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The only thought that coursed in the presidents\' minds after seeing his abrupt appearance was, \'How long was he listening for\'

They completely forgot that Felix could pop inside the assembly any moment he wanted since he had the invitation link and he was eligible to attend by the contract terms.

Felix\'s absence in most meetings and their agitation made it pretty easy to forget about it.

Captain Felix, I am glad that you are doing well. Mr.

Rodrigas broke the silence by saying with good intentions.

We were worried sick that something might have happened to you after the Gama Organization incident.

Indeed, you have no idea how relieved I am to see you well.

Most presidents kept clamoring with sincere expressions, making Felix want nothing but to spit on their faces.

He saw that most of them were fully adamant in their stand to kick him out before.

Yet the moment he appeared, they did a 180 degrees switch.

\'Disgusting, at least stay true to your stand.\' Felix hated cowards like those who always try their best to stand behind the strong.

He understood that if some presidents proposed to kick him out, it was fully justifiable since he did indeed bring unwarranted trouble to the planet.

It meant, they were truly looking for the best interest of the planet or at least afraid to face off the consequence of standing behind him.

He had no problems with that.

But to straightaway get chummy with him after he appeared Felix felt only disgust from those presidents that had shown this behavior.

Because it truly made them appear that they were speaking behind his back like some teenage girls instead of confronting him about their stand.

Anyway, I have no time to waste being here.

Felix\'s entire demeanor switched as he stopped caring about giving them \'face\'.

He looked at them indifferently and said, I am here to say that I have no intentions of leaving Earthling identity or the captain\'s position.

So you can expect me to lead the team in the next game...George, say hi to the team for me.

Felix\'s body broke into light particles immediately after he made his stance clear on the matter.

He didn\'t even give them time to think about his words.

The only reason he bothered to show up was to see their attitude on the matter.

He had no interest to tell them grand promises or beg them to not make the announcement.

In his eyes, the moment they did so, he was done with them and it would be time to clean up the Council.

Indeed, he felt that it was normal to kick him out but it didn\'t mean that he approved of it.

Planet Earth was too important for Felix and he wasn\'t planning on giving up on it that easily!

As for this setback He already had plans to fix it! 


Meanwhile, inside the UVR\'s Royal Tree of the Maganda Tribe, in a spacious conference room that was held in the hollowed stem of the gigantic tree, the Anti-Royalty Alliance could be seen gathering around a circular-shaped wooden table.

Everything checks out. Gabrial said with an elevated tone, His bloodlines even provided more abilities above being unique than the rest.

I truly don\'t know how could one create or discover such bloodlines.

What\'s our next move Zosia asked with a rushed tone, I believe that the Royal Family and the rest are already preparing to make a move on him.

Thoughtful, Magada Chief rubbed his chin for a second before saying, We need to know first if those bloodlines belonged to him or the Organization.

After a quick rundown, his background seemed clean and ordinary.

So, it is really hard to believe that those bloodlines were his.

Indeed, It\'s more logical to consider that his Organization was hiding in that primitive blue planet and picked him up as their experiment. The 2nd leader of the Sanctum said.

Whatever, we will extract information from him after we catch him. Zosia said, Should we send our fleets to pressure those leaders into giving up permission to scan their planet and send some of our men

The Maganda Chief didn\'t respond as it could be seen that he was in deep contemplation.

A couple of seconds later, he looked at them and proposed, Why don\'t we take his side in the light

Uhmm The rest of the alliance raised their eyebrows in surprise at his proposal.

Think about it. The Maganda Chief clarified, Everyone right now is advancing to the planet and aiming for his head since they had no idea about the Organization.

But we do!

If we chose his side in the light, we could receive some goodwill from the Organization and finally show them that we mean well.

But in the shadows We can send mercenaries unrelated to us to capture him.

We will be winning in both cases. The Maganda Chief said, smiling cunningly.


That\'s quite devious.

Zosia and the rest agreed to the proposal in a heartbeat.

They knew that if the Organization saw their efforts to help Felix, it might contact them back and consider taking them as their allies.

Naturally, the Anti-Royalty Alliance\'s first request would be getting a bloodline bottle or at least a sample to see if they were the real deal or they weren\'t talking with a phantom the entire time.

Alright, let\'s finalize this plan as fast as possible. The Maganda Chief said.

The rest nodded their heads and entered a heated discussion about the plan\'s details that lasted for half an hour.

After they were done, they initiated the first step by calling Felix.

Ring Ring...Clunk!

The call got connected!

Hello, chief.

Felix could be seen from the hologram supporting his head with his palm while using his real face.

He had an easy-going smile as he looked at the seniors, appearing quite natural.

He could finally drop the disguise and just be him.

I don\'t know why you were hiding such a handsome face.

No wonder my daughter keeps talking about you. Maganda praised with a rowdy laugh.

As always the Chief tried to make the mood less tense and more friendly.

Felix also preferred it being like this as he replied with a friendly tone as well.

This resulted in entering a needless conversation filled with nothing but flattery and asking for each other\'s wellbeing.

But after it was done, the mood was set for the Anti-Royalty to address the main concern of their call.


Felix, I believe that you are in quite a pitch with all the ongoing news about you. Zosia said calmly.

I know. Felix said

It seems like you are not worried at all The Chief asked after seeing his calm attitude.

Felix didn\'t respond to that.

He just kept smiling faintly until the Chief coughed and moved on to another matter.


Felix, we just called to let you know that we have your back. The Chief said solemnly, We will do our very best to help you in such difficult times.

Just give the word, and we will see what we can do about it.

Seniors are truly too good to me. Felix said with an appreciative expression.

Don\'t mention it. The Chief asked, Tell us, do you need any sort of help

Without hesitation, Felix brought out an invisible list and started reading off it without an ounce of shame, I want you to recognize Earth as your ally and send space fleets to protect it from anyone\'s aggression.

I want you to make your stance clear that any non-native that hurt an earthling would be considered an enemy of yours.

Lastly, I don\'t want my family or the earthling team to be harassed or touched by any means...I want you...

By the time Felix finished reading the list, The Chief and the rest were looking at him with mouth agape, not knowing how to react.

They expected him to ask something for himself but everything that he mentioned was for outsiders.

Is that truly all you need The Chief asked speechlessly, We can easily take care of those things but what about you We want to help you escape or at least hide in a safe place until the heat goes off.

The Organization would deal with that. Felix said indifferently.

Felix wasn\'t a retard to request anything concerning him since it would give off his location quite easily.

But he also didn\'t want to not take advantage of them since he still had plans to continue using the Organization\'s shadow as his excuse for his abnormality.

This time, he actually was planning on giving some random common element of Primogenitor\'s bloodline to the Anti-Royalty Alliance to make them feel safe with their decision to back him up!

His change of heart was due to his exposure since now everyone knew that his bloodlines give more than 6 abilities.

Hence, it didn\'t matter anymore if the Chief and the rest found out about it when they get their hands on a primogenitor\'s bloodline.

Obviously, to keep the primogenitors hidden, Felix was going to give them a bloodline that had only 75% essence.

With such a low percentage, they would never be able to wake up the primogenitor\'s consciousness but at the same time, they would be getting 9 abilities from it, making them realize that the Organization was the real deal!

Felix wasn\'t worried in the slightest that they would be able to experiment on the bloodline since the Jörmungandr had told him when he first met him that only beings like the primogenitors and Asna could see his essence!

That applied to every other primogenitor\'s essence!

This meant the Chief and the rest wouldn\'t find anything abnormal in the essence or manage to extract some information leading to the primogenitors!

Well, consider it done then. The Chief promised, Your planet would be safe and sound under our protection.

After all, we are the three strongest superpowers in the empire.

The Chief wasn\'t bragging at all as he understood that only the Royal Family would create troubles for them since the rest of the kingdoms were going to respect their alliance whether they liked it or not.

As for other empires

They weren\'t too worried about them since it was impossible to send their fleets to the Earth like it was their own backyard.

Respecting territories was a must.

otherwise, the tension would arise between the empires.

Though they were going to send a couple of spacesh.i.p.s to keep an eye close at the planet, that shouldn\'t be a problem to the Anti-Royalty Alliance.

Thank you, Chief. Felix bowed his head respectively and said, I will do my utmost best to keep requesting the High echelon of the Organization to contact you back.

After they see your sincere actions, I believe that they might reach out to you soon.

That\'s good to hear. The Chief smiled widely.

The rest also said casual things like that instead of pressuring him.

As the Chief said, they would be making a move in the dark and the light, so even if this plan failed and the Organization turned out to be a ruse, they weren\'t losing anything in the process but a couple of words and threats to keep outsiders away from Earth!

That\'s why the moment the call got disconnected, Zosia called her subordient and said coldly, Contact the mercenaries affiliated with us.

Send a couple to the planet and the majority to keep an eye next to the Alexender Kingdom\'s wormhole expressways.

Cover all of them! The subordinate asked with a shocked expression.


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