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15 minutes later...

Felix was currently sitting on a bench, watching two teams, each standing at the far end of the arena.

His memories were quite fuzzy on the bloodliners names in this tournament, except for one, who left a long-lasting impression in his previous life.

The rest were absolutely strangers in his eyes.

Though, he still remembered which teams won and lost, and who made it to the finals.

Just like he remembered, the first teams to fight were The Waltons vs.

Alabama Team.

The tournament placement on this one remained the same even in this time-line, as for the rest They were completely different.

The juniors standing in the arena, wearing white and blue uniform outfits were the Alabama team.

They won the 3rd qualifiers tournament while losing two members in the process.

One was badly hurt, not physically but mentally by an ability, forcing him into an indefinite coma while the other straight out died.

This left two empty spots, which were given to a family that only had two bloodliners.

Meanwhile, the Walton team was standing at the opposite side, wearing an outfit mixed with medium blue and yellow.

The same colors Walmart stores were known for.

That\'s right, the famously Walmart chain belonged to them! They were one of the richest families in the world.

Their wealth far surpassing both the Maxwells and the Hiltons combined!

Though, having a good affinity and awakening had nothing to do with wealth.

Them having only 6 bloodliners further highlighted this point.

Felix, who do you think will win Olivia sat next to Felix and said, I watched the Alabama team before, and their captain element is the same as yours.

Find out by yourself.

They are about to start. He replied while staring at the host of this tournament, leaving the arena after giving an introduction about the two teams.

Olivia stopped bothering him after seeing so as well.


Captain Oliver, are we going to use synergy A or B A teenager with a mohawk haircut asked a red-bearded man, appearing to be in his middle twenties.

Let\'s go for B. Oliver smiled confidently at Micheal the vice-captain, and said, We will save the best for the best.

You heard him. Micheal clapped his hands twice and said, Get in your positions, and don\'t you dare screw it up! We need to win under two minutes and show our dominance!

Yes, Vice Captain! After shouting their response, everyone spread out in the arena, standing apart from each other and circling the captain and the vice-captain of the Walton Family.

The Alabama team also stood in a unique formation, four were in front, two in the middle, and four at the back.

After seeing that the countdown on the screen was about to hit zero, the host shouted through his microphone, BATTLE!

The moment the go signal was given, Oliver clapped his hand once, and a small wind whirl was manifested under his feet, lifting him up 20 meters mid-air! He appeared like he was standing on an active tornado!

On the other hand, Micheal pointed his finger at the back of Oliver.

Suddenly, a grey thin wire manifested from the tip of his finger and linked itself with Oliver\'s leather belt that he was wearing on his waist.

The wire was thin to the point it was almost invisible!

Next, the rest of the team all used whatever supportive abilities they had to buff Oliver.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'-synergies!_50007055142021394 for visiting.

One provided him with a transparent shield, protecting his body from projectiles, while another made his head glow in red color, enforcing his mind against mental type abilities.

There were a total of three buffs on him.

Those without supportive abilities took a defensive stance and protected the buffers.

The entire formation creation didn\'t take even two seconds before Oliver was turned into a one-man army!

The Alabama team was a bit shocked by the strategy used by their opponents.

However, they were still confident that their formation was better, as it relied on a full team moving as one, instead of just one attacker and others supporting.

Unfortunately, that notion was completely uprooted from their minds after Oliver rushed into the middle of their ranks while still mid-air, and started creating the same mini tornados under the feet of their buffers!

Ahhh!, Agh!

Two bloodliners, who were too close to the edge of the arena were instantly lifted mid-air, just to have their bodies propelled outside of the arena by two wind blasts!

Thud! Thud!

Their bodies smashed into one of the team\'s resting areas, breaking the bench into halves.

One of them laid out cold without moving an inch while the other managed to let out a groan before passing out as well.

TOM! MICKY! Worried, Luke the captain of the Alabama team shouted while looking at the unmoving bodies of his teammates.

No one taught you to never lose focus in the middle of a battle Oliver\'s sarcastic voice invaded the ears of Luke, setting him up in raging fury.

However, being furious wouldn\'t magically help him reach Oliver who was 20 meters above them.

He was a poison Elementalist like Felix, but his abilities were centered around melee form battles.

Just like the three other melee-form bloodliners in his team, they were absolutely hopeless in front of Oliver\'s ultra ranged battle style.

However, their abilities might be useless against Oliver, the same couldn\'t be said against the rest of the Walton team!

Luke quickly laid down his orders for the rangers in his team to focus on Oliver while they try to take out his teammates!

He knew that based on the many buffs on Oliver, his ranger teammates\' attacks weren\'t going to harm him now.

However, as long as they hold him back, he was confident in taking care of the Waltons\' supports.

The arena was quite large, almost the half size of an average football field.

Thus they had to sprint for a while to reach the end of it where the Walton team members were still standing in formation.

Oliver was left behind being attacked by a salvo of elemental abilities.

He had to dodge some of them as his shields weren\'t going to sustain him throughout the entire barrage.

Even when the situation was clearly getting deteriorated, Oliver still had a confident smile on his face like everything was within his plans.

The moment Luke and the other three made it to the end of the arena, they split up, each went for a specific target.

The captain kept on going forward aiming at Micheal, who was standing in the middle of the formation all by himself.

Luke opened his mouth, exposing two long deadly fangs while dashing towards Micheal, wanting to bite him.

He knew that one bite was all it takes to seal the deal.

However, instead of seeing a frightened expression on his opponent, he only saw him give a c.o.c.ky smirk while bending his stretched finger.


Simultaneously, the sound of the wind could be heard behind Luke akin to something heavy being dragged.

Disturbed by the sudden sound, he turned his head, and what came in his sight made him tremble all over.

He wasn\'t the only one shocked by the sight, as his teammates in the arena all stopped whatever they were doing and kept gazing slack-jawed at Oliver\'s body folded into two while being pulled by his waist rapidly towards Micheal and Luke!

No one understood what was happening besides Felix and the Walton teams\' members, who all had a victorious smile.

Welcome back Captain. Micheal laughed while asking Oliver, who stopped exactly above Luke, Getting used to it yet

Just slightly.

Oliver\'s green sick face said otherwise.

Micheal chuckled and snapped his finger twice, sending a signal to his teammates.

Immediately after seeing it, they dropped acting defensively and surrounded the four members of the Alabama team, waiting for orders to get rid of them.

The battle instantly turned into 4 against 10! With Oliver\'s current strength, the odds of those four retreating to regroup with their teammates were hopeless.

ATTACK! Micheal was the first to make a move, as he pointed all of his fingers towards Luke, sending a grey wire for each finger.

Luke attempted to evade getting caught by them.

Sadly, he was too near to make it happen.

His arms, legs, and lastly his neck were all tied up by those thin wires.

Micheal tightened up his fingers slightly while threatening, Surrender or your neck will be sliced.

Unbothered by the blood dripping from his neck and limbs, Luke kept gazing at his teammates trying their best to survive the onslaughter of the Waltons, especially from Oliver.

If it wasn\'t for him, they might have managed to regroup with their rangers, who were rushing towards them.

Unfortunately, Oliver was pulled back just to increase their offensive power, to get rid of them in one full sweep.

Argh!! Argh...

Disheartened by the pained sounds of his teammates, Luke closed his eyes while murmuring softly, We surrender.

LOUDER! Micheal yelled while tightening the wires even further.

However, after seeing that Luke was having difficulty breathing, he relaxed his fingers, withdrawing his wires once and for all.

We, cough, Surrender! Desperate, Luke shouted with a bit of difficulty.

His hands were clutching his neck that was dripping with blood.

Yet, he had a relieved expression after seeing that the Waltons kept to their words and stopped attacking his teammates.

If those two extras from the families were the ones being beaten up, he wouldn\'t even budge.

Unfortunately, those two were left behind as they were rangers.

His friends who he spent almost a year with were the ones being caught.

He didn\'t want them to die like the last one in the qualifiers.

Good fight. Oliver dropped from the air, landing next to Luke.

He patted his shoulder with a polite smile and went to group up with his teammates.

Give your loudest applause to your winners, the Waltons!! The host climbed into the arena while extending his hand to the Walton team, who were lining up horizontally and bowing to the spectators and the camera.

The spectators weren\'t shy in their cheers, even though the team that lost was part of the commoners.


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