs and bashed her, How am I suppose to focus when you are showing me such a sight! Do you think my teenager hormones are a joke

Disinterested in his tantrum, Asna kept playing with her red nails, not wanting to respond, as she had nothing to say back.

After all, he was completely right.

She was using every advantage to win this card game since if Felix won, he would be able to use her face as a mold for the games.

She didn\'t want that to happen one bit.

This was the bet they always played for.

If she won, he must take her to the movies, but if she lost he gets her permission to use her face.

But so far, he never won once, as Asna used each time multiple harassment techniques to ruin the game when she found that she was losing.

But Felix was not a pushover, as he also created excuses each time he was about to lose.

Just like in this case.

You are not answering Fine, I am leaving then.

Felix immediately excused himself with a grin after seeing her continue to ignore him.

He knew that his cards were bad and he had high chances of losing.

Even though Asna removed her pants in front of him, he didn\'t know if she was truly planning to ruin the game because she had bad cards as well or simply bluffing to keep him playing.

He didn\'t want to take such a risk.

So he bailed out the moment an opportunity showed itself.

Tsk, if I knew this bastard had cards worse than mine I wouldn\'t have given him an excuse.

Asna clicked her tongue in irritation and wore a new pair of red shorts.

Oh well, at least I can enjoy watching him hide his face behind that hoodie. She chuckled and created a bucket of popcorn, watching Felix wear a hoodie with slumped shoulders, waiting patiently to get teleported inside the Game Hall.


Twenty minutes later, inside a giant hall, that was almost identical to the one in Felix\'s first game.

Greeting my lovely players. A ravishing tall beauty, wearing a spotless short white dress with a blue lily flower on its back, suddenly appeared above a hundred or so of players underneath her.

Immediately after the players heard her sweet greeting, an ecstatic expression replaced their dreadfulness over the upcoming game.

Lucky! To actually have Madam Zoe as our judge, this game might not be that bad after all.

I heard she is still a single to this date, even though she was subjected to multiple wooing attempts by high ranked players.

PffAs if those buffoons actually had a chance with her.

Tsk, she probably paid a fortune to have that face and figure within the UVR. Said a short-haired attractive girl with a jealous expression at the looks madam Zoe was receiving from the male players.

Not as much as you. A sudden sarcastic voice responded to her.

I dare you to repeat it.

Your face is as fake as my name.

What are you going to do about it

Landlord huh I hope they drop us near each other. She narrowed her eyes at Felix, who was grinning mockingly near her face.

I would rather be dropped near beasts than a clown-like you. He scoffed.

You f*cker! You asked for it! She immediately struck his face with a punch.

His face was too close to dodge it.

Though, Felix never had such a plan, as he grinned and took it with open arms.


Her punch made direct contact with his nose bridge, breaking it.

Hot blood streamed down his chin coming from his nose.

Yet, he merely snickered and yelled deafeningly, silencing the chatter around him, Madam Zoe, This b*tch broke my nose when I was defending your beauty.

Bewildered, everyone eyed him and the female player.

They didn\'t think someone was daring enough to create trouble in front of a judge.

Such disrespectful behavior was not tolerated by any judge.

Oh, let me see.

Zoe instantly teleported in front of Felix and extended her pale hand toward his face.

Felix didn\'t even flinch as her soft hand touched his broken nose.

Indeed it is broken. She nodded her head and looked at the female player who broke it.

Why did you do so Miss Perfect Figure She asked calmly.

Yet, that tone sent shivers coursing through Miss Figure\'s spine.

She knew that punching Felix was truly a stupid move to do in front of a judge.

Alas, her anger took the best of her.

Now, it was already too late to regret it, as she could only try to make something up to save herself.

He insulted me continuously; I was just defending my honor. She explained with an aggrieved expression.

Tsk, she probably paid a fortune to have that face and figure within the UVR.

Tsk, she probably paid a fortune to have that face and figure within the UVR.

Tsk she...

Felix played a recording of her insult out loud for everyone to hear repeatedly.

Ouch, she is f*cked.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_47798451425045192 for visiting.

Well good for us another one eliminated before the game.

Madam Zoe eyelids twitch each time the recording plays.

She is truly pissed.

The other players whispered softly between each other as they viewed Madam Zoe eyeing Miss Figure indifferently.

Was that what you meant by saying you were defending your honor Zoe smiled gently, It seems to me that this gentleman was defending me and you punched him after not being able to handle his remakes.

If so, you broke the rules by punching him, thus you need to be punished. Zoe lifted her hand in front of the horrified Miss Figure, who knew exactly that her head would explode if she snapped her finger.

Just as she planned to beg for leniency, a merciful voice resounded in her ears akin to heavenly bells.

Madam Zoe, I am willing to drop the matter and spare her life under one condition.

Felix coughed, interrupting Madam Zoe from killing his prey.

He didn\'t orchestrate all of this just to have Miss Figure get killed.

He was not that bored.

Oh, what do you suggest Mr.


Zoe decided to listen to him since it was his own case in the first place.

She was merely following the rules by killing her, as fights within the game hall were strictly forbidden.

If he had another punishment in mind that Miss figure could agree to, then she would accept it.

I am willing to forgive her if she gave me all of her current game points and the ones she will earn during this game.

Shellshocked, the players gasped at his condition.

They realized that Felix\'s target was this all along.

After all, during this game, GPs were going to be contested on heavily to secure the win if no one managed to find the exit before the duration ends.

This meant that Miss figure would be slaving herself obediently to earn points knowingly that she wouldn\'t be able to use them later on.

Otherwise, she would give up on farming points at all and put her faith in finding the maze exit.

Such a vicious condition didn\'t have a single ounce of mercy.

You, you bastard! what have I done to you! Why did you even approach me!! Miss figure was on the verge of sobbing as she pointed her trembling finger at him.

Are you stupid Felix questioned her intelligence with a sincere smile and added, Why do I need enmity against you to make a move We are literary going to kill each other an hour from now.

I am merely looking out for my benefits. He shrugged his shoulders, No hard feelings Miss.

Felix honestly didn\'t think this trick would work, as the majority of players knew how to keep their emotions in check inside the game hall.

Even the most explosive player tries to act as docile as possible in this place.

Any mistake or bad remark could be used against you by the judge.

The worse faith was getting your head popped by her.

Such a strict and brutal treatment was enforced by all MCs based on the orders of the SGA.

No mercy to the offenders, so everyone would know their place.

They were players, and as players, they had only one job.

That was entertaining the spectators.

Madam Zoe chuckled and approached miss figure who was sobbing miserably.

She truly was unlucky to be marked as prey by Felix.

So are you going to accept his condition, or should I pop your head She asked indifferently, yet she couldn\'t hide her gloating eyes at all.

A judge or not, females\' reverse scale was always beauty.

I accept his damned term! Miss figure agreed while sniffing softly.

Any commoner would sympathize with her if they saw her condition.

Too bad, she was surrounded by bloodliners.

As the only looks she was receiving were gloats at her misfortune, and envy at Felix for getting such free extra points farmer.

They kinda were regretting not doing it first.

Alas, it was too late to repeat his feat now.

Alright, all of your current points and future points earned during this game will be all sent to Landlord\'s account after the game ends. Madam Zoe looked at Felix and asked, Are you okay with my arrangement Mr.


Yes, whatever the judge said goes. Felix bowed his head respectfully and backed away to sit in a corner alone.

Having Miss.

Figure as GP farmer might not give him a lot of GP, but at least he would be getting some without dropping a sweat.

Yet, the best part about all of this was the fact other players wouldn\'t try to annoy him for partnersh.i.p.s after seeing that he shouldn\'t be messed with.


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