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Erebus, a faceless shadow like you can\'t comprehend what true beauty is.

Kumiho sneered in irritation while releasing an invisible pinkish aura around her that enhanced her looks to an unimaginable degree, making her appear like an angel from paradise.

Charm Primo, didn\'t we tell you to stop releasing your charm aura in the Assembly

An elderly deep voice emerged from the mouth of a humanoid man with a turtle-shell behind his back and mos growing out of his face.

He appeared tired and old like life was just a drag.

Aspidochelone, can you be fun just once in your life Kumiho said with an irked expression while withdrawing the released aura that was about to touch some primogenitors.

Naturally, none of them were worried about getting affected by it as they had their own countermeasures against her annoying charming aura that could affect even their mentality.

At least he is not acting like a 16 years old teenager. A melodious sound that was pleasant to the ears echoed in the assembly hall.

It came from a delicate lady who had oceanic-blue silky hair and big wide blue eyes.

What unique about her was that her bottom half was fish-like.

Siren, why don\'t you mind your business Kumiho crossed her arms as she gave her an unfriendly look.

I would have remained silent like the others if you didn\'t try to start another dram..

My my...It\'s sure is lively here.

Before Serin could reply, Lady Sphinx\'s reposeful voice echoed in the hall after she teleported successfully to her designated seat.

Welcome back Lady Sphinx. Aspidochelone smiled faintly and said, It\'s been thousands of years since your last participation in the games.

We sure missed your appearance.

Any successful new projects Don\'t forget that I have dips of exploration on any separated dimension that you open up.

One primogenitor after the other commentated, making it quite clear that Lady Sphinx had friendly terms with most of them.

It was to be expected as she never fought nor did she seek it.

Plus, her projects were too valuable and wanted by most primogenitors.

Hence, they would never want to break bridges between them.

If you missed me this much, I wonder how will you react when you see an old pal. Lady Sphinx replied with a chuckle, making the primogenitors a bit confused.

However, soon their confusion was cleared out after Jörmungandr showed himself right in the middle of the assembly hall, wearing a purplish robe and a gentle elderly smile.

He appeared quite dominating but at the same time as cool as a breeze.

Hello, old friends. Jörmungandr greeted while looking around, eyeing one primogenitor after the other.

While they were looking at him with a stunned expression, he was seeking his enemies, wanting to see their reaction.

\'Wendigo is the only one here\'

Jörmungandr narrowed his eyes at a humanoid figure who was wearing a black cape that fully hidden his entire body, leaving behind only his head that resembled a grey moose\'s skull.

It also had long horns protruding from it, making Wendigo appear quite spooky to look at.

Spotting that the Jörmungandr was staring at him, Wendigo merely waved his hand without showing any expression.

Well, it was difficult to do so while his eyes were spewing utter darkness.

Jörmungandr, old friend, I have never thought that I will be able to see you again after the pact meeting. Aspidochelone was the first to stand up and teleport towards the Jörmungandr, giving him a friendly hug.

Jörmungandr accepted it with genuine laugher, making it obvious that he was close friends with Aspidochelone, unlike the others.

They remained in their seats but they did shower him with welcoming words and questions about his situation.

Didn\'t you and Thor end it in one last battle Siren inquired with a different enticing tone, appearing as another girl had spoken.

For the Sound Primogenitor, this was effortless.

It\'s a long story and I don\'t want to bore you to death. Jörmungandr waved his hand, rejecting to answer indirectly.

The primogenitors understood his cue and didn\'t bring the matter again...That\'s what everyone thought but Wendigo.

Jormi, did dying ruin your memory and made you forget that we primogenitors are always bored Wendigo stressed with a dreadful voice.

Without waiting for an answer, Wendigo looked at the Jörmungandr with his darkened eyes and asked calmly, We sure will appreciate the story if it\'s going to entertain us.

I don\'t mind telling my story but I know that a certain someone will definitely deform it and spread it far and wide. Jörmungandr replied with a cold tone.

\'Yikes, it didn\'t even take a minute before those two got at it again.\' Kumiho thought to herself with an amused expression.

The other primogenitors all quietened down after hearing so as they knew that Jörmungandr wasn\'t coming in here to hang out but to deal with Wendigo and the other two primogenitors who defiled his legacy and almost caused mass extinction to his descendants after his death.

They knew that Jörmungandr and Wendigo\'s conflict was deeply rooted in both of their factions.

It could never be solved without having the other faction completely being wiped out.

The conflict didn\'t actually originate from those two but from two other primogenitors belonging each to their faction.

They were merely brought in it at the start.

Too bad, billions of years were enough to turn any conflict into a deep-seated hatred that could never be resolved peacefully.

Hence, the primogenitors kept their words to themselves and merely turned to Wendigo, wanting to hear his response.

Alas, they waited and waited yet Wendigo simply kept staring at the Jörmungandr in silence.

In a few moments, he finally opened his mouth and said, Manananggal and Saurous would be ecstatic to hear the news of your revival.

The Jörmungandr narrowed his eyes dangerously and replied, So as Fenrir and Thor after they hear about your astonishing actions against our descendants.

A dark fog was released from Wendigo\'s skull, shaping up as a wide creepy grin.

I\'m sure they will be.

Although the conversation was kept civil and quiet, the primogenitors could smell the gunpowder in the assembly room.

\'For a tiny consciousness, Jörmi sure is ballsy.\' Lady Sphinx smiled faintly, liking the fact that the Jörmungandr hadn\'t change one bit.

Although they didn\'t meet a lot in the earlier days, she had heard of him plenty and the way he carried things.

Thus, she knew that he might look like a gentle elder in peaceful times but against his enemies, he was a ruthless vengeful soul.

Nevertheless, she knew that whatever he said didn\'t hold a single thing since he was merely a tiny consciousness that could be killed by a single breath from other primogenitors.

However, as long as he kept this tough act, the other primogenitors would never guess that he was living in Felix\'s consciousness.

This sense of unknown would be a key factor to Felix against the primogenitors!

Jörmungandr, please take a seat so we can start looking into Lady Sphinx\'s newest champion. Aspidochelone requested while teleporting back to his seat.

He didn\'t want the assembly to end up being wasted due to Jörmungandr and Wendigo\'s conflict.

I don\'t know if Lady Sphinx mentioned the games or not but you can also recommend a champion to join and earn some goodies. Aspidochelone informed.

The Jörmungandr teleported to an empty seat and informed casually, There is no need, her champion is mine as well.


Why would you do that!



Each primogenitor reacted differently to the news but most of them expressed bafflement at their decision to share one champion.

There was absolutely no merit since the moment their champion loses, they would need to cough up twice the bet proposed.

If they won, they would have to share the rewards.

Maybe their shared champion is good enough to win all of his games The primogenitors thought.

This was the only reason why would two primogenitors ever go for this plan.

Knowing so made them curious about who was the champion they picked.

They didn\'t need to ask as Jörmungandr had brought up the matter on his own, I am here to sign up Felix Maxwell in the primogenitors\' games.

Please prepare the contract.

Felix Maxwell

The primogenitors looked at each other and saw the confusion in their eyes.

They weren\'t confused because they knew who Felix was and his viral news but because they could see that the name didn\'t belong to a Serpent Half-ling!

\'He didn\'t choose one of his surviving descendants\'

\'Maybe, the champion is a descendent of Lady Sphinx But all of them are trash...\'

While some primogenitors were thinking about the matter, the others quickly manifested a search engine and wrote Felix\'s full name.

Immediately after, they were hit with trillions of results, making them realize that he was quite a bit famous.

But, when they entered one article and saw his picture, they couldn\'t help but exclaim out loud, The Hell! You chose a lowly human as your shared champion!!

Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr glanced at each other and said at the same time with a faint smirk, Got a problem with that


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