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5 minutes later...

Felix was sitting on his bed while examining a small spherical potion that had a logo branded on its lid, appearing as \'\'.

He knew that was Madam Hala\'s logo, which she put on all of her successful potions and substances in order to make her reputation reach far and wide.

He didn\'t understand what it stands for as it was written in the Witch Race\'s language.

He had no intention to ask the Queen about it as he was too eager to open the potion and drink the creamy white content inside of it.

\'Here we go.\'

A bit nervous, Felix unsealed the lid, which resembled an old wine bottle\'s lid.

Immediately after opening it up Felix brought the potion near his nose and took a deep breath in intoxication, smelling its enticing fragrance.

Though, Felix honestly didn\'t know if its smell was that good or was it just the smell of 1 billion SC and 26K GP all put in one tiny bottle.

A couple of seconds later, Felix put the bottle on his lips while closing his eyes shut.

He knew that the process of unlocking another element wasn\'t going to be in an instant but take a couple of minutes to even an hour or so.

It was better to be quick about it as the daily team\'s practice was going to start in three hours.

Gulp! Gulp!

Felix drunk everything with two gulps, not letting a single drop wasted.

If the opening of the potion wasn\'t small, he would have put his tongue inside and started licking the glass, uncaring about Asna shaming him for it.

Based on the instructions I read, the potion\'s effect won\'t kick off until a minute later. Felix murmured while glancing at the time.

Please be a good uncommon element, please be a good uncommon element... With nothing to do in that 60 seconds, Felix kept chanting with his hands folded.

Well, since Felix used the Uncommon Elemental Flower as an ingredient, it meant that he was going to have a chance to awaken one element either from common elements, such as fire, water, wind, lightning...etc or uncommon element, such as sound, ice, Magma, fog, darkness, shadow, light...etc

If he used All-Elemental Flower, rare elements such as time, space, death, life, and such would have been added to the available options.

Honestly, even if Felix had that flower, he wouldn\'t use it for the potion, as he wasn\'t a retard to awaken another rare element just to keep it collecting dust like his illusion element.

It was better to focus on what was available instead of focusing on the best.

\'Oh, its starting!\'

After 60 seconds sharp, Felix smiled widely as he started feeling a gentle touch on every fiber of his being, the total opposite of awakening with a bloodline.

The reason bloodliners feel pain in the awakening or during integration was due to the fact their human genes get destroyed and replaced with beast\'s ones.

On the other hand, awakening an element doesn\'t destroy anything at all, as the potion\'s effect, simply tries to unseal one of the humans\' sealed affinities.

You see, humans just like all races had an affinity to every element in the universe no matter its grade.

However, during birth only one of them gets unsealed, leaving the rest sealed forever.

For some lucky individuals like Felix, Kenny, or Princess Bird, two elements get unsealed instead of one.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50559630870374619 for visiting.

Yet, the truly gifted ones were called triple elementalists as they were born with a whopping three elements!

That being said, being born with three or even ten elements was one thing, but having a good affinity rating for them was another.

No one would give a ** about a triple Elementalist if the three elements he had were all below 20% affinity rating, as he would still struggle with integration due to the long cooldown.

So, having more elements didn\'t mean anything if one wasn\'t able to increase his affinity rating.

Felix, who was currently in the process of unsealing an element was going to have only 1% after the process finishes!

This meant he would need to raise it just like he did with the poison element if he wanted to use it for the first stage of replacement.

Thankfully with Asna, that wouldn\'t be hard, as he would simply require energy stones to achieve so.


Half an hour later...

Relaxed and peaceful, Felix had his eyes closed shut with a pleasant smile on his face, clearly enjoying the feeling of being caressed.

Unfortunately for him, the feeling started withdrawing slowly until only a feeling of emptiness was left behind.

Sigh, that ended a bit too soon. Dejected, Felix opened his eyes while stretching his arms behind his back.

This was the first time ever that he drunk a potion that was sold with 5 billion SC , and he gotta say, it wasn\'t a bad experience.

Time to see the new element. Felix looked at his bracelet with a gaze filled with anticipation.

He took a deep breath and requested the Queen to scan his body.

Race: Human, Gender: Male, Element affinity: Poison, Illusion, Sand, Affinity rating: 100%, 12%, 1% respectively.

Sand Not bad. Felix nodded his head in satisfaction.

He honestly would have reacted the same to any uncommon element he awakened.

After all, he didn\'t pay 350 million to get a common element.

Asna do you know the sand primogenitor species Felix suddenly asked.

Nope. She clarified, We might have been born at the beginning of the universe, but our races never interacted or bothered each other.

I only know about their existence.

But their species and shapes I have no clue.

Sigh, how am I suppose to find it then The excitement of awakening a new element didn\'t even take root before Felix got smacked by the reality that he had absolutely no f*cking clue, which species should he start buying.

Damn it, I got pretty lucky last time with the Jörmungandr. Felix scratched his chin while thinking of the time of his awakening.

If it wasn\'t for Asna finding the Jörmungandr\'s essence, Felix would have continued with his awakening without having a single clue about the primogenitors.

However, now even though he knew about them, how was he supposed to find the sand primogenitor, when he didn\'t know which species should he target Was it reptiles, insects, felines, birds...etc

Asna, do I really need the same species as the primogenitor to get the essence He asked with a ray of hope in his eyes.

Not really. She explained, You can find Jörmungandr essence even in other poisonous species.

However, efficiency won\'t be as good as using the same species\' forefather.

Good! I just need to find it once, and at that time you can read the bloodline memories and see its species. Felix said, smiling.

\'That will work. Asna nodded her head.

After making a plan to tackle this issue, Felix opened his bank account wanting to check on his balance.

This strategy was going to need a quite large sum of coins to pull off since he needed to buy a lot of bloodlines from every species that had sand elements.

Pfffff! Welcome to the broke gang! Asna immediately laughed out loud after seeing only dirt and dust in his bank account.

From a billion to a million. Saddened, Felix touched the last remaining million with his eyes getting a bit watery.

Well, what did he expect, when he was spending his coins by hundreds of millions every time he needed to pay for something

If it wasn\'t for the movie >Human MelodiesTi-ring!


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