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DON\'T FALTER!\' Drago yelled at his teammates while clapping both of his hands, \'It\'s one against eleven! Bombard him with elemental abilities and he di...\'


Before Drago could even finish his sentence, he was forced to dodge reflexively an incoming acid bomb that was thrown from half the field!

Alas, the bomb still exploded behind his back and encased him inside! However, since he was wearing that molten armor, the acid did nothing to him but hinder his vision.

Whoosh! Whoosh!...

When he hastily pulled outside of the mist cloud, he got mortified after seeing that his teammates were the ones being bombarded by acid bombs, hypotension bombs, and paralyze bombs from Felix who was sprinting towards him as fast as possible!

Knowing that he was targeted, Drago didn\'t hesitate to retreat as he knew that he would get f*cked up if he ever got caught by Felix!

That\'s because he was an elemental ranger first and foremost while Felix\'s was a humanoid beast!

\'Shit, **! Shit!\' Each time Drago turned around and saw that Felix was grinning devilishly while getting closer to him, he felt that his heart was about to leap out of his throat.

Although he was afraid of getting caught, he was still rational enough to stop after reaching the backline where the rest of his team was gathered.

Immediately after turning around and seeing that Felix was merely 30 meters away from them, He bent down slightly while his palms were emitting dark red particles that shaped up as the same small volcano!

Standing five meters to his right was the Shadow Elementalist who had her shadow rise from the ground and stand in front of her.

Meanwhile, to his left side was the Earth Elementalist.

He was inside the earth golem, exposing only his head from its chest.

He was carrying two rocks in his hands.

Mirak was standing on her sakura-like tree with her hands folded together.

Hokul was flying above their heads while his ten Polar Bears sculptures were placed in front of his team, acting like a meatshield.

Lastly, two more Salvadorians were standing at the corners, each with their own abilities activated.

Felix was charging towards this fully prepared army while behind him was the rest of his teammates trying their best to catch up to him and support him.


Before Felix could even cross the 20 meters mark, Drago roared loudly while firing off that Lava Ray from his volcano! Mariam sent her shadow while Dagion had tossed the big brown rocks.

Each to his own when it came to attacking Felix.

Boom! Boom! Crash!...

The earth shook, and the air vibrated as the area in front of them had turned into a war zone with all of the explosions and dirt flying in every direction.

Yet, Felix could be seen evading those abilities with his clothes barely getting dirtied by the aftermath.

It appeared like he could predict their trajectory before landing, making him move before the strike even landed on the ground!

The viewers kept watching in awe while the Salvadorians in dread and disbelief.

DIE! DIE! WHY WON\'T YOU DIE!! Drago almost lost his mind after seeing that Felix had emerged outside of a cloud of smoke with merely some broken grass blades on his hair and outfit.

Meanwhile, his tail was moving behind him playfully showing that the ball hadn\'t been lost in the chaos.

Just as Mirak wanted to send down every tree\'s branch in Felix\'s direction, she froze in her position after seeing that Felix had already reached the polar Bears and sliced them up like they were made of butter with his gleaming black claws.

Thud Thud!

The sliced pieces were smooth and clean, appearing likely a newly shaved chin.

No one bothered to look at them as Felix had instantly reached Drago\'s side and clutched him by the neck.

The Salvadorians stiffened with their eyes widened, not daring to believe that their Captain had been caught without putting a single resistance...Well, he did resist by firing off Lava Rays, but against Felix\'s speed, vision, and reflexes, it was a futile attempt.

Any last words Felix grinned devilishly while running his long claw against Drago\'s cheek.

Since it was covered by molten armor, his touch cracked it quite smoothly.

I am willing to die for my planet and people. Drago sneered with a bit of difficulty due to being chocked, So don\'t expect me to beg, you f*cker! Cough! Do it!! Do IIIT!!

Jeez, no need to get all dramatic.

I was just messing with you. Felix slapped him right in his back neck, making him faint instantly.

Then, he threw him to the side and glanced at the rest.

Why don\'t you save me the trouble and surrender now I don\'t want to overwork myself.

In normal situations, Felix would never do such a thing since he preferred not missing a single game point even if meant going on a massacre in the games.

However, he wanted to make himself distinct from \'Landlord\' since he would have done the same.

Sigh, nothing

Upon seeing that they weren\'t responding, Felix let out a long exhale and suddenly disappeared from the camera!

When he appeared, Mariam was already on the ground with foams coming out of her lips.

Before this image could register in everyone\'s minds, Felix had disappeared again just to appear above the earth golem\'s head.

Then, he smashed it to pieces with the tail\'s bulgy end and knocked out Dagion.

\'This can\'t be happening! how could his strength be this monstrous!\'

Mirak shivered from on top of the tree while watching Felix sprint from one of her teammates to another, knocking them out cold.

While the camera was finding it hard to follow Felix\'s movement, she could somewhat see his shadow due to her enhanced senses.

but seeing him was one thing and responding to his aggression was another!

He was tens of times faster than her roots could even travel and seeing how sharp his claws were, made her realize that he could literally kill anyone of them if he pleased.

A couple of seconds later, only Hokul and Bamur were still standing without counting the two healers at the corners.

Mirak had been taken care of just like the others.

If Hokul wasn\'t flying tens of meters in the air, his fate would have been the same.

Felix ignored his existence and simply walked past the sakura-like tree that was in the process of breaking into green particles.

His destination 

The scared **less Bamul, who was being lifted from the ground due to his tied-up hair with the goalpost.

He had his hair shaped up as two large fists, appearing like he wanted to box it out with Felix.

But a single indifferent glance from Felix made him tremble all over, as he sensed like he was thrown in the depth of glacial mountain with a thousand poisonous serpents to accompany him.

Warrior or not, in front of death itself staring right into his soul, fear would always creep up to them.

Do..Don\'t get any closer! Bamur stuttered while smashing those big blue fists at the ground, hoping to scare Felix away.

Whoosh! Bam!

Alas, Felix didn\'t even bother to respond to him as he simply whipped his tail to the side and hurled the ball straight in Bamur\'s face!

The distance was too close for Felix to miss such an easy target.


But, he didn\'t put all of his strength into it as he simply broke Bamul\'s nose, making his clutch into it tightly while blood streaming down his chin.

Meanwhile, the ball bounced back to Felix and he volleyed it to right in the left corner of the Goalpost.

Haha, finally I got it. Elated by his aim, Felix celebrated with a heartful laugh while walking back through the passed-out Salvadorians. 

Only his laugh and Bamur\'s groaning were echoing in the field as the rest of the Salvadorians were passed out while Felix\'s teammates were speechless by his excitement of scoring a corner goal in such a messed up situation.

Meanwhile, Tyson and the viewers didn\'t know what to say or react.

They were expecting anything but the game to end up in such a dumbfounding fashion.

Even the earthlings and the Gama Organization members were finding it hard to react as no one had expected that Felix would just carry the ball with his tail and deal with the entire team before scoring. 


The referee whisled faithfully like nothing was wrong with the sight of 8 players lying on the ground unconsciously.


Only after hearing the whistle did the viewers wake up from their stupor and started cheering with their cheeks flushed red and their hands raised above their heads..

This is so unfair! How dare you place the same betting odds for the two teams when the Earthling captain can just stream roll everyone!! Give me back my 1000 SC!!

I want my money back as well! This game shouldn\'t have been played!!

Meanwhile, the Salvadorian viewers and those who made bets against the Earthling team were not having a good time at all.

After all, everyone could see that the game was doomed without any way of a comeback.

Felix Maxwell had just stopped giving a f*ck and went full ham on the Salvadorians with all of his strength!

While Tyson was shouting passionately, his thoughts were different completely, \'F*cking hell, this matchup is too unbalanced with his busted semi-morphing boost! I need to find out how much it gives him!\'

While Tyson was preparing his questions for the after-game interviews, Mr.Ralvol and the three Salvadorian Substitutes were sitting in silence on the bench.

They were staring at their passed-out teammates who were being taken to the corner domes by Hokul and Bamur to receive treatment.

Sir...What should we do A brown-skinned man with a tattooed face asked softly.


Ralvol blinked his eyes without voice his response.

He seemed like he was unfazed by the situation but his tightened fists that were placed on his knees were an obvious sign of the opposite.

Just as the substitute wanted to suggest replacing a couple of passed-out teammates to kick off the ball, Mr.

Ralvol took a deep breath with his eyes closed shut and said with a suppressed tone, We are surrendering.


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