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\'Not on my watch.\' Felix sneered as he created two mustard yellow bombs!

He removed the giant leaf and stood up, exposing himself to the players near him.

All of them felt a sudden chill course on their spine at the thought of being this close to the predator of the game without their knowledge!

They immediately jumped to another tree, putting as much distance as possible.

Though, they didn\'t leave as they were eager to watch the upcoming battle and see if they could take any advantage.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50694348962067844 for visiting.

They weren\'t the only ones eager, as Meliodas, who had Felix in his eyesight all the time, switched the camera from Rosanna to Felix, putting him back on the large screen.

Whoosh Whoosh!

The moment Felix appeared on the screen, he was shown throwing the yellow bombs at the Alliance formation, targeting the biggest cl.u.s.ter, which was behind Rosanna.

Poof poof!

Before the sound of the bombs approaching them could register in their mind, the bombs exploded right within their ranks, making those with horrifying reaction speed to hold their breaths reflexively while jumping backward, trying to leave the mustard yellow mist.

Fortunately for Felix, only two players reacted this way.

As for the affected three, who were in the contact zone they stood stiffly, completely paralyzed while feeling like the world was spinning around them.

That\'s right!

The mustard yellow bomb was a merged inducement created from combining paralyze and dizziness inducement!

Felix being at 84% integration plus with Asna\'s back-up energy, finally made him feel comfortable to use merged inducements without worrying too much about being cost-efficient.

Bloodriod, take care of him with your alliance! Displeased by having her pictures ruined, Rosanna ordered the warrior-like man while pointing her finger at Felix, who was rushing at them while holding two acid green bombs.

Consider it done.

Bloodriod and his alliance narrowed their eyes in focus and charged towards Felix, preparing to dodge the bombs at any moment.

Too bad, Felix was never aiming at them!

Poof poof!

Abruptly! Two acid green bombs exploded exactly on the Crown, encasing it in a green misty cloud!

Rosanna\'s expression turned unsightly as she was forced to back away from the Crown, not daring to have her skin touched by the acid.

Now, even if she wanted to hold the Crown, she had no way to approach it unless she had an ability that could protect her against the corrosion.

Bastard! Infuriated, she gritted her teeth while glaring at Felix, who escaped the moment he threw those bombs, dragging with him Bloodriod and his alliance.

After seeing that she lost half of her army, while the other half had most of its members poisoned, Biohunter\'s eyes lighted up as he ordered, GO GO! Kill everyone but her! She is worth more alive!

Don\'t let anymore approach the Crown!

Kill whoever you see!

The rest of the alliances and partnersh.i.p.s hidden in the area, all started to leave their shell as well, aiming unsurprisingly not at the Crown but at each other!

All of this was part of Felix\'s plan!

He understood that making the first move was all he needed for the fuse to light up and make the situation descend into a one for all chaotic battle!

The only reason no one made a move before was because the alliances\' leaders were not trusting in each other to combine their strengths and attack at once.

No one dared to make the first move as he would be attracting the most attention and hate.

Seeing Felix jumping from a tree to another while being chased by bloodriod and his alliance was enough proof.

Don\'t lag behind! Bloodriod ordered his allies as he kept swinging his heavy sword at the giant leaves, which were blocking his sight from spotting Felix.

The spectators noticed that Felix\'s speed was strangely slower than he displayed when he chased down HeavyMetal.

They believed that based on those six players\' speed, Felix should have been out of their sight by now.

Yet, there was always 40 meters or so between them that couldn\'t be bridged no matter how hard Bloodriod and his allies pushed themselves.

This carried on until five kilometers was put between them and the Crown.

\'I think I am far enough.\' Felix glanced behind him with a hidden glint while slowing down his speed gradually until he finally entered the attacking range of the elemental rangers.

Scatter Sand! Bloodriod shouted as he aimed his palm at Felix\'s back, releasing sand blasts, which started to split into multiple fragments! The rest of his allies each used an elemental ability, showering Felix at the same time!

Phew! Phew! Whoosh!...

Without turning his head and checking on the approaching salvo of elemental abilities, Felix bent his knees on the branch he was on and hurled himself to a dangling thin tree branch, catching it with his arms!

Due to his great momentum, the thin branch swung Felix away from the impact zone!

Boom! bam!...

Without losing composure by the loud explosions behind him, Felix let go of the thin branch after reaching its peak velocity, making him fly into another tree branch!

Since he was swung in a weird position, he did a backflip in the air to make his feet be the first to touch the branch.


After landing, he rolled two times and crouched on the branch for a second before standing up and starting to dust his clothes.


The spectators cheered after seeing such a fine maneuver, that made their blood boil in excitement.

Strangely, they weren\'t the only ones excited as Bloodriod and his allies kept gazing at Felix with an abnormal fervor.

Felix grinned faintly at those looks, as he knew what they were aiming for.

\'Hehe, they are looking at you like a piece of gold.\' Asna said in amus.e.m.e.nt while taking large sips from a can of coke.

Want my head for the bounty Indifferent, Felix asked out loud while having his hands in his hoodie\'s pockets, hiding two pitch-black bombs!

If it wasn\'t for it, I wouldn\'t have dared to hunt you. Bloodriod looked at Felix with a stoic expression, But the 500 million on your head is too much to pass by.

In 30 seconds, you will change your mind. Felix snickered as he snapped his finger, engulfing himself with a white aura, hindering their vision.

Cikao, MoonSight, go block his retreat path! After seeing that Felix wasn\'t planning on running anymore, Bloodriod decided to surround him first before collapsing on him from all sides.

However, The two players had an unwilling expression as they kept gazing at the white aura without blinking.

\'Greedy morons!\' Bloodriod understood what was on their minds.

They were worried that after they leave, Felix would have already gotten killed by Bloodriod and the rest.

Based on their alliance\'s contract, those without contribution wouldn\'t get any part of the reward!

The bounty will be split evenly! Bloodriod shouted, SO MOVE YOUR F*CKING ASSES!

Cikao and Moon Sight stopped hesitating any further after hearing so.

They gave Felix one last glance and went both in one direction.

However, the moment they jumped on a tree that had fewer leaves than the rest, two pitch-black bombs rushed from the white mist, heading in their direction!!

Poof Poof!

just like they were hit by homing missiles, one bomb exploded half a meter above the head of Cikao while the other exploded in front of Moon Sight!

Scared **less, they both held their breath as they guarded their skin against black inducement.

Alas, it was already too late, as all it took was a single particle touching them, and the 20 inducements started raging inside their bodies and minds.

It didn\'t take even a split second before their bodies started to disintegrate into black particles, drifting by the wind and utterly disappearing from existence.

The sight was so mindblowing that the spectators and the players near Felix, all had their mouths left agape, too shocked to close it.

Bloodriod\'s hand, which was holding the heavy sword started to tremble, expressing his extreme fear at what he just witnessed.

He always believed just like everyone else that Felix\'s black inducement was usable only after he activates his ultimate ability.

This conclusion wasn\'t his own but belonging to the majority of supremacy games\' analytics in the network!

They watched and analyzed Felix\'s 2nd game frame by frame, second by second, and after seeing the numerous missed chances of Felix using the black inducement, they deduced that he wasn\'t able to use it without activating his ultimate ability first!

This gave the players in the game, who clearly done their homework on Felix, the belief that he would only use the black inducement when he gets heavily injured.

This conclusion might not sound that convincing, but it was the only logical explanation that could be extracted from the available information about Felix in the network.

So, neither Bloodriod, the players, nor the spectators anticipated the emergence of the black inducement this early in the game!

Stop clowning around in my presence. Felix\'s nonchalant voice resounded from within the white aura, breaking everyone from their daze.

Come at me all at once. Felix smirked while snapping his finger, removing the white aura, My time is too precious to waste on you idiots.


Wait, what

Unfortunately for Felix, his taunt didn\'t make the players as humiliated and mad as he anticipated.

Instead, from the remaining four players, three turned around and bolted as fast as possible with horrified expressions like they just saw the devil himself.

The only one, who was left behind was Bloodriod, who kept gazing at Felix without blinking his eyes even once.

Sigh, I guess it\'s just me and you Mr.

Blood. Felix looked at Bloodriod in his eyes and praised him, At least, you are a man enough to figh...


Before Felix could finish expressing his approval for Bloodriod, his lips started twitching at the sight of him breaking down into sand particles, drifting into the air, making him feel like a retard talking to himself.

The f*cker wasn\'t even here in his real body!

\'Pfffffff! Cough! Cough!\' Asna immediately spew a shower of cola from her mouth and nose as she tried to laugh while gulping down a mouthful.

Yet, even with cola dripping down her nose and tearful eyes, she was still laughing out loud at Felix, making his irritation increase threefolds after what just happened.

He didn\'t think that his black inducement would scare everyone into bailing away, not caring anymore about the fat bounty on his head.

\'F*ck me, I should have downplayed my strength more!\' Felix could only cry in his mind as he chased after them five times the speed he was escaping with before!

The sight of him approaching with such a dastardly speed scared the ** out of the players.

By now, they already figured that Felix wanted to bait them away from the main battlefield to take care of them all at once without hindrance!

SPLIT UP! Terrified, one of them shouted as he turned right, leaving his allies\' formation.

The rest figured that his plan was truly the best one.

Thus each chose a direction and hoped that the predator behind them, chose one of their allies instead of them.

Since you proposed it, you will be the first. Peeved, Felix ignored the rest and chased after the player, who took the right direction.

He truly should have kept his mouth shut and escaped as one herd.

Alas, it was already too late for regrets after getting marked by Felix.


Now Only his pained screams resounded in the forest, making the rest of the players sweat buckets down their chins.


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