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The black wall abruptly hardened like a brick, freezing Drunken Cat\'s arm within it!!

\'F*ck! Submerge!!\' Scared **less, Drunken Cat hastily decided for an early retreat!

Unfortunately, there was no way Felix was going to let her go after locking into her!

This time, he didn\'t even need to switch his sense to the Eagle Guardian as one order by him was more than enough to bring down his spear from above in a fierce manner!

NOOOO! WAIT I CAN PAY! Drunken Cat screamed with a horrified expression at the sight of the approaching black spear!

She knew that it was too late to escape; the only chance she had was by severing her arm and submerging in the shadow.

Too bad, the spear had already reached her face and Felix still didn\'t stop it.

By now, she realized that her life was doomed and her memories coursed on her mind in a split second before her brain exploded by the spear!


Blood and brain matter were projected everywhere, tainting the shell\'s surface but not painting red since its color was already bloodish red.

This time, Felix remained clean as the black hardened wall was covering him.

Upon hearing the notification of gaining an extra 400 GP, Felix relaxed his vigilance as he knew that Drunken Cat was truly dead.

Felix understood that few players had weird abilities that could fool one into believing that he got killed but in reality, he could pop up any moment and turn the battle around.

Those abilities were more prevalent in tier 3 bloodlines .

Thus, it was always better to relax one\'s guard only when the game points get awarded.

If it wasn\'t for so, Felix would have given her a chance to pay for her life as he did with Rosanna.

But, he didn\'t want to risk it since he knew that Rosanna\'s element and bloodline made it easy to put her under control, unlike Drunken Cat.

Her element and abilities were too slick and could easily escape if given even a second.

Hence, Felix had to strike as fast as possible! 400 GP was always better than nothing.

\'800 GP from two eliminations.\' Felix sighed in dejection, \'If only it was like this the bronze and silver games, I would have made a killing in my previous games.\'

Naturally, gold players were even tougher to kill than newcomers.

Thus the rewarded game points doubled to tempt the bloodliners into committing to kill after each fight.

However, in the viewers\' eyes, those kills didn\'t even seem that hard as both of them had been taken by merely two strikes!

There were no back and forth fights, no elemental salvos.

Just two black spears!

The real battle had been taken on a mental and strategic level unbeknownst to the viewers.

Lisa was having trouble commentating on those two scenes as the VIP viewers didn\'t even know Felix\'s abilities, don\'t even mention her.

Especially when the black sand moved on its own to guard Felix against such a certain deadly assassination.

However, since this was the 1st time it was used, no one knew if Felix had seen Drunken Cat with his infrared vision and anticipated her attack, then countered by controlling the sand to block her.

They needed to see more of his fights to get the bigger picture of his sand abilities as currently they were getting quite overwhelmed by their uniqueness and abnormal strength.

While Felix\'s fans were cheering at the top of their voices at the neat conclusion at those two battles, Lisa and the rest of the viewers were left in confusion at the sight of Felix suddenly jumping into the water.

What is he up to now They wondered to themselves.

Lisa made sure to zoom the camera into the water and display that Felix was swimming at fast as possible to the bottom of the sea.

His target Blue Whale\'s corpse!

After he reached it, Felix caught Blue Whale\'s corpse by his jacket and dragged him upward with him in a rushed manner.


The moment he reached the surface, Felix threw the corpse into the shell and followed right after it.

Then, he placed his hand on the corpse\'s shoulder and activated his ability *Perfect Sand Copy*!

Immediately after, sand started to emerge Felix\'s other palm while Blue Whale\'s corpse was breaking into light particles, marking the end of 30 seconds!

\'Offf, that was close.\' Felix sighed in relief after seeing that Blue Whale\'s clone had been fully created before his original body disappeared.

Ohhhh!! That\'s what he was trying to do! Lisa exclaimed in shock and awe after peering into the many possibilities of using Blue Whale\'s clone!

She wasn\'t stupid in the slightest and neither were the VIP viewers.

Thus, they knew that having this clone was a game changer!!

They didn\'t expect that Felix was sharp enough to plan that far ahead!

In their eyes, he either was already aiming for the players\' corpses to copy before the game even began or he believed that he was capable of killing both Blue Whale and Drunken Cat in under 30 seconds to have enough time to copy their corpses!

Whatever it was, they reveled in his intelligence to take advantage of every possible resource!

Why didn\'t he copy Drunken Cat as well Princess Bird abruptly asked her father after seeing that Drunken Cat\'s corpse had disappeared a couple of seconds later.


Alas, she shouldn\'t have asked such a retarded question as she had only earned a slap at the back of her head.

The Maganda Chief glared in displeasure at his daughter who seemed like she was getting dumber by the second and answered, Why would he copy her corpse when her head was utterly blown up

Seeing that his daughter was rubbing her head with a wronged expression instead of responding, he asked, Do you even know the purpose of Blue Whale\'s cloneFind authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._52433395430518198 for visiting.

Fool others

The Chief\'s eyebrows twitched and threatened with his knuckles, Even a three years old kid can guess that.

Be more specific!

How would I know the thoughts of that cheating bastard! She complained while running to the back of the room, not daring to stay next her father.

Then watch! The Chief sighed in disappointment, Hopefully, you learn something useful.

Who wants to learn from him. Princess Bird mumbled to herself while watching Felix jump off his Turtle into Drunken Cat\'s Turtle.

As for Blue Whale\'s copy It was already ordered to stay inside the shell, hidden from public view.

Felix swiftly went to the entrance to Drunken Cat\'s shell and went inside.

After locating the fishing materials, Felix threw them outside of the shell and didn\'t go after them.

Instead, he placed his hand on his chest and manifested a copy of himself!

\'Stay here for now.\' He ordered it and went outside of the shell.

He swiftly carried the boat and the rest of the materials to his own Turtle.

After placing them inside his Turtle\'s shell next to Blue Whale\'s clone cleaning his ear lazily, Felix jumped outside and repeated the same process with Blue Whale\'s Turtle.

He then stayed on his Turtle shell and ordered in his mind for the two Turtles to head into different directions but circle around him in 10 kilometers radius!

The viewers didn\'t see anything weird about what he did since it was common sense to loot extra fishing materials and send the useless Turtles away as they would merely bring more attention to him.

However, they didn\'t know what the purpose of leaving clones inside their shells was.

Is he planning to fool others with them Lisa questioned in confusion and added, I doubt that his copies would continue to exist after leaving a certain range around him right

Lisa\'s take on the matter was being shared by everyone even VIP viewers.

They knew that every ability had some range.

It could be just two meters or 1 kilometer.

But there was always a range.

The furthest range ever recorded by a legendary tier 7 ability was 15 kilometers! They doubted that Felix had even 20% of that.

Thus, Felix\'s attempt to fool others wouldn\'t really work unless those Turtle kept swimming around him or something like that.

Seeing Felix had returned to his chilling position, everyone dropped the matter and decided to wait and see what he had in mind later.

He always seems planning and they were starting to have difficulty keeping up with him.

So far, all of his decisions were quite peculiar and seemed like they didn\'t serve any purpose.

But his true fans knew that Felix never did anything without a purpose!

It seems like Miss.

Mikasa had received the first arrivals on her Turtle. Lisa commented after glancing at Mikasa\'s screen and noticing that more than 18 Turtles had parked next to her Turtle.

Seeing that Felix had opened a VR store and started browsing for clothes, Lisa tilted her head in confusion, wanting to know what he was aiming at.

But, she still swiped her finger at Mikasa\'s small screen and placed it on the big screen.

The meeting was more important than seeing Felix choosing new clothes.

Let\'s watch how the talk is going to end up. Lisa clapped her hands and wished cutely, Hopefully, they end up in a dramatic fight!

Too bad for her, the players who gathered around Mikasa didn\'t show any signs of aggression or trouble.

They kept waiting silently for the rest to gather.

Miss Mikasa had already informed them that the discussion would start at the last ten minutes of the feeding stage.

That was the perfect period since they would have more than enough time to talk before starting the 3rd stage.


Before long, Mikasa\'s Turtle was packed with more than 31 players all standing separately.

Some were standing as twos or even threes, but the majority were still solo.

Most of those solo players were either part of the top ten in the Fishing points list like Golden Elixir and Surreal Fog or part of the top twenty.

Mikasa\'s announcement truly moved tigers and dragons to take extreme measures against Felix and restart the game after getting rid of him.

Time\'s up. Miss Mikasa said calmly after glancing at her bracelet.

Upon hearing so, the players all walked towards her and started gathering in a wide circle.

But they still kept their distance from each other and also their guards up.

I assume that any of you who came here had no intentions of not joining the Alliance.


Miss Mikasa  pressed on her bracelet and displayed a standard contract that was modified slightly for this game.

You have 2 minutes to read it, sign it, then we talk.

Immediately after, each player requested the Queen if the contract was truly standard and highlighted only the modified terms.

For a standard contract, those players had basically memorized it already due to the many times they were exposed to it in the games.

Hence, those two requests were all they needed.

After receiving a positive response, the players read with their eyes the four modified terms.

Upon noticing that everything was loophole-free, they signed it and sent it back to Katarina.

Before long, everyone had officially joined the Mega Alliance and were bound by its rules.

Alright, you can let down your guards now. Miss Mikasa  pointed at the entrance of her Turtle and said, Let\'s carry on our discussion inside so we wouldn\'t be interrupted by the incoming Oceanic Beast Wave.

How about we use Golden Elixir\'s Turtle Its Shell color is almost green after all. A man with wooden sticks attached to his entire body suggested with a deep voice.

I don\'t mind. Miss Mikasa shrugged her shoulders and asked, But you should ask his permission first.

After saying so, everyone turned their heads to Golden Elixir who had his arms crossed above his golden tattooed chest.

They didn\'t even need to ask him as he nodded his head slightly in agreement. 

Alright, let\'s move!

Miss Mikasa unsheathed her katana and placed it underneath her feet.

Then, she stood on it and ordered the katana to fly forward with her mental energy since it was made from an active ability!

Golden Elixir\'s Turtle was pretty easy to notice since it was the only one with a different color.

The rest were either dark yellow or at a best bright red.

Behind Miss Mikasa, the players were either using their solid-like abilities to fly on them like she was doing or simply jumping from one shell to another.


In a short while, inside Golden Elixir\'s Turtle shell...The players were either sitting on the glass-like floor or leaning on the transparent walls.

Miss Mikasa took it upon herself to be the ring leader and stood in the middle.

It wasn\'t like the others felt that she deserved it or she was stronger than them.

They just didn\'t want to be doing such a bothersome task that had no benefits.

Let us begin the meeting to take down Landlord! Mikasa smiled faintly and said, Let\'s give him a warm welcoming to the gold rank.


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