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The aircraft kept nose-diving into the ground, forcing Felix to make a drastic move as he unfastened his seatbelt and beam an Angel Wings potion that he kept in his spatial card with the rest of his battle-oriented potions!


Felix drunk it in one mouthful not even bothering to taste its flavor.

Then, he kicked the aircraft\'s glass as hard as he could, shattering it immediately!

Upon seeing that the ground was merely 20 meters away, Felix didn\'t hesitate to jump into the sky while the potion\'s effect had yet to fully manifest.

\'He won\'t make it.

The Angle Wings Potion needs two seconds to fully create wings and then he would need two more seconds for his nervous system to connect to them.

Lastly, another second to flap his wings.\' Lady Sphinx commentated while taking a sip of tea.

Felix didn\'t even need to hear her as he could see with his own eyes the approaching heated crater while his wings were just coming along!

\'Plan B! Desert Domain!\' 

Felix snapped his finger, using the 3rd active ability that he unlocked after reaching 60% in his integration! It allows him to emit sand particles from every inch of his body.

However, since he was wearing an obsecurm suit that was made from Nanobots instead of fiber, those sand particles were blocked between Felix\'s skin and the suit!


\'LIFT OFF!!\'

The moment Felix felt he was encased in enough sand, he shouted loudly while using his mental energy to control the sand particles!


Then, nothing! His body didn\'t smash into the ground but kept hovering merely 1 meter above it!

\'A smart move.\' The Jörmungandr praised after understanding what Felix had just done.

Felix knew about his suit\'s inability to release sand and took advantage of it by using encasing himself in blue sand grains!

Then, he simply ordered for the sand to lift off, resulting in him benefiting from it.

Since he utilized anti-gravitational attributed sand, it helped him even further.

However, since he was fully encased in sand, it wasn\'t comfortable at all as he had to keep his eyes open through the entire process to see the distance.

Thankfully, it all worked out!



Felix landed on the heated ground that was emitting red smoke ceaselessly.

Besides it, there was not a single metal, rock, body part, or any other material, like the Gama Spaceship was never here.

Felix quickly stood up while turning on his stealth mode.

Even his glorious creamy-white wings had turned invisible due to the nanobots making them part of the suit like his tail.

Were they going to fly Felix didn\'t hesitate to try it out as he had no plans to remain in the ground with that skeleton thing!

Whoosh Whoosh!

His wings flapped twice and he got lifted quite easily.

Alas, just as he wanted to continue going up, he felt like his feet had been latched on by something sticky and gluey!

\'The hell!\'

When he looked down, he couldn\'t help but exclaim in panic at the sight of his entire foot encased in a pitch-black matter that was connected to something away from him.

The moment he followed its path with his eyes, shivers coursed in his spine after seeing that it was the doing of the skeleton who was still hovering five meters in the air!


Alas, Felix wasn\'t given time to attempt and free himself as he got pulled like he weighted absolutely nothing!

He couldn\'t muster a single ounce of resistance as his body kept getting smashed into the ground over and over again, turning Felix dizzy but not hurting him at all.

By the time he stopped, Felix was left dangling upside down in the air like he was being caught in a net by a giant!

Huff, Huff

Loud and rugged breaths kept hitting Felix\'s mask, making his eyes widen in disbelief and terror after seeing the real look of that skeleton.

He was finally close enough to see his entire body without having his vision hindered by the smoke!

Who could blame him for reacting like that

The human Skeleton had turned out to be inside a five meters giant pitch-black substance! It was sticky and dripping like wax into the ground!

Yet, it was still standing upright since every small drop that touched the heated ground would attach itself back to the body!

Meanwhile, its face had only two holes and a long slit, appearing like they were its eyes and mouth! Sometimes they open and sometimes they close.

Artificial Symbiote! Felix exclaimed in shock after realizing that nothing else could explain this abomination other than that!

He understood that artificial symbiote could be hosted by humans or any other race but the size remains correspondent to the race.

Otherwise, the compressed energy inside the symbiote would end up locking the host inside the suit! It could even lead to death!

Thus, when he saw the human skeleton, the last thing that he could think of was a human hosting an artificial symbiote!

Are you liking my new look You did this to me after all! A deep gruff voice emerged from inside the facial\'s slit, appearing like a monster trying his best to speak.

Who are you and how can you even see me! Felix asked loudly while still dangling from his feet.

It wasn\'t like he didn\'t want to try and escape but he knew that was impossible!

Symbiote skin was known for being one of the toughest materials in the universe.

Felix couldn\'t just cut it or destroy it!

If it wasn\'t for so, his Red Plasma weapon would have been enough to delete it from existence and there would be no point in him heading down to gather the pieces!

Hence, instead of acting out, he decided to play slowly by delaying the time until he figures out a way to escape this **ty hole!

How can you not know me The voice was still deep but Felix could sense una.d.u.l.terated rage emitting from it.

You took everything from me!

I don\'t even know who you are!

You will find out now!


The moment the last word resounded in Felix\'s ears, he found out that his body was already in contact with the ground!

Smoke rose and pebbles were hurled everywhere as the monster kept lifting Felix up by his feet and smashing him again on his other side! 

\'Shit ** **!\' Felix cursed each time his face had kissed the ground as his thoughts kept getting jammed, making it impossible for him to think straight!

Although the pain was brought to the minimum due to the energy absorption futhark effect, Felix knew that he didn\'t have all the time in the world to enjoy getting plummeted like this!

\'I need to find a way to escape before the futhark energy runs out.\' He thought in agitation, \'Shit, I can only summon the guardians to hold him back!\'

Felix knew that this move might get him in trouble since that person inside the symbiote would most definitely know that he was Landlord if he ever bothered to watch the trending SG news.

The guardians were an iconic ability to Felix and anyone would realize the connection immediately.

But Felix didn\'t care about any of this right now as his life was on the line! The moment his suit\'s defenses gives in, he was dead meat!

He had no intentions of cutting his foot so soon since he would be crippling himself right at the start of the fight and he had no clue what this monster was capable of!

After all, didn\'t his feet get caught right when he was about to fly while in stealth mode


The four guardians heeded Felix\'s order and rose from the sand that was being thrown everywhere.

Felix\'s exposed palms kept projecting colored sand ceaselessly, creating the Eagle Guardian first and followed by the rest of the Guardians!

Even in this dangerous situation, the Guardians didn\'t forget their tradition of greeting Felix.

\'Hahaha, as expected from my cute guardians.\' Lady Sphinx laughed softly, \'They sure know their priorities.\'

Asna and the Jörmungandr spared her a speechless side-glance before returning to the battle that had finally shown some development!

Alas, it was still not in Felix\'s favor as the guardians\' weapons ended up getting caught by the symbiote substance the moment they attempted to strike it!

The Eagle Guardian spear was stuck in the monster\'s head while the Lion Guardian had his blade was glued fully in the monster\'s arm. 

Meanwhile, The Cat Guardian had it even worse than the bunch as her nails were affixed to her body unlike them.

This made her get caught in the monster\'s grasp just like Felix!

\'F*cking hell! I called you to free me not get caught with me!\' Felix shouted while his face had just got smacked with the ground again, making him shake his head in dizziness.

When his vision was recovered, he managed to notice that the Serpent Guardian had also her whip rolled around the monster\'s neck without moving.

However, his eyes gleamed in delight when he spotted that her green whip was turning brighter and brighter!

\'She is absorbing its energy!\' He concluded!

Felix understood that the artificial symbiotes were nothing but a huge mass of energy inside a pitch-black skin!

This meant the Serpent Guardian\'s attributed green sand was the perfect counter to it since she could absorb its energy and making use of it!

\'What\'s going on\'

The monster finally stopped smashing Felix as the Serpent Guardian\'s activity had attracted his attention.

However, he didn\'t really feel a thing as the energy absorbed by the Serpent Guardian was minuscule!

\'Uhmm Four Golems and all with different weapons and colors.

Isn\'t this one of Landlord\'s abilities Is he Landlord or someone else with the same ability\'

The monster tilted his big blackhead to the side while bringing Felix\'s relaxed body near his face.

Are you Landlord

\'Shit, he already started doubting me.\' Felix flinched after hearing his question but he didn\'t respond at all.

He simply focused on his Serpent Guardian and realized that she was growing bigger but the symbiote never seemed to get even an inch smaller.

Felix knew that when it comes to symbiotes, size was correspondents to energy.

This meant, the energy she absorbed was negligible and if he relied on her to finish the job, he would be dead.

Hence, he sent away his guardians as they were just wasting his energy per second.

Just like that, he was back to the start, dangling from his feet.

The only difference was that his suit was getting close to giving in while the monster had yet to get touched.

\'I can\'t fight like this.

I need to escape his grasp first before he hugs me and ends up having me glued to his chest!\' Felix thought with a grim expression.


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