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Killa replied to all of his questions at once as well, by answering both the first and second question together, since they were connected.

He explained that earthlings\' currencies were not useless inside the UVR.

As if they managed to make their planet unique somehow, it would draw people\'s attention towards them and trade their Supremacy Coins, which was the common currency in the alliance with theirs.

The trade between the currencies would depend on how earthlings managed their planet\'s popularity.

The easiest and fastest way to do so was by participating in the Games and getting a good ranking.

But that was just an overall solution for the planet, as for individuals, families, companies, or such, they could just invest in business opportunities in the UVR, using loans.

He quickly moved on to the AP bracelets situation.

He clarified that their planet would get a 60% discount on their first year of purchase from any shop they visited, as this was part of the SGA rules.

He pointed his finger at Jacob\'s bracelet and told him to take it with him and use it to purchase the rest of the bracelets.

As for your last question, I am afraid that we humans can\'t use their power systems and paths. Just as Jacob was about to sigh in disappointment, he heard Killa continue proudly, But we have our self created path to gain the same powers, and we call it Bloodline Integration System.

Jacob opened his mouth planning to ask eagerly about it, but Killa didn\'t let him do so as he explained that all of the information concerning the bloodline system, Clans, Beasts, and more basic knowledge could be all explained by the Queen AI.

After answering all of Jacob\'s questions, Killa decided to give him a brownie, since he quite loved the gentle atmosphere of the planet.

I suggest for you guys to allow the Queen AI to get all the data about your planet.

As she will trade SC based on the useful data she collected from the information you gave her.

Jacob did his 90-degree bow with his hands raised above his hand in peace signs and said emotionally.

Honestly, we have nothing to pay you back on your grace.

The only thing I can say is that we will always keep your assistance and pieces of advice in our hearts.

Truly thank you for everything.

You have been the greatest invaders one can ask for.

Jacob already forgot the five million people who died seven days prior, as he bowed his head to Killa as no such thing had happened.

As a true bona fide politician, he sees only benefits, and at this point, he just wanted to make sure the Alexander\'s kingdom either becomes allies with them or at least keep the current situation the same.

So he had absolutely not a single thought in his mind to bring the misfortunes of those who died.

In his eyes, every sacrifice for the well being of mother earth was worth it.

Don\'t mention it, we did what we had to. Killa glanced at his bracelet and informed Jacob dejectedly,Sadly our time together has come to an end.

Our Interstellar coordinator device has been fixed, as well as the planting mission has been finished.

We need to carry on our journey.

He walked forward and shook Jacob hand firmly and said, Thank you for your hospitality, and we hope we can hear from you again when your planet officially joins the Alliance.

Jacob suddenly realized he had no Idea how to join the SGA.

So he quickly asked, How are we suppose to join them exactly

I thought you would never ask. Killa chuckled and answered, Its simple actually, just enter the UVR and tell the Queen AI that you want to join the alliance.

She will do the rest.

He suddenly snapped his finger and mentioned an important detail that sent a chill in Jacob\'s spine.

I suggest for you guys to rush the process, as the moment we found you, your coordination has been sold to the SGA and became public information.

Get inside the alliance fast for protection, lest you get invaded without questions asked by other kingdoms, as you already had been given your SGA rights by us.

Before Jacob could thank them again, Killa waved his hand and the black alloy caught Jacob legs and took him back to the gate, just like how it brought him.

Jacob didn\'t even complain as he was truly in a rush to return so he can join the Alliance and secure their safety.

Every second counts.


5 minutes later.....

Jacob was walking towards his helicopter with a hint of fear due the upcoming possible invasions and excitement for the future of his planet inside the UVR.

\'We were living in a peaceful fantasy, and it\'s time to wake up.\'

And fight for what\'s ours. he murmured while entering the helicopter.


In The United Nation meeting…

The presidents and kings, did not head back to their countries, rather they stayed here waiting for the arrival of the news.

Jacob spent 6 hours continuously speaking about what he saw, heard and obtained during his stay in the spaceship.

He showed them the information about the UVR and the SGA, using the holographic streaming feature in his bracelet that could stream everything inside the UVR with peak quality.

He already learned about every feature function and characteristics, during his flights.

The Presidents who saw and heard the same things he did, just watched with their jaw wide open and unblinking eyes at the unbelievable face of the universe, which they lived in like frogs.

Jacob this time did not stop at the history introduction but carried on to showcase all the free information about their race.

Ranging from how to integrate, to where the resources can be found and obtained.

After seeing all the information that was available, the meeting room went into chaos, as every president howled with excitement like youths towards a new Era.

An Era that could allow the commoners to live for more than five hundred years, and those who awakened to tens of thousands of years, depending on the beast bloodline they reached the peak with.

All of those world leaders were close to their death, as their ages ranged from forty to eighty.

They saw hope in the ways, humans, outside their planet, used to extend their longevity.

and they would do anything to obtain those methods no matter the cost.


10 minutes later...

Their excitement died down a bit, as they had more important things to discuss.

Jacob said through his microphone.

Please, it is not the time to think of the future, but the time to join the Supremacy Games Alliance.

Our coordination had become public and we could get attacked any moment now. He suggested, I believe it is a priority to start the process now.

The leaders soon stopped their conversations as they realized the severity of the situation.

The president of Russia supported him.

He is right, the sooner we finish the process, the faster we can decide the road forward, without fearing others attacking us.

After obtaining their approval, Jacob informed the Queen of his planet decision to join the SGA without entering the UVR.

Alright sir Jacob, to join the Alliance you simply have to sign this contract that will bind your planet to the SGA for eternity.

The conditions and terms are in the contract.

You can take as much time as possible to read it.

When you are ready to sign, just call me back.

Shortly after, A holographic contract that had over 2000 large pages materialized in front of Jacob and the leaders.

Just the colossal size of the contract, made them realize that to actually read it and find loopholes or unfair conditions.

Every Lawyer within the city, the meeting was being held at, must rush here ASAP.


14 hours later...

The leaders, who were sleeping in their chairs and some snorting with loud noises like pigs near their microphones, woke up by a thunderous cheer of celebration.

As more than 80 lawyers hugged and cheered after finishing reading this contract that burnt all of their brain cells, in the process of searching for any loopholes within.

The fate of the entire planet laid in their hands.

If they failed their jobs and missed an important detail.

They would be cursed for eternity.

The President of the Philippines rubbed his muddled eyes and asked, Did you guys finish Tell us about your findings quickly.

One of the Lawyers answered with respect in his eyes, as he stared at the contract like he was seeing a piece of art.

All I can say is that this is the most well-written contract I have ever seen in my forty years of experience in this field.

It has everything, terms which are important get highlighted, and every condition that is severed to the planet is dyed with red color, to not miss it.

As for the content, it will take a lot of time to explain.

The only thing we can share now is that this contract is solid without any major disadvantages for us.

I can name a few advantages.

Such as, when we join the Supremacy Games, we will be given two years of preparation before our first game.

Since our planet is still weak without a single bloodliner.

He paused to drink a sip of water, then continued, A second highlighted advantage is that we have a 60% discount on buying AP bracelets, as well as a 40% discount when buying beast bloodlines that do not surpass Tier 2 and rare rank for one year.

As for other resources, we only have a 20% discount.

Third advantage is that our planet has solid protection from any large scale invasions.

And even if a kingdom declared war on us, they won\'t dare to attack unless we actively accept their declaration.

And if we did so, we would lose Alliance protection and can only fight without a complainant.

He fixed his glasses and lifted his eyes from the small notebook he was reading from and said lastly, Those are currently just three benefits from what we counted to be at least 15 benefits, and since we are in a rush of time, I will mention them later.

For now, I will leave you to decide if we are going to sign or not.

The leaders did not need to cast a vote.

All they did was look at each other and then nod their heads towards Jacob, a clear sign of approval.

Jacob didn\'t waste time as he immediately called for the Queen.

What is your decision, Sir Jacob

We choose to join; I will sign the contract in your presence now.

A pen suddenly materialized in the air in front of Jacob.

He took hold of it and used it to sign the contract using \'earthlings\' as a word.

Few seconds after he finished, the contract started to slowly burn as five artistic words appeared in front of everyone in the meeting hall.

Welcome To Supremacy Games Alliance.


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