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Dumbfounded and confused, The MC and the spectators stared wide-eyed at the shrinking storm.

They were just celebrating and chanting Levi\'s name over securing the championship with a marvelous play.

Yet, that alarm tied their tongues, leaving them stunned not knowing what to do anymore.

Their confusion was understandable, as battle royals were supposed to end immediately after one player emerges as the last survivor.

Yet, this was exactly the case, but the storm didn\'t stop its activities.

\'Why the hell is it still active Our champion is about to get killed!\'

Muddled and mortified about the entire situation, The MC Titus felt his heart sink at the thought of having a battle royal without a winner.

If it happened, the game would turn into the greatest joke in the SG, and as its MC and judge, this humiliation would accompany him through his entire life and afterlife.

He understood clearly that his career was currently hanging on a thin line.

He must find the anomaly, which was causing this **ed up situation to save it.

Without delaying any further, he put his entire focus on the 500 small screens.

His eyes darted from one to another, examining the corpses of the players thoroughly before moving to the next.

He already had some theories on his mind.

He believed that a player was using *fake death* passive in those bodies around Levi.

This must be it.

Otherwise, the only two options left were either someone was still alive within the storm, or the game was bugged somehow.

If the 2nd option defied common sense than the SG having a bug was beyond absurdity.

The SG never had a bug or an issue happening in a game throughout the million years of its existence.

The Queen made sure everything was running smoothly both in the UVR and the SG.

Her processing power was no joke, as it was only below the empress of the metal race herself.

The only things, which bypassed the Queen supervision, were the loopholes within the rules.

But even those get patched instantly by her.

Titus soon finished searching every corpse that was still inside the circle.

His eyes which were focused suddenly dimmed a bit, as he found that all of those players were truly dead.

He lay on the chair with an unfocused gaze, aiming at the sky.

He didn\'t plan to continue his search, as by the time he finishes Levi would be dead.

\'I can\'t believe I would actually use it.\'

Titus\'s shoulders slumped as he eyed his bracelet with a humiliated and desperate expression.

\'Queen, Please show me the players with signs of life.\' He gritted his teeth and requested the help of the Queen.

If other MCs saw him do so, they would make sure to shame him in public.

For a judge and MC to actually request the help of a third party in a game under his rule was the greatest humiliation in their career.

But, Titus understood that circumstances and time were stacked against him.

So, he chose the lesser evil.

At least, he would keep his job.

The Queen faithfully marked two small screens with a red \'X\' in the middle.

Titus ignored Levi\'s screen and laid his eyes on the other.

\'Impossible, no one can stay alive inside the firestorm for that long.

So what the hell am I watching now\'

Stupefied and shocked, he abruptly stood up from his chair.

This action caused his knee to collide with the desk.

Yet, he didn\'t wince or flinch from the pain, as he was too engrossed, watching a player lying within the storm at the very edge of the map, twitching from time to time.

If it wasn\'t for those twitches, he honestly would have thought that the Queen was pulling his leg.

Suddenly, he broke off from his daze and swiftly pinched the screen to enlarge it.

He then dragged his finger to the left.

Simultaneously, the screen displayed past events rapidly.

\'This is it.\'

He lifted his finger and clicked pause on the screen that was displaying the very beginning of the game when everyone had just got randomly teleported.

Titus decided to showcase the events that transpired on the large screen to calm the audience who were booing and cursing with middle fingers and thumbs down at his inactivity.

Who would blame them

Levi their champion was constantly screaming and begging with a frightened expression for the MC to get him out of the battleground.

He was truly on the verge of insanity as he kept eyeing the storm approaching him from all corners unhurried.

From heaven to hell in a blink of an eye, this was Levi\'s current situation.

Too bad, no one could rescue him, as the game was not over yet.

Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the inconvenience.

But, if you want to understand why the game is still not over yet, you should watch this replay with me.

The moment the large screen displayed Solid Wall in all of his glory running like a madman towards the storm, the audience quietened down and paid close attention to him.

Titus skipped the first 20 minutes of the game, as nothing much happened to Wally by then.

He continued the replay only after the first alarm.

That\'s when the fun truly began.

Shocked and honestly creeped out, The MC and The audience watched with unblinking bulging eyes, the entire process of Wally getting burned to crisp, then recovering until he was solid again.

This process kept repeating again and again and again…

They neither got tired nor bored, they simply watched his never-ending cycle of torture.

At this point, no one cared about Levi who was burning within the storm with indignation and howling with a hoarse voice from agony.

The poor lad didn\'t survive even 5 seconds before his body turned into ash, drifting in the air like his *Sand Mimicry* ability.

This silence appreciation continued for over two hours until the game automatic declaration resounded in the battleground.

Congratulation to player Number 345 for being the last survivor.

By the laws given to me from SGA, I hereby declare you as The Champion in this game.

After hearing the monotonous voice of the Queen, the MC and the crowd woke up from their engrossment and traded glances between each other in silence and amazement.

The only one who was still cheering was Felix, who didn\'t stop making his voice heard for the entire duration.

After all, he just won 80 million SC thanks to Wally, the least thing he could do was cheer him on.

Before long, the spectators began to clap their hands, one by one, creating a gradual wave of applause that shook the entire arena to its core.

Yet, that was not all; they stood in ovation and respect for Wally, who was lying on the ground unmoving.

Probably passed out.

Wally you machinist, only you can survive such an experience!!

Wally Please wake up!

F*ck me sideways, I never thought I would cry during a game.




Excited and filled with fervor, the spectators used their loudest voices to chant Wally\'s name, hoping that he might wake up and share this glorious moment with them.

Alas, Wally was lying like a log, unresponsive to anything.

If it wasn\'t for his chest moving up and down in a shallow manner, they would have assumed that he died as well.

This is one of the greatest moments of my life.

I never knew that an already heated 500 player battle royal could get any more thrilling. Titus held his mic an inch away from his mouth and said with spit flying everywhere, Ladies and Gentlemen we are all in luck of being part of this historical moment that showcases the fortitude and determination that we human race take pride in.

With eyes shining with devotion and ardent, He thrust his fist in the air and said, We strive with the best of our abilities toward our goals and dreams.

This is how we reached here and this how it is always going to be for the human race.

Suddenly, he jumped from the commentary platform and nosedived downwards, planning to land near Wally.


His landing sent a shock wave, followed by a cloud of dust.

A moment after, he walked out of it and approached Wally step by step, while pointing his finger at him with passionate expression.

I hereby declare Solid Wall, as the MVP of this year SG gold-ranked games.

This is my once in a lifetime nomination, and I hope the title can help him etch his name in The Great Hall of Fame with other MVPs of the Supremacy Games.

Just like it was planned as so, the moment he finished his declaration, he reached the side of Wally.

Titus crouched next to him and proclaimed as loud as possible.



Felix didn\'t stick around to cheer with the rest.

His voice already went hoarse.

Plus, the main protagonist of the game was in a deep coma, unresponsive to their cheers.

So there was no reason for him to remain.

\'Now that\'s what a true MVP title worthy player looks like.\' He smiled, as he left the teleportation circle swiftly.

This was the reason why this game became a viral sensation throughout the entire UVR, even to the point where news of it was still being shown for more than 10 years.

Felix watched the replay of this game, in a compilation video online, showcasing the top 10 most unorthodox wins in a decade.

From first glance, his eyes were moved by Wally\'s determination for his cause.

He couldn\'t help but link his struggle in his life with Wally\'s.

20 years, 20 whole years of constant bullying from everyone in the clan he was in, before he successfully broke through Stage 3 of replacement, only then, did he earn a solid footing in the clan.

\'Enough, Let\'s not visit those ruthless days.

This is a new life and a new me.

I won\'t chase for revenge on those who harmed me.\'

His eyes suddenly turned frigid, scaring the ** out of the cab driver who was peeking at him from the mirror.

\'However, if I saw their faces in front of me, don\'t blame me for making you eat ** as well.\'


10 minutes later...

He entered the gambling den, which was currently filled with people curses after losing their fortunes in the 500 player BR.

No one expected such a twist to happen.

While Solid Wall had 1 in 10 ratings, he was still not favored as Levi, Joshua, and more famous players who had 1 in 3 or 1 in 1.5 ratings.

Felix ignored those gamblers and went straight to the counter.

He placed his bracelet in the scanning device.


>80,400,500 SC has been successfully transferred to your bank account.


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