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Felix couldn\'t help but laugh at the sound of that as he truly believes that anyone who dared to step into the desert with him was bound to damnation!

\'F*cking hell, give us a chance! he already has more abilities than us!\'

\'It\'s not a totally lost game, I have wings of Icuris Bloodline, one of the fastest beasts in tier 3.

As long as I create a vast distance between me and the rest, it wouldn\'t matter much if the 3rd zone was beneficial to him.\' Valkyrie thought.

\'Heh, I named myself Speedster for a reason.\' A blue-haired man with a tight-fitted white sports uniform scoffed after seeing Felix\'s reaction.

He understood that Felix was thinking that the game was already in the bag since everyone had watched the battle against Mr.

Gama and saw how he was able to move freely on the sand.

They didn\'t know what ability that was, but it was apparent that it would be a huge movement boost to Felix at the desert zone.

That being said, The Speedster didn\'t feel threatened at all by Felix since he knew that he was going to leave everyone to eat his dust the moment the game began.

By the time Felix reaches the desert, he would have already reached the finish line!

Be wary of the desert as there would be recurring sandstorms hitting from all possible directions. Dallas mentioned calmly, In addition, there would be beasts underneath the sand, like sandworms, scorpions...etc.

Do know that all of the beasts in the game will be at tier 3.

Oh, one last thing, anyone who flies ten meters above the desert would face a much worse retaliation from the beasts than those on the ground.

The players didn\'t like the sound of that but they were already used to facing challenges like those in every game.

That should be it. Dallas glanced at his bracelet and said, Please ask your questions.

The players quickly raised their hands and Dallas picked one of them randomly.

Can beasts enter the teleportation mirrors


The players drew a deep breath in dread at the sound of that.

Most of them were planning on relying on those teleportation mirrors to escape to the roof in case they were chased by beasts.

But it seemed like that was merely wishful thinking.


May I know when those disasters are going to occur and how long they were going to last

I don\'t know, next.

Is the Tsunami going to smash us against the city gate if we get caught in it 

No. Dallas clarified, This is an obstacle marathon, not a death trap.

All of those disasters are programmed to hinder your progress first and foremost not get you killed.

Hence, the Tsunami will simply take you back to the shore and disappear.

The players sighed in relief at the sound of that.

Though no one wanted to get caught in a tsunami since getting taken to the shore simply meant that it was game over.

Upon seeing that only two players still had their hands up, Dallas asked them, Is your question about the titles

The two players nodded their heads while lowering their hands.

Dallas fixed his black bowtie and said, For the unique title, you will need to emerge first in all three zones.

The Tittle is called, -Always First-.

\'Damn, that sounds terrible.\' Felix commentated speechlessly.

He wasn\'t the only one with the same opinion as not a single player seemed moved by the naming.

Those who were familiar with Dallas knew that his unique titles had horrible names that wouldn\'t make anyone aim for them.

Dallas didn\'t care about their reaction as he carried on, As for the MVP Title, you need to win the marathon after giving everyone half an hour headstart.

\'Yeah, that ain\'t happening.\' Felix who was thinking he would go for the MVP title removed that thought immediately after hearing the requirement.

30 minutes Felix knew that 10 minutes was already too much.

Based on the scouting he had in the past five days, he understood that there were 4 players capable of beating him in speed.

He had no intentions of giving them 30 minutes headstart.

That should be all. Dallas snapped his finger and said one last time, Let\'s meet on the track and good luck to all participants.

When Felix looked at him, he noticed that he had received a casual look before Dallas\'s body disintegrated.

\'I should be expecting an interview attempt.\' Felix mused, \'I should take advantage of it and bull** a bit.\'

Look at him smiling without care.

I just want to slap the ** out of him. A wide-shouldered man with a thick orange beard said with a suppressed tone near two players. 

I don\'t know about you guys but I am planning on assaulting him with an elemental salvo the moment he enters the city gate. A man with a ponytail hairstyle and a loose grey robe said with a cunning smile.

You too Another player near him said quite loudly, I am also going for it.

A selfish f*cker like him deserve to be cut into multiple pieces!

I thought I was the only one with the idea.

I will be doing so as well.

One player after the other kept clamoring about assaulting Felix at the city gate out loud, making it impossible for Felix to not hear about it.

In the end, Felix was speechless to find out that all the 64 players in the game had joined the hubbub in ambushing him.

Sigh, you guys should have spoken a bit softer. Valkyrie\'s Cry shook her head in disapproval and said while pointing her thin finger at Felix, Now that you have scared him, I doubt he would dare to step outside of his station at the beginning.

True, we didn\'t consider that.

Whatever, I will still camp his station for 5 minutes.

I will do the same.

Just like before, the players had ended up with a unanimous decision to wait 5 minutes before Felix\'s station.

All of them seemed serious to respect that decision but Felix was able to notice subtle hints of ridicule and dread when they took glimpses of him.

His eyes might not allow him to see anything but the truth yet but he could still spot those subtle hints with his enhanced vision.

Upon connecting some dots, Felix realized what those clowns were attempting to do by playing this charade in front of him!

\'They are trying to scare me into staying in my station so I wouldn\'t be gathered with them during the start.\' Felix smirked, \'They are scared of killing me and also of getting killed by me since they must understand that it is impossible for them to win against me solo.\'

This made Felix conclude that no one would be camping him at all!

Honestly, it didn\'t even matter to him that much if they truly camped him or not since he had created a countermeasure for the situation anyways during the past 5 days.

Hence, he simply kept enjoying the clown show they were putting in front of him by giving them head nods of approval. 

The players were weirded out by his behavior but they ignored it and started talking about creating alliances between them without bothering to approach Felix.

Before long the one hour of \'friends making\' had ended and the players started to get teleported outside of the hall one by one.

\'Hopefully, my fans didn\'t give up on me.\' Felix wished while closing his eyes shut.


In the Earthling Team Headquarter, in the open space of the Drop...A large holographic screen was placed in front of hundreds of chairs that were packed to the limit with the team members and the Drop\'s staff.

Some were even sitting on the hover platforms due to the lack of space.

Some were talking out loud and some were just staring at the rowdy stadium, not bothered by their colleagues\' chatter since the stream\'s noise was covering over anything.

Speedster! You got this baby!

Landlord, you uglyf*ck! Tell us the method!!

Landlord, I love you!!!

Valkryie, win this for me!!

Cheers and chants were resounding in the Drop, making Olivia and the rest to feel like they were sitting in the stadium.

Well, feeling was just a feeling, and honestly watching the stream would never be the same as watching the game live.

Alas, it was impossible for Olivia and the rest to secure their tickets since they got sold out the second Felix had appeared in the game\'s participation list.

Billions of people had competed for those tickets but only 40 million managed to secure a seat in the stadium.

There were some who took advantage of the opportunity to sell their ticket at ten times the price, making a load of profit by just being lucky.

Too bad, not a single soul on Earth managed to get lucky with a ticket.

If Felix didn\'t forget that he was exposed, he would have given a couple of tickets to his Grandfather and Olivia since players had a little bit of privilege.

Too bad, it was already too late and right now Olivia, the earthling team, his grandfather, and even the Council could only watch the live stream.

Whoosh Whoosh...!

They are teleporting! Olivia said in excitement while glancing here and there, wanting to locate Felix amidst the players.

Soon, she spotted him standing all alone in the middle of the players like he had a coronavirus and was getting isolated.

Yet, no one cared about this as the sight of him wearing black shorts and a white T-shirt dumbfounded them.

If Felix wore sunglasses and a hat, he would undoubtedly be considered on a vacation instead of a deadly game!

His casual attitude as he gave head nods to the viewers didn\'t make it any better!


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