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Turn Left.

No wait, I think it\'s right.

Charming Sky immediately apologized with her hands folded after seeing Landlord\'s fists clutched tight.

She knew that he was livid at her direction mistakes she kept repeating over and over again.

This was already the 5th one.

Felix didn\'t mind the first time, but after it happened twice, trice and it kept going on and on, he began to feel cheated honestly.

After all, he activated his heat vision to its full potential more than twice now, but still, not a single sign of the serpent she spoke about was in his vision.

He couldn\'t help but doubt her a bit and think that all of this was just a farce to prolong her life.

Oh yes! we are near! Charming pointed her finger at an image on a wall and explained with relieved expression, I remember that picture clearly, as I leaned on it to wear my high heels before. She moved past him and said with a confident smile, Please follow me, the beast is only a few hundred meters ahead of us.

Felix unclutched his fists and decided to trust her words one last time, if it turned that she lied to him again, he wouldn\'t hesitate to explode that acid bomb on her face.

Lead the way. He ordered with a frigid tone.

Charming wasn\'t bothered by it, as this time she was certain about her direction.

Without further ado, she walked with haste, unworried about stepping on the traps.

She was certain that Landlord had an x-ray vision, as each time they were in front of a trap, he warned her before they bypassed it.

Now, Although she was leading the way, she was confident that Landlord wouldn\'t let her die by them.

Otherwise, who would show him the path

If only she knew that Felix\'s ability allowed him to see everything within 100 meters diameter for a couple of seconds, she wouldn\'t be that c.o.c.ky on her worth.

He could simply ditch her and find the beast by himself, but Felix didn\'t want to go that far unless she f.u.c.k.i.e.d it up.

His mental energy and time would be consumed if he decided to go solo from henceforth.

So, it was better to let her lead him on.

May I ask you something


Charming Sky gathered her courage and laid out the confusion that was eating her up, since the moment she met him.

Why weren\'t you affected by my perfume ability She tilted her head and added, As a poison element user, I doubt you have any mental defensive abilities right

Oh You mean that disgusting scent I followed hell, I thought it was coming from a beast. He looked at her strangely and said, I have no idea where did you get that confidence to call that smell a perfume.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #*ck-him-up-for-me-blindy!_48261263410652887 for visiting.

Screw you! I asked you why you weren\'t affected by it, not to humiliate my ability! Charming Sky snapped at him, uncaring anymore about his threatening acid bomb.

For a woman like her who relied on beauty and charm in her daily life, to get her ability that was more like a body fragrance degraded like this was intolerable.

Huh, I was just being honest. Felix chuckled at her tantrum and answered her previous question, As for how I bypassed your ability control, it was simple actually. He asked her first, does your ability need to be absorbed by the body to affect the host

Confused at where he was getting at, she nodded her head in agreement.

It must be smelled to be specific.

That\'s why it is called perfume.

that\'s your answer. He shrugged his shoulders and didn\'t add anything extra to it.

It wasn\'t his problem if she understood what he meant or not, he already entertained her inquiry for quite enough.

After seeing that he wasn\'t planning to explain himself, she didn\'t bother to continue her questioning.

However, her mind was at full capacity trying to figure out his meaning.

For a shrewd fox like her, who relied on intelligence and beauty to battle, she easily figured out his meaning by connecting the dots together.

First, she recalled that Felix had an advanced or even peak resistance to poison based on what she had seen in the first game.

This meant that her perfume ability was resisted by his body after it got labeled as \'poison\' even though it was a mind-affecting ability! After all, her ability needed to be smelled in order to take effect.

In other words, absorption was a must!

Displeased, She frowned her eyebrows at this conclusion.

She knew that her bloodline was full of limitations since it was a low tiered for such a good element.

The beast she merged with, might appear strong and unique in the eyes of commoners, but only she knew that wasn\'t even true.

The high tiered bloodlines she saw in her clan had mental abilities stronger than hers by far.

\'Lucky bastard, if I had epic rank tier 3 bloodline, my controlling abilities would straight out target your brain without this absorption bull**.\'

Irritated, she increased her speed, wanting to get rid of his smug face as fast as possible.

In her mind, that was how she pictured his face.

Indifferent, Felix chased after her, disinterested in finding out the reason for her weird behavior.


After a couple of minutes, the same massive Intersection, which was connected to multiple paths, appeared in their point of view.


Surprised by the looks of the serpent Felix raised an eyebrow.

It turned out, he fought this beast before in his previous life.

Though, he was more like a spectator while his clan-mates were the ones fighting it.

Am I allowed to leave now Charming Sky asked with a hushed tone while hiding behind a wall a couple of meters away from him.

The serpent truly scared her **less to act like this even though they were quite distant away from it.

Felix didn\'t even turn his head and glance at this scaredy-cat.

He just waved his hand dismissively, shooing her away.

However, she didn\'t move an inch.

Cough, can you remove the bomb please

Oh I forgot, my bad.

Felix chuckled at her displeased expression and snapped his finger.

His sudden action made her heart skip a beat.

She reflexively closed her eyes with her hands raised in front of her face, expecting the bomb to explode.

Yet, the only sound she heard was Felix\'s footsteps as he approached the serpent with his hands in his pockets.

She opened her eyes to this sight and stood stunned in her place.

She thought before, that he would ask her about how the battle went, and decide whether to fight the serpent or not after hearing her minions\' tragic fates.

But, it turned out he wasn\'t even interested in gaining an understanding of the serpent.

\'C.o.c.ky moron.\' she sneered, \'Just because you have a legendary Bloodline, you thought this battle will be easy\' She sat down with her back glued to the wall and gloated, \'I can\'t wait to see your arrogance shatter to pieces.\'

Her plan to bolt after he released her was totally ignored, as she raised her fist in the air while cheering out loud, F*ck him up for me Blindy!

Her fear of the serpent was instantly replaced by kinship to the point she even gave him a pet name.

She truly wanted Felix to die as horrible as her minions did.

Just as Felix tried turning his head to glance at that trouble maker, an ear-piercing alert resounded throughout the entire maze.

\'PEEEP! \'PEEEP!\'...

Without a second wasted, Felix retreated away from the serpent.

He knew that his body would freeze immediately after the alert finishes.

He was not a fool to stay in close proximity to the serpent when that happens.

After all, Zoe explained before that beasts were completely free to move during the shuffle duration.

Before long, Felix stood in the middle of the path away from the walls.

He didn\'t know if the walls were going to shuffle by moving around, or they would all disappear and reposition randomly.

Regardless, The safest place to stand was away from them.

If it wasn\'t for the serpent sitting on the open intersection, he would have chosen that spot.

Charming Sky rushed to his side and stood next to him.

Her thought process was completely different than Felix\'s.

She believed that others would be able to spot them after the walls reshuffled.

This meant bad news for her if they saw her all alone.

So, it was in her best interest to stick next to Felix and give them a false sense of partnership.

Even though she didn\'t want to admit it, she understood that his name was enough to deter 80% of the players!


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