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After a short while, the mood was brought down a level but it was still heated, and Mr.

Rodrigas didn\'t want to waste the opportunity where everyone was excited and eager to fight.

Head to the Game Center! He ordered them loudly while pointing his finger at a modern-looking building that was shaped as a pentagon.

It was completely painted with creamy white color, making the blackboard above its automatic entrance stand out more.

>The Game Center

After Felix and the rest entered it, they were met with the sight of 20 VR Pods placed neatly two meters next to each other.

All of them were leaning against the walls leaving the space in the middle empty.

But it wasn\'t a matter of choice but budget.

Since those 20 VR Pods had costed the ESG Organization ten million SC.

That\'s only due to them buying the cheapest generation in the marketplace unlike the one in Felix\'s possession.

Please get in your pods. George requested while entering a pod of his own.

In those types of games, the instructor was allowed to participate upclose.

He could even provide suggestions and choose to replace the players with the substitutes if he wanted.

After the team got inside their pods, they automatically closed on them.

Since the game was going to last only 90 minutes, there was no point in using the tubes or feeding them nutrition.

All ready George asked in the Pod\'s intercom.


Good, gather in my UVR\'s room. He informed while closing his eyes.


A couple of seconds later...

The 16 members of the team were standing in a circle around George.

All of them were wearing a white-colored uniform while having blue strips at the side.

This coloring scheme was meant at the start for the reserve team but George had decided to make it for the main team since the Earth flag would pop out more.

Meanwhile, on their back, each had their names and number in the team written in blue.

Felix had chosen the number 10 since he was a central midfielder.

But in reality, he didn\'t have a position as he was given the freedom to go where he liked in the field.

Alright listen up! George clapped his hands twice and said sternly, We have only 10 minutes before we get teleported to the stadium.

So, let\'s run one more time on the main plan in the field.

Upon seeing that everyone was focusing on him, George manifested a mini football field and placed it horizontally.

He snapped his finger and all the players were manifested on it.

They were standing in their rightful positions.

He pointed at Felix and said, The moment anyone of you caught the ball, prioritize passing it to Felix.

If you couldn\'t, make sure to keep passing it between you nonstop so they wouldn\'t be able to target you with abilities. George warned, No matter what you do, never hold into the ball for more than 10 seconds.

We don\'t know about our foes but their strength isn\'t to be taken lightly.

If you don\'t want to die, don\'t greed for glory or goals!



After so, George kept addressing the rest of the plan that hopefully would help them win the game!


Sometime later, George concluded the meeting after noticing that only one minute was left before they teleported to the Game Hall.

He waved his hand at the messy mini football field and extended his arm forward.

Without needing to be told, everyone followed his lead and placed their hands on top of each other.

The last one was Olivia\'s pale hand, making everyone laugh at how small it was compared to the rest.

I am not healing any of you. Olivia threatened while pouting.

That did the trick as no one made a squeal at her anymore.

Olivia was literally going to be their lord-savior inside the game and if she decided to leave someone to die after heavy injury no one could stop her!

Naturally, Olivia would never do such a thing but she didn\'t have any issue using it as a threatening method.

She might still be pure and somewhat naive, but she was getting aggressive by the second, and Felix loved it.

Stop terrorizing them Little Oli. George coughed and said, Earthling Team on the count of three.

Three, Two, One, EARTHLING TEAM!


Whoosh Whoosh...

Inside an ancient-looking lobby that somewhat resembled the previous ones where Felix had attended, multiple bodies started constructing above an artistic red carpet.

Felix who was already used to the process by now simply opened up his eyes and immediately walked towards the corner.

However, he soon froze after recalling that he was in a PSG game and he needed to make sure that he appeared like a newbie instead of someone who was used to the routine!

\'Shit, that was a close one.\' Felix swiftly started acting fascinated like the rest who were inspecting the area around them.

Soon, his eyes landed on 17 people he had never seen before, standing right across from them.

Besides one man, They were all wearing a football uniform that was half red half blue right from the middle.

Just like he was looking at them, they were also scrutinizing them with their eyes.

\'Does anyone knows which planet had that flag\'

Sylvia sent a message while narrowing her icy blue eyes at a flag that had a burning torch while the background was blue and red.

What\'s weird about the torch was that the flame was held by a handle made of ice.

\'Their planet is called Salvadoro.

Let me look for their details.\' George sent a message while burying his head in his hologram, not wanting to waste a single second entering a staring contest with their opponents.

Those couple minutes before the MC make an appearance should be taken advantage to scout their opponent\'s details since they would be given utmost 15 minutes of scouting period after the Q&A.

Unlike the ISG where the MC always gives one hour of free time to make alliances, in the PSG that wasn\'t possible unless multiple teams were participating in one game.

Thankfully, the moment they entered the Game Hall, they were given the name of their opponent.

This made it much easier to find out the public knowledge about their planet and citizen.

In a minute or two, George stopped reading and summarized his most important discoveries to the team.

Only after hearing him out, did they understand the meaning of their flag.

It turned out their planet had a unique tough climate to live in!

They only two seasons in each year.

Winter and summer!

In winter, the weather could get as cold as -20°C, making it possible to freeze to death if one wasn\'t clothed enough.

Meanwhile, in summer the heat could surpass 50°C for straight six months, turning the planet into a furnace.

All of this caused by the unique orbit that their planet had around their star.

For half a year the planet gets a bit too close to the sun while in the other half, the planet strays further away.

Yet, the planet was still habitable! Well, barely due to the lack of plants and water sources that were being drained daily.

If it wasn\'t for some plants and lifeforms that had evolved to adapt to the environment, those humans wouldn\'t have anything to eat on that planet.

However, the food situation might be handled but the Salvadorians still struggled to live in that hellish environment.

It was so bad that 1 out of 10 babies survives through the 1st month! That\'s only if they didn\'t straightaway die in the w.o.m.b.

This caused the population of the Salvadorians to be at only 100 million on the entire planet!

However, on the bright side, those babies who survived were equipped with the proper evolutionary traits to survive the next years to come.

After hearing so, Olivia and the rest didn\'t know if they should feel bad for the **ty life of the Salvadorians or worried about their strength.

They knew that it was almost impossible for those warriors who battle through life and death for survival each day would find it difficult to reach peak 1st stage of replacement.

While they were thinking like this, the Salvadorian instructor informed his team about planet Earth details.

Upon hearing about Earth\'s peaceful atmosphere and the abundant resources that seemed never to run out, those juniors couldn\'t help but exhibit signs of jealousy and hatred, especially when they heard about their wasteful way of handling food!

All of this was written properly by the Queen after the Council had sold their data.

\'Reign your emotions.

Don\'t let them see that you envy them.

That would place us automatically below them.\' a red-skinned man with two brown horns protruding from the side of his black hair sent a message while looking indifferently at Felix and rest.

\'Yes, captain Drago.\'

His team closed their eyes and took deep breaths for a second or two.

After their eyes were snapped open, only a hint of fierceness was left in them, making Olivia and the rest feel like they were marked as prey by predators!

Meanwhile, Felix merely scratched his cheek in boredom while glancing at the podium, wondering who would be their MC in the game.

\'So, he is the captain A typical self-entitled prick.\' Drago arched his eyebrows in displeasure after seeing Felix\'s bored expression like he didn\'t want to be here.

\'Whatever, it\'s even better this way.\' Drago smirked while gazing at Felix with una.d.u.l.terated killing intent, \'People like him are always the easiest to kill due to their c.o.c.kiness.\'

\'Son, hide your killing intent.\' A middle-aged man with a long scarlet beard patted Drago\'s shoulder while shaking his head.

\'Don\'t make your intentions obvious lest they end up finding out about it.\'

Too bad, his warning came a bit late as Felix had immediately noticed Drago\'s murderous intent right from the start.

However, instead of turning his head and staring back, Felix merely kept doing whatever he was doing.

Nevertheless, evil thoughts were coursing in his mind, \'How should I play with him\'


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