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15 minutes later...

The arena was cleared from the corpses and the blood, which was painting its milky white material bright red.

As for the heavily wounded They were taken on stretches to get healed as fast as possible.

Thankfully, the Organization wasn\'t cheap on their healing substances and potions.

The only sad news about this battle was the fact there was no clear winner!

The battle ended the moment the last standing two used whatever energy they had to throw their final attacks, which by the way completely missed each other.

As mention before, sapping one\'s entire energy tank led to only one situation, and that was passing out cold in exhaustion.

The fact those two teams went all out on each other, but still ending up in a draw, was too painful to see for everyone.

Except for the Waltons of course, who were celebrating moving up straight to the semi-finals without dropping a sweat.

This meant the Maxwells were going against the Waltons in the semi-finals, concluding the right half of the tournament brackets.

This left the other half still with two more semi-finals spots for those four teams to contest for.

I am heading back to the hotel.

If the elders asked, tell them I was feeling unwell. Utterly bored, Felix jumped from the bench and swiftly walked away from the resting area.

Olivia and the rest merely gazed at his back for a couple of seconds before returning to their chatter as nothing happened.

They knew that Felix staying to watch the 3rd battle was already an achievement on its own.

After a couple of minutes, Felix could be seen walking outside of the stadium.

He wasn\'t interested in watching the rest of the battles as he already knew the result beforehand.

In the next battle between The Hilton team and The New York team.

The Hiltons were going to steamroll their opponents in the first couple of minutes just like how his battle went.

He remembered that the Hilton captain was actually a holder of an epic rank tier 1 bloodline! He didn\'t know how the family got it and honestly wasn\'t bothered to look into it.

In his eyes, epic rank or legendary rank were all meaningless and quite garbage before his Primogenitor bloodline.

However, the same couldn\'t be said to the New York team, who were against that bloodline.

As for the other battle It was going to be The Vanderbilt team against The Clinton team.

This one, he wasn\'t really confident on who was going to win since his memories of the strength of those two were totally buried deep within.

Though, he was more inclined into believing that the Vanderbilt team would clinch the semi-final spot in the end, as the Clintons unlike the rest of the business families were not really that rich due to being a political family instead of a business-oriented family.

Their Net worth didn\'t even reach half a billion in comparison to those giants in the tournament, who had a minimum net worth of 10 billion!

Wealth might not increase the affinity rating of their juniors, but it sure would help a lot to provide resources needed to awaken or integrate, such as the rejuvenation potion or the pain relief potion.

Those resources could be bought either from the UVR using coins or from the organization using earthlings\' currency!

The public camps and the private ones hosted by the families were all provided resources by the Organization.

For the public camps owned by the goverment, those resources were given freely but in limited numbers.

However, for families camps, they needed to buy them using money, and their prices were expensive as hell.

One pain relief potion cost at least 5 million dollars! A whopping 5 million for one potion that could be bought with 10k SC in the UVR, or in other words, for 500k dollars if the current rate of 1 SC = 50$ was used to convert the price.

This pricing was without adding the one year 20% discount that was given to the Council by the SGA.

This was just one potion, one item! Don\'t even mention the rest.

The families knew that they were being royally ripped off.

Yet, they were still throwing all of their money to get as much as possible since the stock that was being sold wasn\'t enough to sustain everyone.

This makes one wonder.

Why was a newly established Organization was loaded with so many coins

Well, it\'s simple actually.

The World Council, which the Organization follows, obtained a quite lucrative deal after selling their planet data to the Queen, ranging from hundreds of millions to billions SC!

The exact amount wasn\'t known to the public, as even Felix had no idea how much they got.

However, it was obvious that the deal was up to the mark after seeing that the Organization branches all over the world had enough coins to buy resources for public camps and even sell some to the rich families.

The families never said no to those resources, as It was only natural to buy from the organization using earthlings\' currency while leaving coins for more important matters, such as investing or starting a business in the UVR.

However, most of the time, the families were forced to use their coins as well for extra resources after ending up not buying a good portion.

The Maxwell\'s elders also did this in the training camp.

But the moment Felix started sending them a low key allowance of millions of SC from time to time, they stopped relying on the Organization.

There was nowhere in hell for those proud elders to let themselves continue getting ripped off by them, especially Robert.

For a business prodigy like him, his pride and dignity didn\'t allow him to get ripped off by anyone.

He tolerated them before because he desperately needed their resources for the juniors, but after getting those millions SC from Felix, he started working his long lost business talent and his new vigor to invest in profitable businesses in the UVR.

The revenue he was getting might be peanut compared to Felix\'s capital, but still, he was working on his own to put his own mark in the UVR.

Felix never had the thought of giving his grandfather a handout or buying a company and letting him manage it.

He would never disrespect his grandfather like that.

He knew that a longevity potion and some capital was more than enough for his grandfather to create miracles in the business industry in the UVR.

If he could single-handedly make the Maxwell family a business empire on planet earth, why couldn\'t he repeat the same fate in the UVR


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The four semi-finalist teams were lining up on the arena, listening to Mr.

Jones making a stern speech about yesterday\'s 3rd battle\'s carnage.

This was his 2nd speech on it, as yesterday after the battles finished, he grouped everyone and started berating those two teams\' actions and their elders again.

He was extremely livid about their blatant ignorance of the rules.

He made sure to let those juniors and elders know that a heavy punishment by the organization was waiting for them.

Injured or not, he didn\'t give a **, as he was hell-bent on giving them the heaviest punishment to scare the rest into obeying the rules.

The punishments which were given sure mortified everyone, as he banned the juniors of both families from attending any future similar tournaments.

Yet, the worse one was actually forbidding them from buying any resources from the Organization!

Those two punishments were enough to let the rest of the teams know that Mr.

Jones might look like a kind elderly, but he was unforgiving to those who crossed him.

Right now, he was reminding everyone of his yesterday\'s speech and advising the juniors to act mercifully in their battles by trying to force a surrender first at all means.

Disinterested in hearing Mr.

Jones\'s continuous blabber, Felix\'s eyes kept roaming in the arena, looking at the expressions of those teams near him.

As he expected, the two teams who clinched the last semi-final spots, were the Hiltons and The Vanderbilts.

Soon his eyes landed on a junior, who had a full western visage package, blonde hair, pale face, and surprisingly his eyes were ruby red instead of blue!

Felix gazed at him with a nostalgic expression.

This was the only person he remembered quite vividly in this tournament...Adam Hilton!

His memories of him were still fresh due to three reasons.

One, Adam was the captain of the Hilton team, who single-handedly made his team this tournament\'s champion.

Two, he was the only possessor of an epic rank bloodline in this tournament.

And the most important reason, Felix always envied his strength, bloodline, and the massive popularity that he possessed on the internet.

In Felix\'s previous life, he neither performed well in the tournament nor his family in general.

They were sadly eliminated in the very first round, and in a quite tragic fashion.

Felix at that time had awakened with the uncommon Heavy Anaconda bloodline, plus he still had his 59% affinity rating.

This made him on the border of reaching greater purity before participating in the tournament, which meant, he only had one active ability in his arsenal and it was beyond garbage.

In comparison, Adam had an epic rank bloodline while on the verge of reaching origin purity like Noah.

It was only natural for young Felix to envy what he got.

\'Uhm\' After sensing that someone was gazing at him, Adam turned his head to the right and saw Felix giving him a nostalgic look and smile.

Bewildered and honestly quite creeped out, Adam coughed and turned around to his teammates.

Don\'t make it obvious, but is it just me or the captain of the Maxwells is giving me a weird look He asked them softly.

Unfortunately, everyone who heard him turned instantly at the same time and started staring at Felix dead in his face, blowing Adam\'s cover.

Vexed, Adam could only facepalm while looking in the other direction, not wanting to associate with them.


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