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\'Kinda feel bad that I missed the PPFT market gathering.\' 

Seeing the pitiful GP amount in the list made Felix remember the PPFT market that was going to be held in seven days.

Although it was seven days later, Felix still had \'missed it\' since by the time the players gather in the market, his prize pool items would have already been purchased by other players in his game.

Honestly, it was for the best that Felix didn\'t go since he was probably going to be harassed by the players when he places his shop.

Those players would not buy ** from him and also annoy the rest of the players who actually wanted to buy something.

To avoid all of that, it was much better to just not participate in this one.

At least until the situation about his bloodlines cooldown.

Upon seeing that the two hours of rest were about to finish, Felix quickly contacted Goati.

Ring Ring!...Clunk.

After the call got connected, Felix requested the entire epic tier 5 stock of Bird species from Fire and Wind Element.

Before Goati could register his request, Felix added, I also want the entire stock of octopus species with water element and Avion species.

Are you sure about it Goati gulped a mouthful and said, That would be a total of 26 bottles.

Just give me their pricing. Felix rushed him.

Give me a moment.

Goati went silent for a couple of seconds before sending Felix an email that had each bloodline price and the total amount if he bought them all.

9.9 billion SC for seven fire bottles, eight wind bottles, eight water bottles, and lastly three Avion species bottles.

Those water bottles were for the trade he was planning on making with the Anti-Royalty Alliance.

He was going to sell them a 75% essence primogenitor bottle!

In return, he was going to make them sign a contract that was extremely beneficial to him.

Felix didn\'t doubt that they wouldn\'t accept it since they were desperate to get their hands on a primogenitor\'s bottle.

Too bad, 75% wasn\'t enough to awake the primogenitor and their tech wasn\'t going to discover the secrets of the essence since only beings like primogenitors and Unigins could do so.

\'Hehe, I should milk them out of 50 billion SC for it.\' Felix grinned widely while disconnecting the call.

If others knew that Felix was going to earn 50 billion SC for a bottle that cost him almost nothing with his reselling scheme, they would honestly cough out blood from envy.

Though, Felix understood that the reason the 1st bottle was expensive as hell was due to its research value.

When the Anti-Royalty Alliance find out nothing from researching the bottle, they weren\'t going to buy it again at the same price like fools.

Felix merely cared about the one bottle going to the light so he could remove the suspension on him as everyone would be aiming their guns at his Organization.

Plus, he wouldn\'t receive more public backlash when the news of the bottle\'s existence spread far and wide.

\'The only problem with this plan is my location.\' Felix thought, \'Bodidi can\'t deliver cross galaxies and I don\'t trust anyone with my coordinates.\'

This was the reason Felix purchased those 26 bottles now.

He was planning on waiting thousands of kilometers near the VIP wormhole expressway for Bodidi to bring him his stuff.

Because the moment he enters the wormhole and emerges from the other side, he wouldn\'t stop until the next Mariana\'s VIP expressway.

That expressway would be connected to the Witch Forsythia Galaxy\'s outskirts.

Felix wanted to make two last deliveries with Bodidi before he exits the galaxy.

He wasn\'t worried about getting located by other spacesh.i.p.s due to his spaceship\'s excellent anti-surveillance system.

Plus, he would be staying tens of thousands of kilometers away from the wormhole, it was almost impossible to spot him like that.

\'Phew, too many things to do and consider.\' Felix glanced at his bracelet and cracked his neck, \'But nothing will matter if I don\'t increase my strength first.

Let\'s start training!\'

The Jörmungandr smiled faintly when he saw that he had started practicing the liquifying technique.

Checkmate. Lady Sphinx drunk a sip while gesturing with her head at the chessboard.

The Jörmungandr\'s smile stiffened after hearing so.

He looked at his chessboard and started to feel despair playing against this monster.

They were already on their 40 games and he had yet to win a single game, making Asna mock him every single day for it.

Let\'s postpone for later. The Jörmungandr coughed, It seems like the kid is requiring my guidance.

Looking at Felix who was training in silence, Lady Sphinx snickered lightly at his attempt to weasel away.

But she didn\'t embarrass him by exposing it.

Instead, she teleported to Asna\'s mansion, where Asna was currently watching a rerun of the same series in boredom.

What are you watching Lady Sphinx asked while sitting at the side of the bed.

My Boyfriend Can\'t Understand Me, a long drama with 3 seasons. Asna said lazily.

I don\'t know why you guys like watching people acting fakely. Lady Sphinx shook her head.

It\'s not like I have anything else to do. Asna murmured.

Why don\'t you enter the UVR then Lady Sphinx frowned her eyebrows, I believe that it is possible to connect to the UVR if you possessed this thief\'s body for a couple of seconds until the Queen AI binds your consciousness with the AP bracelet.

No! Asna shook her head firmly, At the start, I was trying to hiddenly possess his body by using the purified energy without caring if it was going to work or not.

But now, I don\'t dare to risk it since it might fail and his brain could end up imploding if I switched with him.

Indeed. Lady Sphinx agreed with her on this point.

She was already informed by Asna about her prisoning situation and the millions of souls that she absorbed their memories.

Those memories were going to be daunting to handle for Felix\'s brain if Asna attempted to possess his body even for a few seconds.

Although she believed that there was like a 10% chance of that happening, she still didn\'t want to tell Felix about it and put him in a bad position.

Well, if you promise me something, I can help you out. Lady Sphinx tempted, I know a potion recipe that allows the soul to be split into two halves for a couple of seconds.

Asna raised her eyebrows in surprise and said, A potion like that exists I thought only the Spirits and Souls Unigin Guardian is capable of doing that.

Well, my limit is just for 3 seconds.

Souls and spirits are too hard for me to study since the Spiritual Universe is blocking my access.

Lady Sphinx informed, But I can tweak the recipe to make it target splitting both of your souls from each other for 4 seconds and that would give you enough time for the Queen to bind your consciousness with the bracelet.

Is it going to harm Felix Asna asked with a worried tone.

Don\'t worry your boyfriend will only feel some pain from the process. Lady Sphinx teased after seeing that Asna truly cared for Felix\'s wellbeing.

Boyfriend Asna humphed, Like hell I will ever end up together with that pervy prick.

Haha, aren\'t you guys together right now Lady Sphinx laughed while covering her mouth, making Asna feel annoyed.

Seeing that she wasn\'t going to reply, Lady Sphinx chuckled, Fine, fine, just tell me do you want to make a deal or not

What do I need to offer Asna tilted her head in confusion and asked, I doubt I have something that\'s useful to you.

Lady Sphinx got closer to Asna and requested with a smile, I simply want you to help me out in the latest discovery of mine when you finally split your soul from this little thief.

By then, your peak strength would have been recovered.

Are you willing to wait that long Asna said, I doubt I will be freed anytime soon.

Don\'t worry. Lady Sphinx offered her furry golden hand to Asna and winked, The only thing I don\'t lack is time.

Upon hearing so, Asna shook her hand to seal the deal and said eagerly, When are you going to finish the potion

My clone was already in the process of tweaking the recipe a week ago. Lady Sphinx smiled, I don\'t know when she will finish the whole thing but it wouldn\'t take more than a year.

It seemed like Lady Sphinx had expected Asna to agree to the deal before she even proposed it.

A year Asna nodded her head, That\'s not too long.

Alright, I will leave you be.

Seeing that she didn\'t mind, Lady Sphinx stood up.

However, before she could teleport, Asna asked her suddenly, How about that old snake Do you have a way for him to enter the UVR

What are you talking about Lady Sphinx looked at her speechlessly, Unlike you, he can enter the UVR anytime he wanted.

He is a separated consciousness and he only needs a bracelet and call for the Queen.

The hell Was it always that simple Asna was left at lose for words at the sound of that.

Of course, your problem is that the Queen AI considers you and Felix as one person due to your soul being merged.

That\'s why splitting your souls would do the trick.

But for Jörmi He doesn\'t need to do any of that. Lady Sphinx clarified.

Old Snake did you hear that! Asna shouted from the window at the Jörmungandr who was sitting on a tea table while watching Felix train.

Yes! He shouted back without turning his head.

Then why don\'t you enter the UVR!

Didn\'t I tell you many times that I don\'t want to The Jörmungandr said.

Upon hearing so, Asna realized the reason why neither she nor Felix knew that it was so easy for Jörmungandr to get access to the UVR.

The old snake never gave them the chance to even try since he always expressed his disinterest to enter the UVR.

Jörmi stop being stubborn. Lady Sphinx teleported next to him and said, How are you going to meet with other primogenitors and bet with them if you keep staying here

True. The Jörmungandr glanced at Asna and asked telepathically, \'Did you find a way to help her enter the UVR as well\'

\'I did.\' Lady Sphinx\'s eyes widened slightly as she asked telepathically, \'Don\'t tell me you never bothered with the UVR due to her\'

The Jörmungandr smiled gently while looking at the fuming Asna who seemed furious on his place for rejecting to enter the UVR.

\'I just didn\'t want her to feel left behind.\' The Jörmungandr focused back on Felix and said lastly, \'She suffered in the past and is suffering in the present.

Sigh, when she gets freed, she will suffer again in the future.\'

Understanding what he was implying, Lady Sphinx took a glance at Asna and thought, \'The Origin of Laws, a being that shouldn\'t have been born.\'

She shook her head to remove those thoughts and said, Don\'t worry about her, she will join next year in the UVR if everything went well.

Alright, I will inform the lad after he finishes his training.

The Jörmungandr waved his hand at Lady Sphinx and shouted at Felix after seeing him entering a daze.

Don\'t lose focus!


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