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The moment his voice resounded in the stadium and the stream, most viewers shuddered in shock and alarm.

The same thought couldn\'t help but go through their minds.

When they recalled Felix\'s abilities, experience, skills, and other assets that separate him from the rest of the players, they started to see that he might actually be able to pull it off!

It\'s been really a long long time since we had a bloodliner climb to Diamond Rank of the UISG. Maganda Chief sighed.

Indeed, the only four bloodliners who made it to that rank are being named the Great Four. Zosia shook her head, But in reality, there is nothing great in having only four humans from a quadrillion population in the Galaxy make it to Diamond Rank.

Well, it\'s really not easy to climb the UISG where it was infested with hundreds of different races that were built for combat from their birth unlike us. Gabrial said, It is already a legendary achievement in my eyes to go beyond Platinum rank in that hellish competition.

Do you think Landlord could actually go beyond them Maganda wondered.

I don\'t know. Zosia said, We don\'t even know if he was going to accept the normal promotion and stay in the SG human branch or break off and join the UISG.

I believe in the latter. Maganda nodded his head firmly, If his Organization truly wanted to gather data about the strength of the bloodline then testing it against other races is the best course possible.

Clearly, Landlord is overpowering bloodliners easily and he shouldn\'t be even in gold rank.

True, he is too strong and the Organization wouldn\'t be getting useful data against those bloodliners. Berry agreed.

This meant, he only needs to win one more game against bloodliners before playing the promotion games in the UISG platform. Maganda smiled faintly, I won\'t lie and say that I am quite anticipated to see the reaction of other races when they fight against him.

Hahaha, same, same.

Our race has been bullied more than enough in UISG gold and platinum rank. Gabrial smirked, It\'s time for our turn.

Though his integration is too low currently. Zosia chimed in, He needs to integrate in the next months to a year until he reaches peak 3rd stage of replacement.

I believe he would have enough strength to place his mark in gold rank by then unlike the rest of the bloodliners who get trampled on like children.

The rest of the Alliance agreed with her.

That\'s if he isn\'t caught by then. Berry added one last time before focusing back on Felix who was just about to reach the \'finish\' beacon without any dramatic occurrence.

He just crossed over it and when he emerged on the other side, the beacon had exploded into bright lights, leaving behind a single notice for the incoming players:

>Congratulations to The Champion Landlord for finishing the Marathon first!<

Immediately after the players saw it, they smiled bitterly while slowing their speed down until they stopped at once.

Meanwhile, those chilling in the grass merely dusted their hands and stood up, preparing for the teleportation.

Although battles were allowed in the grass field, no one bothered to provoke another without benefits that were worth risking for.

Hence, this marathon might have apocalyptic natural disasters, but not a lot of players ended up dead in the game.

\'Now that you are done, get some rest, and continue your training.\' The Jörmungandr said after he saw that Felix was in the process of teleportation.

Felix\'s joy from winning the game was replaced with dread after remembering the grind that was waiting for him.

\'I will be on it after a nap.\' He said after opening his eyes back in the rumbling stadium that was filled with boos and cheers....But mostly boos.

\'You have two hours break.\' The Jörmungandr informed calmly, There is much to learn and time isn\'t our ally in your situation.\'

Felix nodded his head slightly while waving his hand to his fans and the angry mob that was booing him.

He understood that even if he trained his poison manipulation for a year, it was nothing compared to serpent half-lings who were training with their limited manipulation since the moment they were born.

Naturally, those were the remaining descendants of the Jörmungandr and god knows how they would react to him when he meets with them in the UISG.

After all, he was a f*cking human with poison manipulation just like them...No, he had the complete version unlike them.

Still, at this moment, they were a hundred times better than him in manipulating poison.

He had to work hard every day to bridge the gap lest he ends up shaming the Jörmungandr in front of other primogenitors when they see that the champion he chose was worse than his descendants.

\'Two hours of nap, better get going.\'

Felix smiled one last time to the spectators before flashing away, leaving behind him disgruntled Dallas, who was just about to jump down for a quick post-game interview with him.

Too bad, Felix wouldn\'t be the same without leaving unanswered questions behind him!


One hour and a half later...In The Androxa House...

The game\'s highlights were already spread all over the network in the galaxy for those interested in SG news.

The moment Felix had won the game, he received another bunch of invitations to interviews, threats, insults, troll emails...etc, making Emma drawn in them.

Though, she clearly filtered only the useful ones and left the rest in the spam. 

Since Felix had fully blocked communication with George, Olivia, Johnson, Mr.

Rodrigas, and the rest of the people close to him, he ended up receiving congratulations emails from them.

To which he read them after waking up from his nap.

Felix chuckled when he read that Olivia was threatening to cut all relations with him if he didn\'t unblock her.

Too bad, Felix had no intentions of unblocking them for now as he had no time to deal with their questions and inquires.

He understood that they were eager just like the rest to know his secrets and possibly benefit from them as well.

That was completely understandable behavior but Felix didn\'t have time for it.

When he dealt with their emails, Felix jumped to Chief Maganda\'s email that was sent in the past hour after they failed to get in touch with him.

A minute later...Felix closed the email while rubbing his chin, \'It seems like they are getting a bit impatient with meeting the Organization.\'

\'I guess it\'s time to put them at ease that the Organization is the real deal.

I can\'t lose allies like them and especially when I can take full advantage of their resources.\'

After making his decision, Felix sent a small message to Chief Maganda, entailing that he got a video meeting with them at 12:00 AM, next Friday...So, in seven days.

Upon doing so, Felix waved the inbox from his face and requested, \'Queen, please show me the game\'s earnings again, I want to do a quick calculation.\'

When Felix had just teleported to his house, the first thing he did was glance at his earnings, but since he only had two hours of rest, he left it after he wakes up from his nap.


>Winning Wish

>Total Streaming Revenue (0.01% from game points/1% from popularity/3% from victory): 47.5 Billion SC(With Taxes)

>Game Points collected solo: 600 GP //

Although the earning list wasn\'t as long as the previous ones, it was still the best-earning list Felix had ever gotten!

47.5 billion SC! That\'s after the Alliance took their taxes!

Felix couldn\'t help but smile foolishly after seeing the amount again.

He understood that with the 11 billion SC that he possessed right now, he would have 58.5 billion SC in his bank account!

That\'s liquid assets that could be used anytime and any day!

But, Felix understood that this was merely a one-time occurrence due to the viewers fighting for tickets to see the appearance and abilities of 1st mythical bloodliner.

However, in the upcoming games, the ticket prices would return to somewhat normal as well as the streaming viewership.

98% of people would rather watch the highlights in the VRVideos platform for free than watch an entire game.

\'Hehe, even if the amount would be lowered in the next game, it would definitely not get lower than 15 billion SC in each game.\'

Felix rubbed his hands together like a sleazy salesman, making Lady Sphinx roll her eyes at his poorness.

In her eyes, coins wouldn\'t even get her the cheapest material in her current state.

Thankfully, she kept those thoughts to herself.

\'Queen show me my profile.\' Felix requested.

Name of the participant: Unpaid Landlord_6996



Integration Level:

Rank: High-Tier Gold (Placements are finished)

Games Played: 005

Wins: 005

Loss: 000

Win streak: 005 (click to obtain rewards)

Loss Streak: 000

Eliminations: 047 //

\'Hopefully, I have gotten some good coupons this time.\' Felix rubbed his palms in anticipation and pressed on the >Win Streak< button.

Immediately after a hologram emerged before him:

//1) One-tier Advancement Coupon: Allow the user to jump a tier in any rank.

You can\'t skip promotion games.

(One use/365 days before expiring)

2) X2 Game Points Coupon: Allow the user to double all earned game points in one game.

Only game points farmed in the game are counted (One use/365 days before expiring)

3) World Announcement Coupon: Allow the user to send a message into the sky, visible throughout the entire game world.

(One use/365 days before expiring)

4) Format Pick Coupon: Allow the user to pick a format of his own choice.

(One use/365 days before expiring)//

Not bad, not bad at all. Felix grinned.

All of those coupons were useful in their own moments.

Especially, the X2 Game Points Coupon! If he had it in his previous games, he would have earned at least 20k GP!

Meanwhile, the one-tier advancement coupon was almost perfect for Felix in this situation as he could skip straight to the promotion game...But, he wasn\'t going to do it.

He wasn\'t a retard to let go of a chance to brutalize those peak 2nd stage bloodliners one last time and earn tens of billions SC of their backs!

Plus, he would be able to continue his winning streak, giving him more coupons!

\'Hehehe, I will activate the format pick coupon and choose the battle format in my next game.\' Felix licked his lips, \'Let\'s see how many game points I will earn from hunting them.\'


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