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Felix spent two seconds scrolling through the entire list of rules and removed it after realizing that all the rules were the same.

He understood each one of them and why they were implemented.

First, the reason the players were capped at 30 was to make it slightly easier for the players to win the game and enter the platform.

After all, winning a game against 30 players wasn\'t as difficult as doing so against 100 players.

Meanwhile, the second rule was placed to avoid having multiple players from the same race allying and ganging up on the rest.

It was to be expected that players from the same race would find it more trustworthy to help each other than ally with other races.

As for the 3rd rule, it was implemented to make the game standard random format that was based on each player\'s luck.

The promotion game was an important step that needed to be as fair as possible to every player.

On the other hand, the streaming revenue might seem like it was butchered but one shouldn\'t forget that the game would be played universal-wide.

The exposure was beyond massive and if the game was popular, the viewership could reach up to hundreds of trillions of unique viewers!

0.5% streaming revenue off that was still beyond worth it to participate in those games and aim for the championship!

The other rules weren\'t too important as they were somewhat similar to what Felix experienced in his previous games.

Hence, Felix didn\'t hesitate to voice his request, Queen, I want to partake in the promotion game.

Are you certain The Queen asked for a confirmation.


Immediately after, he was transported to another holographic tab, where it had a colorful button in the middle.

Without wasting time thinking too much about the formats, Felix instantly pressed the button and watched the colorful wheel emerge then spin rapidly.


Ting Ting Ting....Ting!

The wheel span for a few more seconds before stopping exactly on a purplish board.

A moment later...]Congratulation on picking Puzzle Format![

Felix\'s brightened up after seeing it.

He loved puzzles in his previous life and was actually winning most of his puzzle games on the platform.

In this life, he wanted nothing but battle format since he always had an overpowering strength against other humans.

But in the UISG

He might not be the strongest in battle formats since there were some races that could strike his defenseless mind, bypassing his abnormal physical strength.

Hence, he would gladly take puzzle format.

especially when his cognitive skills and memory were enhanced immensely.

Let\'s see what we will get. Felix rubbed his hands and pressed on the button for the 2nd wheel.

With held breaths, he focused on the needle spin round and round...Until it started to slow on its own.

Ting Ting Ting....Ting!!

]Congratulation on picking The Final Key Keeper.[

Immediately after, a side hologram emerged, showing its details.

// Game Platform: Universal Individual Supremacy Games.

Game Type: Promotion Game.

Game Format: Puzzle.

Game Name: The Final Key Keeper

Participants Number: 28 (Still increasing)

Strength Allowed (Human Race System): From Awakening Realm to 6th stage of replacement.

Prizes Pool: High-grade stones, Peak grade stones, Vial of Hatred, Flask of Dream Vision, Draught of the Guru...Hideous Mask Artifact, Dagger of Solitary.

Rules of the game:

1) There are 100 apartments in an apartment complex.

The 30 players will be given a random apartment in this complex.

2) They will be given a key to their room and a random key that could open up an apartment of another player.

3) There will be one hour day and night circle.

(30 minutes of daylight and 30 minutes of darkness.)

4) During the daylight, the players are allowed to exit their apartments and scout for the apartment in which their key could open up...No battles are allowed during daylight.

5) During the night circle, all the players must enter their apartments and lock the doors behind them.

6) The only way to leave the apartment at night is by declaring the Right of The Hunt.

7) The right of the hunt implies that the player must leave his room and use his key to enter the apartment of another player and kill him...

8) To avoid declaring the right of the hunt wantonly, The hunter will be given 30% strength debuff by the Queen if he failed to kill his target during the night circle.

9) To encourage players to seek out their targets, the hunters receive 10% enhanced strength during the night circle.

10) To discourage players from hiding in their apartment in every night circle, they would receive a -10% to their strongest suit in every night circle that passes.

11) If a player declared for the right of the hunt but didn\'t find his target in his apartment, he must return to his apartment and wait for the daylight circle.

12) If \'A\' player declared for the right of the hunt but his target had ended up getting killed during his hunt, the \'A\' player will be assigned a new target after a shuffle.

13) The shuffle occurs after each full circle.

The players who died will have their apartments closed for good.

14) The killers will receive the dead players\' keys.

They could restart the hunt again to kill the newer target and obtain his key.

15) To encourage players into continuing the hunt, each key they collected could be traded at the end of the game with 1k GP.

16) Two players during the call of the hunt can\'t fight each other.

They could only fight against their prey.

17) Alliances could be made during the daylight but they could not fight together during the right of the hunt...They could also not communicate with each other telepathically.

18) To win the game, simply emerge as the last Key Keeper.

For more information please open your SG profile Interface.

Good luck to all participants.//

Interesting concept. Felix scratched his chin while rereading the rules.

He never played or heard of this game before and from its rules, he could see that it requires a lot of intelligence and foresight to win it.

So, 100 apartments but only 30 are occupied.

This means that it would be challenging for the players to find out what apartment their key could open. Felix noted down the first point he concluded from the apartment system.

He understood that there were many layers of depth to this rule only.

For example, the players were allowed to leave their rooms during the daylight to scout.

At the same time, they could also remain hidden in their apartment from the very first cycle!

This would give them a slight chance of knowing their hunter after he tries to open their apartment while they were still inside of it!

After all, how would he know if anyone was inside when it was common sense to take advantage of the daylight to scout for the targets

Damn, if I still had my perfect copy and senses sharing abilities, I could easily leave a copy inside while I head to scout other apartments. Felix shook his head with a wry smile.

In this game, his sand abilities would have made it much easier for him to confuse the players and mess with their minds.

Alas, he had already reached 51% in his integration and he was now the owner of six lightning-based abilities.

Four passives and two actives abilities...

For the passives, he currently possessed, *Lightning Immunity*, *Lighting Quick Reflexes*, *Super Discharge*, and lastly, *Electrical Telephacy*.

The newest passives that he unlocked at 45% were quite a niche in their utilization, unlike the first two passives.

However, in the right conditions, they would become godlike abilities.

As for the active abilities, Felix unlocked *Electrical Pull* and, *Electrical Field*.

They weren\'t full destructive abilities but they had their amazing utilizations as well.

Especially electrical field that could be used even as a defensive mechanism plus provide Felix\'s the ability to charge his Avion evolutionary trait, the lightning absorbers.

My lightning abilities will work just fine in this format...Plus Felix snapped his finger creating a dark misty sphere and said while licking his lips, I can finally go all out with my poison manipulation.

Felix might not have mastered inner manipulation or external manipulation but his progress was good enough, he was capable of using the most known active poisonous abilities instantaneously!

This was going to provide him with such versatility that humans could only wish to obtain.

If only his external manipulation wasn\'t absolute crap, he would have possessed the ability to spew out his poison naturally and shape it up as he pleased on the outside instead of being forced to do it internally.


a step at a time and he would get there eventually.

For now, he could only drop everything at once and focus purely on analyzing the rules of the game to create a plan that would set him straight to victory!


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