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Three days later, 07:00 AM...

In front of the Hotel\'s entrance, Felix was standing with his teammates, each having a suitcase placed beside them.

All of them were wearing thick clothes as the morning wind was too much to handle even for them.

The elders were also waiting with them for the bus to arrive.

They were already informed that it would arrive in two minutes or so.

Is that the Maxwell team A passerby murmured to himself after spotting Felix and the rest.

Just as he wanted to approach them and ask for a signature, he received an impolite glare from one of the ten burly bodyguards, who were circling the team in a protective formation.

\'So scary.\' The passerby lowered his head and increased his walking speed, completely removing any thoughts about approaching them.

Thankfully, the time chosen by the US organization was early in the morning, where the traffic was still not heavy in the city, and not a lot of pedestrians in the streets.

Otherwise, Felix and the rest would have been stormed by fans, not giving a ** about the bodyguards.

Specifically, Felix after his latest display in the final.

His popularity already exploded on the internet during those three days, making him a shooting star.

The National team battle hype might have faded a bit, but the hype for Felix was just starting.

His pictures, videos, and highlights about him were all being shared on the internet in a noticeable manner.

Especially, when he snapped his finger, making the Hiltons faint within an instant.

His finger snap was already turned into an iconic \'GIF\' and a meme, getting used widely as a templet for everything.

If Felix had a social account or bothered to create one, he would have gotten ten million followers in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately for them, Felix had no interest in social media even when Earth was still in the modern Era.

Vroom! Vroom!

After waiting for three minutes, Felix lifted his head after hearing the loud engine sound of the bus getting closer and closer.

\'Uhm They really sent armored vehicles.\' Speechless, he looked at two armored army jeeps, which were packed with soldiers, surrounded the bus from the beck and the front.

Shortly after, the bus stopped right in front of the team.

Felix lifted his head and saw that Amelia, Walton, and Lena, were looking at them from the window.

\'Hm Adam still didn\'t come\' Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise.

He didn\'t think that Adam was still actively avoiding him even after three days had passed.

It was a bit weird in his eyes.


\'Whatever.\' The moment Felix saw that the bus door opened up, he stopped bothering about the matter and focused on the soldiers, who were getting out of the two vehicles in an organized manner.

All of them were carrying firearms, making the few pedestrians take out their phones and start recording instead of leaving.

Good morning.

I am Charles the captain of the squad responsible for the team\'s safety on the road. Said a tanned middle-aged man with an orange mustache while offering a handshake to the elders.

We appreciate the effort. Abraham smiled as he shook his hand.

Charles nodded his head and gestured with his hand for the team to ride the bus.

Please get it, the instructor is waiting for you in the camp.

After hearing so, Felix picked up his suitcase and went inside the bus.

The moment he stepped inside, he knitted his eyebrows in confusion at the sight of the driver.

The driver was wearing a hat and had his head lowered, making Felix only see the side of his face.

However, he felt like he saw him before, he just couldn\'t remember.

\'Asna can..\'

\'Forget it.\' She said lazily.

\'Tsk.\' Felix clicked his tongue in annoyance and moved on, letting the rest of his team enter as well.

He looked around and saw that there were 2 soldiers sitting at the back of the bus.

As for Amelia and the rest They were sitting next to each other in the right seating area.

Felix sat in the opposite area from them after storing his suitcase in the overhead bin.

Felix, little help! Olivia requested with a smile while holding a grey suitcase in her arms.

She was too short to reach the bin.

Felix took it from her hands and stored it next to his.

He then reseated himself next to the window.

Thank you. Olivia said while removing her scarf.

She folded it and held it in her arms while sitting next to him.

After a while, the silent bus regained a bit of vigor after everyone seated themselves.

The door of the bus closed shut, leaving Charles and the elders outside.

MOVE OUT! Charles ordered out loud while heading towards the front vehicle.

The moment the order was given, the driver turned on the engine and drove behind the armored vehicle, leaving 6 meters between them.

After seeing that the bus was moving, Felix decided to take a quick nap until they reach the camp.

Even if the bus drove at its fastest speed while being on the highway, it would still take 45 minutes to reach the camp.

Oli, wake me up when we stop. He requested while closing his eyes shut.

Okey. Olivia answered absent-mindedly while having a hologram before her, displaying a movie.

It wasn\'t just her with a hologram as everyone in the bus was either watching, playing, or having their eyes closed, probably inside the UVR.

The craze for getting an AP bracelet was still raging in everyone\'s heart, especially those four commoners, who never had a chance to get one this early if it wasn\'t for Felix picking them up in his team.

They really got carried throughout the entire tournament, and they were grateful to Felix for it.

The driver gazed at the laid-back attitude Felix and the rest had, with a hint of disappointment Soon, he sighed and refocused on the road, merging with the few cars on the highway.


25 minutes later, the peaceful atmosphere in the bus was destroyed by the loud noise of gunfire!

One of the two soldiers shouted loudly, EVERYONE WAKE UP! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!

The moment Felix\'s ears picked the word attack, his eyes were snapped open, as he gazed at everything around him with his vigilance raised to the peak.

Soon, he found out that Olivia had her hand on his shoulder, planning to wake him up.

What happened

Bewildered, he asked her while looking at the soldiers, pointing their guns from a small opening at three dark armored vehicles approaching the bus rapidly.

He couldn\'t see everything as the soldiers were blocking the back windows of the bus.

However, the sound of the gunfire traded between the army vehicle and those three dark vehicles were loud enough to let him understand that it wasn\'t a drill or joke.


Before Olivia could answer, the army vehicle, which was sandwiched in the middle of the assailants, exploded into a fire mushroom, killing all the soldiers within it!


Boiling mad, The soldiers in the bus immediately opened fire, making Olivia and the rest close their ears by the loud sound of the gunfire in such a closed-up space.

After all, not a single window was opened in fear of a member of the team getting sniped.

As for the glass strength It was of course bulletproof, as Mr.

Jones wasn\'t stupid to send them in a normal civilian bus.

Keep your head low at all the time. Felix stood up while ordering Olivia with a stern expression.

Where are you going Worried, She asked after seeing him walking towards the front of the bus.

I will be back. He answered.

Felix didn\'t have a single ounce of belief that there was a country dumb enough to target the entire team in broad daylight instead of picking them out one by one.

Assassinating one bloodliner from a team was all fine and dandy, as the countries could easily replace him with another, but assassinating an entire team No one would be able to handle the outrage that would rise after.

Thus, Felix understood that this attack must be either from a country that had its leader going nuts or a personal attack aiming at him by the Hiltons!

He didn\'t reach this conclusion just by the sight of the three dark vehicles but by the fact, Adam wasn\'t with them on the bus!!!

He knew that his absence was strange, as he was certain that Adam wouldn\'t keep avoiding him even after three days.

He was too proud to do so.

However, Felix still had some doubts about his conclusion that could only be solved by asking the assailants directly!

Was this attack proposed by the Gama Organization after finding out that he had a legendary bloodline, or it was the doing of the Hiltons due to the way he humiliated their juniors under the world\'s eyes

He had to know, as the implication differs from one to the other.

GET DOWN RIGHT NOW! Riled up, the bus driver shouted, as he saw Felix standing right next to the bus\'s door.

Open the door please. Felix asked politely, unbothered by the approaching armored dark jeep from the right.

Felix looked to his left and saw that the last army vehicle, was slowing down its speed, so it could engage in the fight.

However, that would secure only the left side, as for the right It was completely exposed to the gunfire of the dark vehicle!

Speak of the devil and he shall appear, as the moment the five assailants in the jeep saw Felix standing at the door, they all pointed their guns at him.


Without hesitation, they immediately started firing at the door glass, emptying an entire mag on it yet still only leaving a few scratches on the glass.

Don\'t be a fool and get in your god damn seat! The driver ordered sternly after seeing that the assailants pulled back from the windows into their vehicle, probably wanting to reload their guns.

I don\'t like repeating myself. Felix looked at him frigidly and said, Open the door or I will break it.

After seeing his serious gaze, the driver knew that Felix wasn\'t messing around.

He swiftly opened the door while saying, Be careful of the bullets, awakeners or commoners, we are all equals against the...


Two bullets from a handgun immediately collided with Felix\'s shoulder and thigh before the driver could even finish his warning.

The driver of the assailants\' jeep was the one shouting Felix, as the rest were reloading their guns.

Felix staggered one step behind and...That was it.

He simply massaged his shoulder while moving near the edge of the door.

Lucky for you, I am not a regular awakener! Felix said calmly with his back facing the dumbfounded driver.


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