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You are joking right Stupified, Felix couldn\'t help lose his composure and speak to the Jörmungandr in an informal language.

However, instead of getting displeased by his reaction, the Jörmungandr had actually started chuckling in a heartful manner!

This broke his sense of otherworldliness and the overbearing presence that he kept releasing naturally.

Child, I am afraid not. He shook his head slightly and said with a hint of depression, If I wanted to be alive, I wouldn\'t have died in the first place.

Seeing that the Jörmungandr was opening up, breaking the tense atmosphere, Felix stopped worrying about getting killed by one mean gaze.

He created a chair and sat on it before proceeding to ask in doubt, Why would you wish for death then

Not responding, the Jörmungandr simply kept gazing at the ceiling in an absent-manner.

Seconds went by then minutes.

Asna took advantage of his daze and sneaked inside, sitting right next to Felix.

She created handcuffs and linked her wrist with Felix\'s.

We are in this together. She whispered while giving him a thumbs-up, making him look at her speechlessly.

Though, he didn\'t object or scold her for disobeying Jörmungandr\'s instructions.

He simply kept focusing on the World Serpent, who clearly was lost in his own memories.

Felix didn\'t know if the Jörmungandr had all of his memories intact even while being simply a tiny consciousness from the main one, or he only had bits and pieces like them, making it difficult for him to recall what he wanted.

Honestly, Felix hoped that the former would the one, as the Jörmungandr with all of his memories could answer some of his inquires if he was in the mood.

Three minutes later...

The Jörmungandr\'s dazed violet eyes regained their colors back as he let out a long exhale through his nostrils.

Child, what do you think will be the number one reason why immortality can turn from bliss to a curse Ignoring Asna, who was glaring at him defiantly, the Jörmungandr asked Felix calmy.

How would I know Felix smiled bitterly, I never lived past the age of forty.

Immortality It is still just a fantasy of mine.

Felix would rather express his ignorance on the matter than feed the Jörmungandr some bull** answer, such as loneliness, not having a lover or a companion, when he never experienced any of the mentioned.

The Jörmungandr nodded his head in praise, There is nothing wrong with not knowing, as long as you are willing to learn.

I am willing to learn. Felix said, very serious.

Pleased, the Jörmungandr smiled faintly and answered his own question, It\'s the lack of purpose!

Bewildered, Felix couldn\'t help but mention, Wasn\'t your purpose to control and manage the poison element and its users in the universe

Although Felix did hear Jörmungandr\'s last words before his death, he always believed that he was implying a new purpose or goal that could ease the boredom of eternity.

He believed so because Asna told him that the primogenitors\' purpose was to control and manage the elements after his awakening.

Who told you such nonsense The Jörmungandr asked in surprise.

Nonsense Startled, Felix turned to Asna and asked in irritation, Were you lying to me before or what

Felix had to ask as currently most of the information about the primogenitors was from Asna.

Yet, the Jörmungandr clearly denied the truthfulness of her proclamations.

If he denied one, couldn\'t he deny the rest like the beasts having abilities was due to the primogenitors

Abashed, Asna coiled a lock of hair around her finger as she murmured, The information that I gave you was from the memories of the people that I possessed in my previous life.

How would I know if it was true or false

Hearing so, Felix recognized that he was mistaken about Asna for a very long time!

He always believed that the information, which she was feeding him, was from the elders of her race, informing her about the secrets of the universe!

Thus, he rarely doubted anything that she told him as he thought that the elders in her race, wouldn\'t have false information.

But now The truth was out!

Asna was f*cking relying on the memories of the possessed souls, who invaded her prison!

They were in the millions!

This meant, their information might not be intact and simply based on rumors!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=17669339406351905)/wrong-information._%!d(string=51117948684784050) for visiting.

Reading his thoughts, she huffed in dissatisfaction, I am not stupid to not be able to differentiate between a fact and a rumor!

Before Felix could start bickering with her again, the Jörmungandr interrupted them, The primogenitors\' purpose in life wasn\'t to manage the elements.

But, most of us chose to do so as we were simply bored. He sighed, We were given unprecedented strength by the universe, but we were left free to roam and do as we please with it.

\'No wonder!\' Felix figured out the rest by himself, as it was obvious that most of the primogenitors chose to attach themselves with the mortal affairs to relieve their boredom like the Jörmungandr.

They created races, empires, and civilizations over the years while roaming the cosmos seeking an answer for the purpose of their existence!

However, the mortals didn\'t know about any of this, and that made them assume that the primogenitors were created by the universe to control the elements and manage them!

This misunderstanding kept being passed down from one generation into the other over the long period of years until the year someone paid Asna a \'visit\' in her prison and relayed it to her!

In a sense, Asna was just as ignorant as Felix about the primogenitors and their matters.

At this point, god knows what else could be wrong.

So did you find your purpose Felix asked.

If I did, I wouldn\'t have given up on life and decided to end everything with one final battle against my greatest rival and friend, Thor. The Jörmungandr sighed with a depressed expression.

No wonder Thor referred to the Jörmungandr as his brother during his last words!!

Felix perceived them as arch-enemies before since the three half-lings in the memories literally said so and the Jörmungandr didn\'t object!

But, it seemed like he got it all wrong just like their worshipers!

Thor and the Jörmungandr shared an extremely close relationship between them, which honestly made more sense than being arch-enemies in Felix\'s eyes.

He always felt like it was a bit peculiar for beings like the Jörmungandr and Thor to actually kill each other due to conflicts between their worshipers.

It just didn\'t make any sense for beings, who lived for billions of years to end up dead eventually for worthless mortals.

Felix could understand fighting but dying That was too extreme.

This applied to all of the primogenitors!

In other words, their disappearance from the face of the universe had nothing to do with mortal affairs.

Only now did he understood that their disappearance had a relation to seeking their purpose of life!

For Jörmungandr and Thor, they had decided to end their lives together in one final epic battle, as they couldn\'t handle living such a meaningless life any further.

As for the rest of the primogenitors Felix honestly had no idea if they chose the same method by fighting to the death or simply decided to slumber and hide in the corner of the universe, unnoticed by anyone.

Whatever it was, all of the primogenitors seemed to suffer from what the Jörmungandr went through.

Their inactiveness in the previous Eras had just further enhanced this conclusion.

Who would have thought that a single negative emotion would be the cause of the primogenitors\' disappearance

Just here on earth, normal people decide to suicide after 15 years or above due to depression, sourcing from issues on their lives, betrayals, feelings of lostness, living without a purpose, and many more.

Meanwhile, the primogenitors were experiencing that destructive depression for billions of years!

No one could fathom such a long long period of time, and Felix honestly believed that he would have killed himself if he only lived for one million years without a purpose or a goal to achieve.

Depression is truly the vilest poison in the universe that had very few antidots to its obnoxious effects. Felix smiled bitterly as he said, Elder, I can\'t fathom what you have gone through to give up on your life before.

But, I do hope that you consider living through this 2nd chance of life.

What is the point The Jörmungandr shook his head with a hint of acceptance in his eyes, I failed to find the purpose of my existence even when I was in my strongest and had more time to wish for in my plate.

So why will I repeat the same meaningless chase while being in a mortal vessel

Elder, the times have changed since the day you passed on. Felix elbowed Asna lightly, giving her a signal to read his mind.

After seeing what he wanted, she huffed in annoyance and created a screen that was displaying Felix\'s memories about the UVR, The SG, The SGA, the connection of the races, the peacefulness of the universe without any large-scale wars, and many more.

You don\'t have to show me. The Jörmungandr chuckled, I have spent the past hour looking through your important memories.

I am already familiar with you and the current era.

\'God damn it! Why is everyone reading my memories!\' Felix might be fuming on the inside, but he was smiling sheepishly on the outside, Elder is more than welcomed to browse as much as you please.

I just hope that whatever you saw changed your decision for the better.

I won\'t lie and say that I wasn\'t intrigued by the many wonders and creations of this era, but... He shook his head, I am still adamant on my point.

Before Felix could add anything, the Jörmungandr suddenly smiled oddly and dropped a bombshell on him, I doubt that you will be this adamant in reviving me, if you knew that the poison manipulation which you seek couldn\'t be passed to you if I decided on reviving.


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