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Upon hearing Felix\'s thoughts and seeing their expressions, Lady Sphinx supported their conclusion, It is only natural that they have gotten taught by me.

After all, it took me billions of years to discover Alchemy and develop it into what it became today.

For a strict field of study, there is no such a thing as born with it!

Felix\'s entire views started reshaping themselves each time he heard Lady Sphinx speak.

He always assumed that Potioneering was created by witches and it wasn\'t just him but everyone currently in the universe had the same belief.

Even the witches themselves believed it and were proud of it!

Hence, when Felix saw Lady Sphinx concocting in the labs, he had already started to have doubts about the entire matter.

Especially when he saw that her lab was a copy-pasted version of the witches!

Only now was the truth out that might shake the entire universe if it was revealed!

\'But wait, she said she discovered alchemy instead of potioneer What\'s alchemy\' Felix contemplated in his mind.

Since his thoughts were a free market for those three monsters, Lady Sphinx heard his question loud and clear.

She placed her hands on the table and informed sternly, Alchemy is a field of study concerned with the study of the composition, structure, and properties of the elements in the known universe, as well as the transmutation of substances.

So potion making is just a branch of Alchemy The Jörmungandr asked.

He also had no clue about those things.

Yes, it is quite a major branch in it. Lady Sphinx agreed.

May we know what other branches are there Felix asked.

There are Biological transmutation, genetics manipulation, Chemistry, and lastly Potion-making. Lady Sphinx said.

\'Genetics Manipulation I wonder what she thinks of the humans\' advancement in genetics manipulation.\' Felix thought.

He knew that when it comes to genetics, humans were below only the Metal Race in this field since it was related to their strength and their survival.

Hence, the massive investments in researching genetics.

Your race has yet to touch the essence of genes and what do they represent. The Sphinx neither scoffed nor disparaged the humans\' efforts, she simply advised, You focus too much on beasts\' genes while ignoring your own gene pool that is still locked behind chains.

If you switched your aim of the study, you would be surprised by the discoveries.

Before Felix could comment, Lady Sphinx licked her lips while gazing at his body, But I will do so with your body.

Let\'s see if you will survive my genetic modifications, unlike the previous test subjects.

Hehehe, this will be fun.

\'Save me, Elder!! I don\'t want to go or die!\' Felix cried in his mind while looking pitifully at Jörmungandr.

\'Sorry child, she has already placed her eyes on you.\' The Jörmungandr merely shrugged his shoulders and stopped caring about Felix\'s whines.

Who could blame him Lady Sphinx didn\'t even try to hide what she was going to do to him, and Felix understood that genetics manipulation was a dangerous field of study and painful as hell.

If it wasn\'t for so, integrations wouldn\'t have been always like walking on molten rocks.

Alas, he brought this upon himself when he willingly awakened Lady Sphinx.

Don\'t be afraid. Lady Sphinx caressed his cheek with her furry finger and promised, You won\'t die from my experiments.

Elder, am I going to be locked in a lab for years Felix sobbed miserably, I have a family to feed and I really can\'t be gone away.

Thud!! Ouch!!

Don\'t lie to me again. Lady Sphinx said after knocking him in the head with her knuckle.

She pointed at her golden-triangle pupil and said calmly, I see only the truth and nothing but the truth.

Felix\'s heart skipped a beat after hearing so.

\'Is this why they were referring to her as the Guardian of the Truth Wait for a second...Didn\'t I awaken the Truth Eyes Do I have that ability as well!\'

You unlocked the Truth Eyes Lady Sphinx appeared somewhat shocked as she brought her face closer to him and started staring right into his eyes which were exactly the same as hers.

She didn\'t have the time to read his memories before so she was clueless about a lot of things concerning him.

Hence, it came to her as a shock that Felix inherited the ability, gift, or trait that set her apart from the rest of the primogenitors!

Thud! Ouchh!!

What was that for Pained, Felix complained after getting smacked in the head for the 2nd time.

Alas, he quickly closed his mouth shut after seeing that Lady Sphinx was fuming mad.

This time she wasn\'t suppressing it!

You little thieving prick! Livid, Lady Sphinx pointed at her eyes and shouted, I spent at least 2 billion years on my Truth Eyes, training them and discovering ways to breakthrough beyond what was visible! I finally reached 5th Class.e.m.e.nt after all that effort! Now you are telling me that you inherited all of that in 15 minutes!!

In the end, Lady Sphinx couldn\'t help but lose it after seeing her most prized treasure in Felix\'s stupid face, who was dumbfounded by what he heard.


Smach! Smack!! Thud!!

Lady Sphinx\'s elegance was no more as her glasses were thrown somewhere, her beautiful face was flushed red and her hands were stained with Felix\'s bloody face as he was getting the plumping of his life.

I will, Cough! die! Save mee! Felix managed to utter only those four words before getting punched in the lips, busting them wide open.

It seemed like Lady Sphinx was still controlling her strength to just bring him utmost pain without killing him.

heheheh, beat him well big sis! Asna cheered at the side in delight while the Jörmungandr was rubbing his beard in amus.e.m.e.nt.

He never saw or thought that Lady Sphinx could lose her composure as she was known for being the most patient and kind when dealing with those below her in the universal social pyramid.

But he could understand where she was coming from.

After all, he also had spent at least a billion years before finding a way to reach the size of a cosmic body.

Yet, Felix had inherited that ability and could also reach the same size anytime he wanted.

The only limit he had was energy! Once he deals with it, he could easily grow as big as a planet just like that.

If the Jörmungandr wasn\'t already planning on returning to death\'s embrace and didn\'t care much, Felix would have gotten beaten even worse by him!


In the end, Lady Sphinx stopped her pounding with one last punch at Felix\'s right eye that was already swollen and purple.

All good now The Jörmungandr smiled faintly, Did you vent enough

Huff, even I beat him every single day for the rest of his life, It would still not be enough. Lady Sphinx said coldly while kicking Felix in the ass one last time, hurling him away from the table.

Then, she sat with them and cleaned herself up from his blood with a finger snap.

Oiiii, Felix are you dead yet Asna asked while giggling in happiness.

Seeing Felix suffering was always a pleasure to a sadistic queen like her.

Argh, Argh...

Alas, only Felix\'s agonizing groans responded to her question.

Little thief, heal yourself and bring your ass here! Lady Sphinx ordered without glancing at Felix.

Upon receiving permission, Felix swiftly submerged himself in the lake and emerged with a brand new body.

He didn\'t dare to leave the consciousness space or heal himself lest he makes it worse.

After seating with them, Felix avoided having eye contact with Lady Sphinx, fearing for a 2nd round of plumping if she saw his eyes again.

Look at me. Lady Sphinx ordered Felix.

Cough, you sure are beautiful elder. Felix complemented with a forced smile.

Save your breath. Lady Sphinx pointed at his eyes and said with her lips trembling, If you understood what the Truth Eyes were capable of, you would be jumping in joy for a year.

Oh What do they do Asna asked in intrigue.

Both Felix and the Jörmungandr had their ears perked up in curiosity.

The Truth Eyes is split into 6 Class.e.m.e.nts.

Lady Sphinx blinked her eyes once and the golden triangle-like pupil angles had expanded until they touched the irises.

I have now activated the 1st Class.e.m.e.nt, this allows me to see the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

Then, she made a square-like motion with her finger, using Felix\'s mist to create a greyboard.

After finishing, she drew a long line and named it an electromagnetic spectrum.

Next to the line was a wavey line that was long at the top and at the bottom had multiple stacked waves.

At the top of the line where there are low frequency and low energy, you can see radio waves, AM waves, Radar waves...etc.

At the bottom of the range, where the frequency and energy are high, you can see Gamma Rays and Cosmic Rays. She explained patiently like a teacher, forgoing all of her anger at Felix.

Infrared vision, X-ray vision, ultraviolet vision, night vision, normal vision...etc are all between those two endings. She wrote them on the line and left them for Felix to study upclose.

I like to refer to the first Class.e.m.e.nt as The Base Vision. She said casually, dumbfounding Felix.

\'If all of this was just base vision, then were we blind the whole time\' Felix thought speechlessly.

Yes, everyone without the Truth Eyes is blind. Lady Sphinx said while pointing at her eyes.

Felix was shocked to see the emergence of a red triangle inside the golden triangle!! It was reversed on it, making her eyes seem dreadful but magnificent at the same time.

Uncaring about his shock, Lady Sphinx plucked a hair strand from Felix\'s hair forcefully, making him grimace in pain.

She made it hover in front of the table and created a mirror-like screen beside it.

The screen was showing the strand upclose, probably synchronizing with Lady Sphinx\'s vision.

This is the 2nd Class.e.m.e.nt. She said while gazing with her mesmerizing eyes at the hair strand.

Felix, Asna, the Jörmungandr was stunned but mostly fascinated after seeing that the screen was showing that Lady Sphinx was zooming in at the strand continuously until Felix\'s DNA was in full display!

However, she simply paused for a split second and continued zooming in until she reached the atomic world, showing Felix\'s atoms!

Just as they assumed that she was done, they were mortified by her zooming inside the atom for a couple of seconds until she stopped at a colorful bright world, filled with rainbow-like clouds and gleaming crystals!

Welcome to the Quantum Realm. Lady Sphinx smiled, Where Laws are nonexistent and peculiarity happening every millisecond.


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