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Each player had a different reaction to her claim.

Some chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt while others just shook their heads in disapproval.

They could see that Mikasa and the rest were still underestimating Felix even though he clearly destroyed them in the fishing contest.

It should be obvious by now that looking down on him would bore no good results.

But they didn\'t say anything to advise them.

They were merely temporary allies and didn\'t mind if someone ended up getting killed by Felix to lower the players\' number even further.

Surreal Fog, do you have any suggestions to catch Landlord Miss Mikasa requested while eyeing a man who was wearing a foggy scarf, hiding half of his face.

Surreal Fog opened his pupil-less grey eyes and looked at Miss Mikasa.

He stayed silent for a second before proposing with a peculiar irritating voice, We need to split up into a fishing crew and a hunting crew.

The fishing crew will have only 3 fishers responsible for feeding one Turtle and raising its toughness as much as possible.

That Turtle will remain stationary and be considered as everyone\'s retreating base in case we didn\'t find Landlord before the final beastial wave.

He paused for a second to catch his breath and carried on, Meanwhile, the hunting crew will not be fishing nor feeding their Turtles.

Immediately after he said so, most players\' expressions changed to the worst as they realized where he was aiming with his plan before he could even finish it.

They didn\'t like the sound of it one bit.

However, no one interrupted Surreal Fog, leaving him to finish his piece first.

They will be responsible for locating Landlord and sending the coordination first and foremost.

We will attack only after we make sure that his Turtle got surrounded.

After saying so, Surreal Fog coughed and closed his eyes again, not interested in explaining every detail of his plan.

They were smart lads to get it.

I don\'t think that the plan is faulty but.. Golden Elixir said with his eyebrows frowned, Who will be the fisher and who will be the hunter

The players\' ears perked up after this issue was finally brought out.

They didn\'t like Surreal Fog\'s plan simply because it wasn\'t fair to everyone.

After all, the fishers would have it easy by remaining behind while traveling to locate Felix.

The worst thing, the fishers would be getting fishing points, pushing them higher and higher in the ranks.

Well, as long as Felix wasn\'t dead, it wouldn\'t matter much if they had collected 20k FP.

However, the moment the hunters end up killing Felix, those fishers would break apart from the Alliance contract\'s constraints while having the most fishing points.

To add salt into injury, they might steal the fortified Turtle!

If that happened, all the hunters would end up dying after their weak Turtle shell gets broken apart by the 2nd Oceanic Beastial Wave!

So, there was a massive disparity between being the fisher and the hunter.

No one would dare accept being a hunter since it would actually be far worse than just carrying on playing the game on their own.

They might not win but at least they could survive and obtain some game points.

So what\'s their next move now Lisa wondered what\'s on everyone\'s mind as they watched the atmosphere of the meeting getting tensed.

Each player had an idea or two on how to better the plan but they kept hold of them until they see what other propose first.

They merely kept glancing at each other, waiting for suggestions to come.

Upon seeing their passiveness, Mikasa knitted her eyebrows and took the lead by mentioning, First, I suggest the fishers be picked randomly by the Queen.

Second, the fishers would have to sign another contract as double insurance.

The players took a couple of seconds to think deeply about their choice.

Although they had signed a contract, they could still quit now and back off.

However, the moment the plan commences, they would be forced to commit to it whether they liked it or not.

In the end, only a couple of players decided to give up on the Alliance due to the riskiness of the plan while the majority remained in the shell.

It wasn\'t out of rashness or recklessness but it was due to personal matters that needed them to secure the win no matter what.

Some of them might already have four losses in a row and they couldn\'t afford to lose the 5th one as they would be forced to drop in silver rank.

Worst of all, they would be competing against players who dropped as well instead of silver plebs.

There was nothing worse than that as the prize pool would be **ty, the wish would be way too limited and finally, they would compete against desperate players who wanted to climb back to gold again.

So dropping rank was only worse than getting kicked out of the platform once and for all.

This was just one reason as the rest had their own matters to consider as well.

Hence, they could only nod their heads in agreement at Mikasa\'s suggestion.

Good, let\'s get this over with. Mikasa said out loud, Queen, please chose three random names from the Alliance.

Everyone held their breaths in worry and longing at being part of the three names.

Thankfully, the Queen didn\'t have tendencies to built suspense by delaying the announcement.

Witty Soul, Fiddlesticks, and Viral Virus. She said.

The three players all tightened their fists in excitement.

However, their faces were as stoic as the rest.

They didn\'t show a single ounce of delight as they raised their hands, letting everyone knows who got picked.

Naturally, the rest were dissatisfied and irked by not being picked, but none of them made a scene as time was gold and didn\'t have much of it.

Alright let\'s begin pla...


Abruptly, the players\' bracelets started vibrating while making a harmonized alarm.

Immediately after hearing it, everyone lifted their heads and glanced at the glass windows around them.

Some approached them and some decided to move to the center of the shell.

While they were focused on the outside of the shell, no one noticed that the entrance had been closed and that the Turtle had withdrawn its limbs and head.

The openings were sealed instantly, making it resemble from afar a green rock floating on the ocean.

All of those were signs of the incoming predator of this game...The Oceanic Beastial Wave!


After 10 seconds, the last alarm went off and silence had engulfed the area.

No one spoke or even breathed out loud as they kept observing the peaceful underwater, expecting the beastial wave to be here any moment now.

However, they weren\'t that nervous since Golden Elixir\'s Turtle had the best shell beside Felix\'s.

So, they didn\'t doubt that it would not survive the onslaughter of the beastial wave.

Alas, those thoughts were completely uprooted from their minds after seeing thousands up thousands of marine beasts drawing nearer and nearer to their shell from every direction besides upward!

Is..it just me or the beastial wave numbers are more than 2000 Golden Elixir staggered a step back away from the glass shell as the sight was too daunting and overwhelming even to him.

The players all backed off from the glass walls and gathered in the center of the shell while looking in agitating at the fierce-looking beasts.

Oh no!! It\'s 2000 beasts for each turtle!! Miss Mikasa\'s countenance turned black instantly after remembering that all of their turtles were currently gathered in one place!!!

Scared **less, the players gulped a mouthful after hearing so as they had completely forgotten to move their Turtles away from each other.

The limited-time wasn\'t helping much, making them place their entire focus on the Alliance and the plan!

No need to panic. Surreal Fog said calmly, Those beasts must be programmed to attack only their target.

Otherwise, it wouldn\'t fair when a Turtle gets assaulted by double the numbers than another one.

The player felt a bit comforted by those words.

But the beastial wave was still as horrifying as ever.

Too bad, in the survival stage they were powerless to do anything.

Brace yourselves! Golden Elixir shouted one last time before the beastial wave wholly engulfed the shell!

Thud Thud! Boom!....

One beast was smashing the glass after the other.

Some had their bodies turned into a paste during the collision while some were using their claws, teeth, and every other body part to break into the shell!

Since the beastial wave had surpassed almost fifty thousand beasts, the shell was left in darkness as the light particles couldn\'t make it reach inside.

Thud Thud!...

This made the players even more stressed and frightened since they couldn\'t see anything but their ears were picking up the glass\'s sound getting struck fiercely over and over again!

Some players decided to close their ears at once after not being able to take it anymore.

Meanwhile, those with vision abilities almost pissed their pants at the sight of the glass getting scratched and even somewhat cracked!

They didn\'t dare to imagine what was happening to their Turtle\'s shells currently when the toughest one was getting cracked!

While they were in the dark, Lisa switched between the inside of their shell and then showcased the beastial wave from above.

The image would leave anyone with nightmares as at least two square kilometers had been fully turned dark due to the massive numbers of marine beasts!

Heck, the Turtles weren\'t even being seen anymore as they were buried deep within the wave.

That\'s what you get for aiming at my Lord!...Die!!...Haha!! They will lose all of their Turtles!!

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Some of them even wanted for all their Turtles to get killed by the wave, so their hunting attempts would fail before even starting!

Let\'s see how Landlord is faring against his own beastial wave. Lisa said while simultaneously swiping her finger at Felix\'s small screen.

The moment it was placed on the big screen, everyone was left at loss for words at the view before them.

Felix lying on the ground with his hand supporting his head.

His eyes were fully closed, appearing like he was asleep.

Meanwhile, the glass around him was constantly under attack by the beasts.

Yet, he didn\'t even flinch.

Well, how could his body flinch when he was currently sitting at a table with Asna and the Jörmungandr playing Go Fish

Seeing his lax attitude, Lisa zoomed out on his turtle and made the beasts transparent on the screen.

Instantly, dark red color greeted Lisa\'s eyes, making her eyelids twitch.

\'With the amount of fish he had, this prick can chill throughout both the stages without trouble.\'

She swiftly returned to the Alliance and kept the camera on them since it was more entertaining to watch them tremble in the dark than watching Felix sleeping for 30 minutes straight.

That\'s exactly how those 30 minutes went by.

The players were given barely a small window to discuss about Felix at the last minutes of the survival stage due to the stressful situation they were in.

Thankfully, the Oceanic Beastial Wave withdrew back into the ocean\'s depth without causing major damages to Golden Elixir\'s Turtle Shell.

But seeing those multiple scratch marks, they had a bad feeling about the rest of their Turtles Shells.


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