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10 minutes later...

The camp was cleaned up and brought back in shape.

Olivia had already finished healing everyone and was currently taking a breather near a newly made fire camp.

Since the moment Felix entered his tent, he didn\'t leave it for even once.

Dale kept glancing enviously at his tent, knowing that he was probably inside the UVR.

As he assumed, Felix was truly sitting in the living room of his house, dialing Goati for the 3rd time to check if he had anything in stock yet.

When he contacted him the first time, he was told by Goati that bottles were still on their way to his shop in the real world, and they would be arriving four to five days later with the rest of his shipments.

Felix already called him yesterday but found nothing, and he was hoping that today might be different.

After all, he was left with only 13% before reaching the origin purity, and Felix wanted to reach 96% as fast as possible and see Jörmungandr\'s memories in order to find a solution for his dilemma.


Where are my bottles Felix straight away asked.

Instead of responding, Goati asked, Are you ready to pay your debt for the previous four bottles 

Tsk, I will wire it now. Felix clicked his tongue in irritation as he sent 790 million SC all at once, reducing his capital to merely 700 million or so.

Hehe, and the payment for the upcoming three bottles Goati chuckled in delight as he asked.

The usual method. Felix said, implying a three months delay.

Hearing so, Goati immediately sent him the serial code for the three bottles and hung up.

Unbothered, Felix dialed Bodidi\'s number.

After waiting for a few seconds, the call went through.

Felix informed him about the bottles and potions, which he bought five days before.

After getting the shipment fees for them, Felix wired it and gave him the same coordination as before, telling him to bring him his stuff there in the usual three days.


The moment he received a confirmation, Felix hung up and logged out of the UVR.

He only entered to make those calls as he didn\'t want his voice to be heard in the tent or to use the Queen\'s messaging system.

A few moments later, he unzipped the tent and went outside.

He looked around him and noticed that everyone was trying their best to fix the ruined tents.

Unfortunately for Olivia, the big tent she was on before was utterly destroyed, making her homeless just like her tentmates. 

Did the instructor say anything Felix asked while approaching them.

He mentioned that we won\'t get ambushed for the rest of the duration and we should just focus on gathering the flags. Nathan replied.

That\'s good. Felix nodded his head and started assisting them with fixing the tents.

Though only three of them were fixable as they had their sticks broken but the cloth still alright.

Felix and the rest simply took sticks from the tents which were burnt out and replaced the broken ones.

That being said, this made the camp have only two small tents and two medium-sized ones while they were fourteen in total.

The boys should sleep the next two days in the open. Johnson proposed while pointing at his miduim-sized tent, My tent can hold four at most.

Though, it will be a little bit tight.

Everyone turned their heads at Felix, wanting to see if he approves or not.

After all, his tent was counted as part of the remaining four.

Suit yourselves. Unbothered by the proposal, Felix shrugged his shoulder before jumping on a tree branch.

After leaning with his back against the trunk, he sat in a mediation position and closed his eyes.

The rest ignored this sight, as for the past five days, Felix always spent ten minutes sitting like that on a tree.

They assumed that he was mediating to clear out his mind, but in reality, Felix was currently receiving his daily affinity enhancement dose from Asna.

Since his body wasn\'t as trashy as in the early days, Felix was able to increase his intake of the sand purified energy, making him increase his affinity rating by 3% each day instead of 1.5%!

So far, he had reached a 24% affinity rating during the past eight days! If he continued like this, he would be at 100% in no time!

Though the purified sand energy was also getting reduced rapidly, and the 2500 high-grade stones or so, which he managed to gather with extreme difficulty, were not going to last him forever.

Ten minutes later...

\'Ah, such a pity.\' Felix sighed in dejected after noticing that the intensity of the euphoric feeling was getting weaker and weaker until he was back to normal.

\'Asna how much purified sand energy am I left with\' He asked while jumping down the tree.

\'Not a lot.\' She said, \'It\'s barely enough for three more enhancements.\'

\'I see.\' Felix thought while heading back to his tent, \'I guess it\'s time to check on Mr.

Igris\' investment results.\'Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=17669339406351905)/securing-10-000-high-grade-sand-stones!_%!d(string=51004709456112232) for visiting.


After a few rings, the call got connected.

Felix immediately asked Mr.

Igris, How many shares did you purchase

So far, 4.54% from Heavy Mining Industries. Mr.

Igris clarified, I am taking my time as the shares prices have gone up quite high after I purchased such a big amount all at once.

Felix looked at the list of five companies given to him by Jadie and realized that the company chosen by Mr.

Igris was the one Jadie had his shares in, and advised Felix to do the same before.

How many coins did you spend in total Felix asked.

160 million SC.

Alright, don\'t buy anymore, keep the 40 million for later investments. Felix paused for a second before asking, Is the series still on schedule

Unfortunately, no. Mr.

Igris clarified, I received news of a month delay due to the director wanting to refilm some scenes, which weren\'t to his liking.

I see. Felix said, Tell him to take all the time he needs, as long as he delivers the best performance.

Will do.

Which platform did you guys decide to air the series Felix suddenly asked after remembering that the platform he watched the series in his previous life wasn\'t really one of the best ones in the empire.

The first season would be aired empire-wide in Network Max platform. Mr.

Igris replied smugly.

You actually managed to sign a contract with them Felix asked with a hint of delight in his tone.

His joy was understandable, as that platform was the number one in the empire with the highest number of subscribers! 

Network Max was literally the Netflix of the Empire!

Felix understood that his series would make a killing than he expected! Heck, in his previous life, the series had gone viral in the empire, forcing the interested parties in watching it to pay the subscription fees to the platform it was on.

Literally, people were paying monthly fees just to keep watching one series.

That\'s how good it was.

Now, they were going to be put straight away in the spotlight right after the release! There wasn\'t even the need to waste buckets of money on marketing!

Felix couldn\'t imagine the number of coins he will be making!

Good **! I don\'t know how did you manage to pitch the series to such a behemoth, but I am extremely satisfied with your performance. Felix praised Mr.

Igris, not giving a crap about inflating his ego.

He did good and he deserved a little bit of love.

The fact that Mr.

Igris didn\'t call him even after securing such a good contract deal, just showed that he wasn\'t one to brag.

Thank you for the compliment, but it was a team effort. Mr.

Igris said, chuckling.

Felix sat up straight and said with a solemn tone, Listen well to what you need to do.

After the series gets aired and we get our revenue back, use one billion SC to invest in the Network Max platform.

Buy as much as you can, and never hesitate even if the stocks were too pricey!


It seems like you are expecting the series to make a killing and raise the platform\'s stocks market with it Mr.

Igris easily guessed.

Correct! Felix agreed, as there wasn\'t a need to hide from his investment manager.

He understood that whatever he was going to invest in, his manager was going to use his own money and follow in his footsteps.

Alright, I will be on it. Mr.

Igris said.

After receiving a confirmation, Felix said his goodbye and hung up.

Now that he dealt with the series situation, he went to Heavy Mining Industries\' website and used his UVR ID to log in.

The site wasn\'t open for the public but only for members of the company.

Since Mr.

Igris was bound with a contract to invest with Felix\'s ID and not his, Felix had those shares under his name, which made him gain access to the website.

Felix typed in the search bar of the site, >Elemental sand stones<

Soon, he was transferred to another tab, that was displaying all four grades of the stone with prices written next to them.

Surprisingly, there was actually a 10% discount on all of them, except for the peak-grade stones.

Felix wanted to press on the peak-grade stones but they seemed greyed up when compared to the rest.

He guessed that his access wasn\'t high enough to get priority on buying them.

Just as he assumed, he was shown that only the top ten shareholders of the company were allowed to buy a limited stock each month.

Felix knew that there should be high leveled sand Elementalists in those seatings, as peak-grade stones were a must for their energy recovery.

And being a shareholder of the company responsible for mining his element, was a much better method of getting them than competing in auctions.

Not that Felix cared about competing with them for those stones, as he simply wanted to get a 100% affinity rating before jumping out of this company\'s ship.

A minute later...

Felix finished buying the 10k stones that he needed and logged out of the website.

He immediately gave Bodidi a call and gave him the serial code of the entire shipment.

Since he was actually buying a lot at once, the weight smashed through the roof, making Felix cringe at the shipment fees.

Despite so, Felix just tightened his lips and pressed confirm on the order.

Right now, he was expecting, three bloodline bottles, tens of potions, tens of substances, and 10k stones in one delivery, reaching in three days.

With them, he expects to reach 70% affinity rating and 95% integration before the world\'s competition that was about to start 16 days from now.


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