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Wait for me, you prick! Princess Bird floated after him in a rushed manner, worried that she would lose him in the crowd.

Thankfully, she was just a hologram, making it easier to enter through the bodies of people in her path.

After she caught up to Felix, she floated beside him and threatened, Father gave me the rights to kick you from the event if you didn\'t listen to me.

Ghosts have no rights in this event. Felix said casually while glancing around him in fascination.

I dare you to repeat it!

He completely ignored Princess Bird\'s 2nd tantrum and just kept enjoying the bustling atmosphere that made the event resemble a festival.

Since every individual here wasn\'t to be provoked or offended, no one threw his weight around.

Felix could see that everyone was queuing patiently to enter the auction houses without raising a farce.

Soon, he spotted one of the auctions that he marked in his notepad.

He swiftly brought it out and read the items that he wanted from this house.

After seeing that they wouldn\'t be auctioned until the evening, Felix closed down the hologram and skipped past the hovering glass stairs leading to the auction\'s gate.

\'I should place the ancient ruins maps first before focusing on buying stuff.\' After deciding so, Felix requested the Queen to show him the path towards that establishment.

The Queen manifested a holographic red arrow that was pointing forward.

Felix kept being guided by this arrow until he reached his destination.

Just like the rest, this auction was also floating high above the sky.

Its design was unique as it appeared like a can of coke with its long spherical shape.

Currently, many guests were either floating towards it or stepping on spherical golden balls that took them to its gate.

Without further ado, Felix floated with the pack and waited in a somewhat small queue.

Immediately after his focus was broken, Princess Bird\'s annoying rattle resounded in his ears, Why did you pick this auction Are you planning on buying something

Felix cleaned his ear nonchalantly while continuing to ignore her.

He hoped that if he didn\'t talk to her she might get bored and leave him alone.

He already got rid of the Chief and it would be even better if he got rid of Princess Bird as well.

Soon, his turn had arrived and Felix stepped inside the building.

The moment his foot was set inside, the space had expanded immensely, showing Felix a wide lobby leading to multiple doors and was packed with guests.

What can we do for you sir An elegant receptionist stood before Felix with a polite smile.

Give me your UVR ID. Felix requested without fanfare.

Understanding what he meant, the receptionist swiftly forwarded it towards him and Felix added her in his contacts.

He then sent a mental message from the Queen, \'I want to place some stuff but I need you to sign an NDA contract before exposing their names.\'

\'If it\'s like this, then please follow me.\' The receptionist sent another message while guiding Felix towards one of the many closed shut doors.

\'I am not responsible for those matters but Sir Hecarim would take care of your needs.\'

Knock knock!

She knocked twice on the door and pushed it slightly, she then said politely, Sir Hecarim, I have brought you another guest.

Thank you darling, you may leave. The receptionist bowed her head politely towards Felix and walked away after hearing so.

Please Come in.

Felix didn\'t dilly dally in front of the door any longer after receiving permission.

He pushed the door open and stepped inside, he then closed it behind him.

Only after so, did he focus on Sir Hecarim who was sitting behind a long desk that had no legs.

It was placed on the floor and for a good reason since Sir Hecarim was actually a four-legged man!

He was half a human and half a horse!

Even the human upper-body didn\'t resemble normal humans due to different displacements of ears and the shape of the nose.

His ears were on top of his head while his nose appeared just like two nostrils without a bridge.

Adding to his brown fur and hair that spread all over his body, and it became a certainty that Sir Hecarim was from a different race.

It\'s truly a pleasure of mine to meet in person a member of the famed Centaur Race. Felix greeted courteously.

Felix wasn\'t surprised by meeting a member of the Centaur Race since he knew that the Human Race was giving some sort of a visa to enter the Milky Way Galaxy, unlike most races.

They only need to not have criminal records and some capital to help them sustain themselves.

Just like Looby who was from the Goblin Race.

I don\'t deserve such respect. Sir Hecarim smiled politely and gestured with his hoof for Felix to take a seat.

Felix went and sat on a soft cushion that was more comfortable than even seating on normal chairs.

I have been informed of your situation by that lass. Sir Hecarim said in a soothing tone while forwarding his ID to Felix.

\'I apologize for the inconvenience.\'

Felix sent this message as he forwarded the NDA contract to Sir Hecarim.

Felix had to take such precautions since Princess Bird was literally breathing down his neck.

She was seeing anything that he did and he didn\'t like that one bit.

Thankfully, Sir Hecarim was a good sport as he signed the contract in a jiffy and started talking business by using the Queen messaging system.

\'I am hoping that your establishment can help me auction five new Ancient Ruins Maps.\' Felix said straightforwardly.

\'Five at once\' Sir Hecarim raised his eyebrow in surprise and a bit of skepticism.

He didn\'t expect Felix to have that many since he could see that he was using a disguise.

Random disguises were easy to spot by those professionals who spent decades of their lives looking at them.

In the eyes of Sir Hecarim, anyone that bothered to use a disguise in this yearly event was without a strong background to lean on.

Felix made it extra obvious by conversing using the Queen and also signing an NDA contract.

\'Please don\'t think of me as disrespectful or anything, but is there a way to verify that you truly possess five ancient ruins maps\' Sir Hecarim sent this message while bowing his head slightly.

\'I am willing to sign an insurance contract with the standard terms.\' Felix said.

He already spent a hefty amount of time reading about the auction deals so he wouldn\'t get ripped off or have his maps rejected.

\'That\'s reassuring to hear.\' Sir Hecarim smiled again, feeling quite content by Felix\'s confidence in his maps.

He also wished for them to be real since his establishment would be earning 1% profit from each auctioned map and as the one who was going to seal the deal, he would be getting 0.05% commission from that.

\'May I know the names of the ruins and their tiers\'

\'Tier 3 Fuji Ruins, Tier 4 MoonStaff Ruins, Tier 4 Sankrir Ruins, Tier 6 Devil Cult, and Tier 6 Dreamworld Ruins.\' Felix said them like they were placed at the top of his tongue.

\'Not bad at all.\' Sir Hecarim\'s eyes shone with light after hearing that three of them were of a lower tier.

He knew that he would earn a lot in his commission if he secured this deal for the house.

However, the real shock had yet to come as Felix mentioned after, \'I can sign a guaranteed contract, entailing that all of those ruins are still unexplored and filled with treasures.

Even the tier 6 ruins.\'


How can he be certain about it\' Sir Hecarim frowned his eyebrows with a skeptical glance.

He knew that it was only possible to make such a guarantee when one had explored the ruins and seen the treasures.

But if one could reach that far, why bother even sell the coordination of the ruins

He understood that those people willing to sell the coordination was because they lucked out on them and they felt that it was less troublesome to get coins for the coordination instead of hiring a mercenary squad or invite close friends...etc

So many problems could occur when doing it without professionals.

Sir Hecarim had guessed that Felix was in the same situation.

He had the information but not the resources to explore them.

But this all changed when the guarantee contract was brought up.

Now, he had no idea what to think of Felix and if this whole deal was just a prank by one of his colleagues since none of this made sense to him.

However, he still decided to accept it instead of doubting Felix and kicking him out.

\'Are you sure about your decision\' Sir Hecarim warned solemnly, \'Do understand that if the client who bought your map found nothing in the ruins, the penalty wouldn\'t be easy to stomach.\'

\'Thank you for the concerns but I know what I am doing.\' Felix snapped his finger and three contracts were abruptly manifisted before Sir Hecarim.

They were the three contracts that he wrote for this negotiation! One was for insurance, another for guaranteed treasures, and lastly, one for the entire deal.


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