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He only had two active abilities in his arsenal, *Upsurge* and *Wind Blast*.

It seemed to him that Felix wasn\'t an easy target for his combo to land on, especially when it took a full second for the tornado to manifest completely. 

Phew! Boom!

Sarah took advantage of his slight daze and sent her flaming cat at his barrier, making it eat a direct explosion!


Sadly her bloodline and affinity rating weren\'t the best, as her offensive power only caused some cracks to appear in the barrier instead of shattering it.

Nice work Sarah! Delighted, Olivia gave Sarah double thumbs up while still dangling on Felix\'s shoulder.

However, her delight soon turned into confusion after seeing the cracks on the barrier were getting glowed on by a blue shimmer that was coming from Oliver\'s body!

A moment later, the blue shimmer retracted leaving the barrier to appear steadier than ever! Though, Oliver\'s body, which was glowing brightly before, dimmed a bit after so.

Felix recognized what had just happened, as he had knowledge of abilities that were able to affect other abilities instead of living beings!

Based on what he saw, this ability was exclusively for recovering barriers.

He had to admit that the owner of this buff was pretty lucky to unlock it from the active abilities\' pool even though he had only a rare bloodline.

Don\'t lose focus, it\'s nothing serious. Felix tried to warn Sarah, who seemed like she was the most affected by the sight since she kept standing in her place with a stunned expression.


Alas, his warning was a tad too late., as the same tornado manifested under her feet, lifting her up in the air.

He wanted to help her, but his hands were full with those two.

Just like Sarah took advantage of his daze, Oliver didn\'t hesitate to do the same!

The moment she reached his height in the air, he extended his palm in her direction and called out loud, Wind Blast!

Boom! Thud!

A mini wind explosion happened right next to her stomach, propelling her rapidly in the air with a drop of blood coming out of her lip.

Her ears were hearing the sound of the wind while her heart was beating out of her chest.

The notion of smashing into the ground scared her to the point she fainted mid-air.

The spectators knew that the fall was going to be nasty as Oliver sent her at least 30 meters above the arena!

Sara..Ouch! Ayee!

Just as Olivia wanted to yell in worry, she was dropped together with Lexie into the floor by Felix.

She spat dust from her mouth while looking at Felix, who was sprinting at his top speed with a calm expression toward Sarah.

His superstrength plus the buff given by Lexie just made him bolt in supersonic speed!

What the hell!

The viewers were dumbfounded as they saw him catching up to Sarah\'s body with a speed unprecedented in this tournament!!

25 meters...20m...14m...

Sarah\'s body was getting closer and closer to the ground.

She was falling on her back with her eyes closed shut and limbs flailing everywhere.

He is not going to make it!! The stream MC yelled with a tense expression at the sight of Felix still twenty meters away while Sarah was getting closer and closer to her doom.



The moment Felix saw that he wasn\'t going to make it in time, he bent his knees and lunged in Sarah\'s direction with his hands extended forward.

Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and just gazed at him in utter disbelief, flying at least 15 meters from the place he jumped to Sarah\'s body.

His flying speed was so fast by the time they blinked Sarah was already in Felix\'s arms.

The moment Felix caught her in his arms, he rolled mid-air to the side, making his back exposed to the ground first.

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He smashed into the ground while hugging Sarah in his embrace, trying to make her experience as few bumps as possible after their bodies start to roll forward due to their great momentum.

Thud, Thud....

Awestruck, the spectators had their hands on top of their heads at the sight of Felix and Sarah rolling over and over again until they finally stopped two meters next to the edge of the arena.

The moment Felix opened his arms, the spectators saw that Sarah had only a few scratches on her body while she was lying peacefully in his embrace.

Meanwhile, Felix\'s clothes were entirely ripped open, exposing his undamaged pale skin in plain sight.

He wasn\'t even scratched!!


A sudden silence descended in the stadium, lasting for merely a second before everyone jumped in the air screaming at the top of their voices.


HE ACTUALLY DID IT!!! Thrilled and stirred, the stream MC banged the commentary table with his fists as he shouted. 

The viewers at homes, bars, on the streets, the spectators in the stadium, the Maxwell elders, and even some young authoritative figures, all were sharing the same excitement as him, as they were either cheering, shouting, or clapping their hands until they reddened!

That\'s what I want to SEE!

Feverish, Mr.

Jones who was sitting in a VIP room with the governor clapped his wrinkled hands until they started to sting him. 

Meanwhile, the governor of Florida next to him was simply applauding slowly with a pleased smile.

He might be moved but as a politician, his emotions were always in check.

If only those little bastards valued their teammates like him, I wouldn\'t have gotten so riled up. Mr.

Jones sighed and reseated himself.

He massaged his reddened palms while looking at Felix, who stood up while princess carrying Sarah to the very edge of the arena.

You don\'t have to worry sir, the two-month camp we prepared for our national team is enough to shape them into one unit before sending them to Germany. The governor said, smiling.

I do hope so. Mr.

Jones merely blinked his eyes at the governor\'s promise.

Back in the arena, Felix was gesturing with his head at a staff member underneath the arena.

However, before the staff reached him, he sensed a slight tremble in his arms.

He looked down and saw that Sarah was opening her muddled eyes slowly.

It seemed like that noise was deafening to the point it made her regain her consciousness.

Wh...what had just happened She asked with a soft tone and muddled eyes after seeing the strange situation she was in.

She assumed that she would wake up on a stretcher instead of being carried like this.

Nothing happened. He showed her a faint smile and said while handing her to the staff member, Get some rest.

You did well.

Before Sarah could even ask him any further, Felix turned around and walked back towards his teammates, who were clearly blown away by Felix\'s timely save.

The promise Felix gave them in their first battle kept ringing in their minds.

Don\'t worry about getting heavily injured or killed, just go all out!!

Felix just showed them that his word and promise should be treated like gold!

He never broke his word even once and wasn\'t planning on doing so anytime soon.

If it wasn\'t this, Asna wouldn\'t have trusted in him to fulfill his end of the bargain when she helps him reach the peak.

So he didn\'t care if Sarah, Dale, or even Kenny were the ones thrown in the air, he was going to save them first before thinking about other matters!


Just impossible!\'

Meanwhile, Oliver was actually the one most shaken by what he saw.

His mind couldn\'t fathom, having his combo, which was being coined by his teammates as \'unblockable\', fail for the first time to inflict any damages to its target!

His teammates always envied him for unlocking two abilities that harmonies with each other too well.

But now The spell was finally broken!

You saved a ranger, but gave away two supports.

Disgruntled and slightly provoked, Oliver shouted while aiming both of his index fingers at Olivia and Lexie!

Although those two girls heard him and knew what was about to come, their legs refused to budge from their position.

The sight of Sarah being launched in the air kept playing in the minds, turning their brains into mush.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Before Oliver could even grin in delight at the sight of his tornados lifting up those two, Noah, who was only a couple of meters near them, dropped his Ice Mace and jumped forward!

He caught their legs and pulled them out of the tornados\' zone with him.

Those tornados could only lift one person each, and with Noah\'s weight, it was impossible to lift them all at once.

Thank you, Noah. Olivia showed her appreciation the moment she regained her wits back.

Noah gave her a slight head nod while standing up swiftly in a guard position.

He extended his arm and another ice mace was created in his hand.

Simultaneously, the first one turned into icy blue particles, drifting in the air.

Satisfied by Noah\'s timely save, Felix smiled while still walking with hurried steps, not bothering to sprint and return to his position.

He knew that Olivia and Lexier were beyond safe while near Noah.

After all, Noah never lost focus for a second, even after everything that had just happened.

He never left Oliver out of his sight.

Thus, the moment he heard his claim, he was ready to rescue Olivia and Lexie.

When it comes to reliability, Noah was a top-notch teammate!


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