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Alas, Felix\'s fandom couldn\'t maintain this dominance for too long as every other club leader felt challenged by them.

Thus, all of them started chanting their unique cheers created specifically for the idol.

But neither Leader Emma nor the fans cared about it as they had made the entry they wanted for Felix!

Now now, save your throats until the game begins! Lisa requested cutely, We only have 30 minutes of interviews after all.

The spectators started to lower their voices one by one until the stadium was back to its original state.

Rody and bustling but not outright annoying.

Upon seeing so, Lisa jumped on her commentary platform and snapped her finger with an eager expression.

Immediately after, a wooden broom manifested on her hand.

Lisa placed the broom between her legs and jumped in the air under the cheers of the viewers!

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Instead of plunging, the broom flew in the air under the fine control of Lisa.

She didn\'t stop there as she made a few tricks, hyping the mood even more.

The moment the players saw her enjoying her falling demonstration, they didn\'t know if she lied before about her losing the bet for the maid outfit or not.

Whoosh! Thud!

Lisa finally landed on the ground next to the players.

She threw her broom in the air and bowed to the spectators like she was a theater performer.

\'Hehehe, let\'s see if those bastards would cheat me out of a good review after this.\'

Lisa dusted her hands and skipped towards Miss.


She wanted to start the interview segment with her since she left a good impression in the Game Hall.

Unlike Zoe and Meliodas who were willing to do anything to interview Felix, Lisa didn\'t even entertain the thought.

Firstly, he still was blocking the interview, negating any attempt she thought off.

Secondly, he wasn\'t even close to being the main focus of this game!

In her eyes, Miss.

Mikasa and Golden Elixir had the highest chances of winning the game and glamorously!

As for Felix She doubted that he would even make it to the top ten in this game.

He was way out of his league!

Hence, the interview segment went as expected without Felix receiving a single question.

Only this time, it was a personal choice.

\'Felix, you are being looked down upon by that loli.\' Asna mocked him while chewing on a handful of popcorn next to the bored Jörmungandr.

Well, the Jörmungandr wasn\'t interested in watching the game as he felt that dramas and movies were more enjoyable than watching Felix\'s childish fights.

But, he was dragged by Asna against his will as she didn\'t want to watch alone.

Unlike him who was still binge-watching Felix\'s collection, Asna had already watched them twice and was bored to the death by them.

Hence, she was excited to watch every one of Felix\'s games.

\'She will change her mind just like they all do.\' Felix scratched his cheek nonchalantly while eyeing Lisa skipping from a player to another, utterly ignoring his existence.

Before long, the interview segment was concluded and Lisa had created the same broom and flew towards the commentary table.

She didn\'t sit down as she was too short to be noticed.

So she kept standing on the commentary table with a pink mic clutched tightly on her hands.

She brought it closer to her petit mouth and shouted passionately, The moment you have all waited for! The Final Countdown!

Simultaneously to her shout, everyone raised their heads and focused on the big timer on the screen that was counting down from thirty seconds.

While the players were getting their emotions and mentality in check, the spectators waited with held breaths in anticipation at the final ten seconds!

The moment it reached, everyone started counting together!


Whoosh whoosh whoosh!....

At the same time, every player started to deconstruct into light particles, marking the beginning of their teleportation.

Obviously, there was no free drop in this game due to the game\'s map and details.

\'If everything went well, this might be the easiest game in my life.\' Felix mused one last time before his body was fully deconstructed.


On top of a peaceful and tranquil ocean, a humongous white shelled Turtle was floating in its place without breaking the serenity of the atmosphere.

Since its head and limbs were buried inside its shell, it appeared just like a white island from high above.

Alas, this tranquil and beautiful scene was broken abruptly by light particles gathering to form the shape of a human.

A split second, Felix\'s clothes were the first to manifest.

He was wearing black pants and a black hoodie that had a grey wolf\'s head in the center of it instead of the yellow smirky emoji.

Soon, his ash-grey tail was reconstructed as well.

The bulky end of it was white.

\'Ahh, nothing beats the atmosphere of the ocean.\'

Felix couldn\'t help but comment in contentment after opening his eyes to the sight of the sunlight reflecting slightly on the blue ocean water.

He turned around and noticed that nothing was on the horizon even though his eyesight allowed him to see further than anyone else. 

Just as Felix wanted to turn on his infrared vision and do his usual 1-kilometer scouting, he was reminded of the fact that it was already replaced with another sand passive.

\'Damn it, it\'s going to take a while until I completely forget that I have lost my infrared vision.\'

Felix smiled bitterly while walking on the humongous shell, which seemed like it had the size of the same Arena in the national tournament.

Clearly, the Alliance wanted the players to not get held back by the environment during their battles against each other.

Those with Water Element were going to thrive here but those without could still manage themselves on top of those humongous shells.

After Felix walked for a while, he finally reached the center of the shell.

He was aiming to come here to check on the entrance to the shell.

\'Oh It\'s slightly bigger than what I practiced with in the past five days.\'

He thought to himself as he studied a dark hole that absorbed all light, making it impossible to see what\'s within it.

Even with Felix\'s night vision, he couldn\'t see anything.

Its size was three meters radius, making it easy to put anything inside of it.

Felix did a quick run around it and abruptly jumped inside without hesitation.


The moment his feet touched the bottom surface, the darkness inside of the shell withdraw back.

This allowed Felix to see the mesmerizing underwater world through a transparent glass-like he was inside a tourist submarine.

However, there wasn\'t single fish or any lifeform insight, making Felix raise his eyebrows in confusion.

Felix went towards the transparent glass and placed his hands on it while narrowing his eyes in front of him.

After zooming in like an eagle, Felix\'s eyes managed to spot thousands of unique fish from known and unknown species all swimming hundreds of meters away from the Rainbow Turtle.

Not one of them entered the hundred-meter territory of the Rainbow Turtle! After seeing so and remembering the question asked in the Game Hall, Felix chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt.

\'No wonder that mad witch smiled like that.\'

It was plainly obvious that the Rainbow Turtle had been modified in the game to force fish to stay outside of its zone!

Neither Felix nor the players knew this since the real Rainbow turtle didn\'t have this kind of aura or pressure to force fish away.

This meant, if the players wanted to fish, they would have to do so while being hundreds of meters away from the turtle!!

Naturally, doing so was was extremely dangerous as players could have their Turtles stolen from them!

This was going to add some sort of pressure for the players during their fishing as they would always be on the edge about someone sneaking up and stealing their Turtle.

Lisa and the viewers were currently looking at the ugly expressions of the few players who noticed this problematic issue.

Hehehe, we didn\'t give you a boat so you can fish on your Turtles. Lisa insulted with an innocent smile, What a bunch of dummies.

Meanwhile, Felix could care less about this issue.

He simply looked at the entrance and jumped outside of it.

The dimensions inside the shell and outside were utterly different, making it easy to enter and leave.

After standing back in the open, Felix looked around him and soon found a large wooden bucket inside of a brown wooden boat that was placed near the edge of the shell.

Felix swiftly went towards those materials and started checking if they were the same ones that were used in his practice runs.

\'Good, nothing changed.\' Felix sighed in relief after seeing that everything was the same.

Even the small bucket of bait that was inside the boat or the long modern-looking fishing rod.

The materials were the same and he couldn\'t get any happier about the results.

Since it implied that he could carry on his plan that he prepared specially for this game.

\'Let\'s start cheating!\' Felix grinned widely while placing his hand on the wooden boat.

Then, he murmured to himself, \'Perfect Sand Copy.\'


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