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Knock Knock!

Five minutes later, inside a comfortable lounge at the other side of the stadium, a knocking sound resounded in the silent lounge.

Come in! Mr.

Jones, who was sitting in a leather armchair, looked at the door that was being opened.

\'He is here.\' Delighted, his eyes shone as he saw Felix near the door thanking the man in black for guiding him.

After Felix closed the door, he turned around and saw that his teammates were gathered in one area away from three other individuals.

\'As expected, those losers are coming as well.\' He gazed at those individuals indifferently.

Unsurprisingly, Oliver Walton, Amelia Lauder, and finally Lena Vanderbilt were also in the room!

Felix knew beforehand that the national team wasn\'t going to have only the winners of the tournament, but also captains of each semi-finalist team! Though, it seemed like Amelia managed to get a spot as well.

It was only natural, as the entire existence of the national battles was to create the strongest team in the USA.

However, each country could only have a team made of ten bloodliners.

This meant, it was extremely difficult for the government to create a team, which was packed with only the best bloodliners in the country.

To do so, they needed more time and resources.

Unfortunately, they lacked both in the present time.

The World representative battle was about to start in two months exactly.

In other words, the tournament had to be wrapped up as fast as possible but still giving them good candidates.

Felix, Johnson, Noah, Kenny, and even Olivia, gave a performance noteworthy to be in the national team.

However, Sarah and the rest of the team didn\'t really do much even when the opportunity was given to them.

When compared with Adam, who had an epic bloodline and destroyed two battles alone, or Walton, who was the only bloodliner in the tournament with aviation ability, of course, Sarah and the four commoners would appear lacking.

Regardless, the government couldn\'t just replace them with those better than them when they were the champions of the tournament.

That was just a plain stupid decision that would offend a lot of people.

That being said, adding those four captains as \'substitutions\' for the team would make no one upset, except for Sarah and the rest, who were definitely going to be replaced if they performed subpar in the upcoming preparation camp.

Felix knew all of this, even though he never actually made it to the national team in his previous life.

That\'s because he watched on TV, the national team having the four added commoners in the Hilton team get replaced by those captains!

It created quite an outrage in the country, which Felix somewhat remembered.

The only thing that changed in this time-line was the champion team and the members, who were at risk of getting replaced.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Based on Sarah and those four commoners\' frustrated expressions, they also figured out as much after getting informed by Mr.

Jones about the addition of those four captains.

I hope I am not interrupting anything. Felix gave a polite nod to Mr.

Jones while walking towards his teammates.

We were actually just waiting for you so we can start. Mr.

Jones said smiling.

I apologize if I kept you waiting. Well mannered, Felix nodded his head slightly.

Don\'t mention it. Mr.

Jones pointed with his hand at the three captains and said, As I told your teammates before.

Those captains are going to join the team as substitutes.

After all, we can\'t risk sending 9 or 8 to represent us if something happens to the main team during those two months. He asked, Do you any opinion about this

Sarah and the four commoners all looked at Felix with a hopeful gaze, clearly wishing that he reject the proposition as the captain of the team or at least show that he wasn\'t in favor of adding them.

Sadly, one word from Felix removed those wishful thoughts from their minds.


In Felix\'s eyes, adding them or not, he didn\'t give a **.

He wasn\'t the one affected by them but Sarah and the four commoners.

Felix wasn\'t interested in being their babysitter even outside of the arena.

In other words, it was their own problem to solve not his.

Want to stay in the main team Simple, perform better than those captains.

That\'s good. Mr.

Jones sighed in relief after hearing his response.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._50373118425882610 for visiting.

Honestly, if Felix said he wanted them out, he would be put in a pinch.

Felix was currently too important in the team and for the country.


Jones had no issue giving up on those four captains, just to keep Felix in the team.

Felix demolishing the Hiltons with one finger snap was still fresh in his mind.

Now that everyone is here, let\'s dive right into the main course. Mr.

Jones looked at them with a stern expression and said, In three days, you guys are going to be sent to Florida state\'s camp.

You will remain there for two months until we come and take you to Germany when the world battles are going to be hosted.

Why Germany Walton asked what was on everyone\'s mind.

The bastards won the hosting rights by drawing. Mr.

Jones let out an exasperated sigh.

Felix chuckled at his crestfallen expression.

He knew that ESGO might be an international Organization, but each branch in a country was more inclined to support its soil.

Thus, for Germany to get the hosting right for the first and biggest event that would be written in history and spoken about for hundreds of years ahead, neither Mr.

Jones nor the president was feeling good about it in the slightest.

No more questions. Mr.

Jones waved his hand and carried on, The camp is going to be mainly targeting preparation for the battles.

For example, learning and studying about your strongest opponents by watching their national tournaments vods, building appropriate battle formations and synergies, and lastly sparring between each other to keep you always on your toes.

The moment Mr.

Jones mentioned sparring, Sarah, and the commoners flinched while Amelia and the rest of the captains showed enigmatic smiles.

But most importantly, the camp\'s existence is to protect you. Those smiles were wiped off their faces at hearing Mr.

Jones\'s warning, The moment you made it to the national team, all of you became a target to other countries.

We want to keep you together in one place to facilitate protecting you during those two months.

As long as you made it to the world battles safely, no one would dare target you anymore.

Just as Nathan wanted to speak, Mr.

Jones interrupted him, Don\'t ask about why they want you dead.

Figure it out by yourself. He looked at them right in the eyes and said sternly, Don\'t make me regret giving you those three days to pack up and tie loose ends before you depart.

They may not try to assassinate any of you, but still, stay indoors the entire period until we send a bus to pick you up. He warned.

A bus! Everyone exclaimed out loud.

What You never took one in your life before He scoffed, We are not taking you by plane or military helicopters as the camp is only half an hour away by car. He added, Plus, you will be accompanied by two armored vehicles filled with armed soldiers, which will ensure your safety in case a fool decided to attack. He shook his head, Though, you have nothing to worry about.

No one has the balls to pull such a public assassination attempt while under heavy protection.

They will only dare to aim at you under one condition.

That was being isolated without our protection.

He looked at Felix in his eyes and said, Especially you! After that showing, they will have close eyes on you during those three days.

The moment you let your guard down, they will not hesitate to jump on you.

I believe that Mr.

president already mentioned those things to you.

Indeed. Felix nodded his head.

Good. Mr.

Jones clapped his hands twice and displayed his known kind elderly smile, I will have to go now.

I am afraid I won\'t be accompanying you to the camp.

But, you don\'t have to worry.

You will be placed in good hands.

Everyone stood up after hearing so.

They gave him a respectful head bow while saying, Thank you for your time.

Don\'t create trouble in the camp. Satisfied, Mr.

Jones let one last remake before leaving through the door.

He was a busy man and had no time on his plate to babysit them in every step.

It was already a huge deal that he was the one, who to stayed to explain to them the details of the camp.


The moment the door was closed shut, Amelia and Walton turned their heads towards Felix, giving him complex looks.

They wanted to introduce themselves properly as they were going to stay together for two months, whether they like it or not.

But after what happened to Adam, they were a bit scared to approach him.

They heard from their elders that Adam\'s stomach was completely raptured and he was currently in the clinic getting the needed medical attention to fix him up.

That\'s what they believed.

But honestly, the moment Felix entered the room and didn\'t see Adam, he knew that he was feigning injury to avoid meeting him face to face, as it was impossible for Hiltons to not have a rejuvenation potion.

Let\'s go, the elders are waiting for us in the parking lot. Felix said while walking towards the door.

The rest of the team swiftly followed after him, leaving those captains all alone in the lounge.

Unfortunately for them, Felix clearly had no intentions to befriend them.


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