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Inside the cab that was heading towards the bloodline market, Felix rested his hand under his chin, as he stared at the view outside absent-mindedly.

He was thinking of the best way possible to spend his newly obtained capital.

He first decided that 10 million SC would be used as capital for future bets.

Meanwhile, the remaining 70 million would be spent on the tier 4 bloodline.

Hopefully, an epic ranked one.

As for the leftover coins, he planned to use them as payment for the resources he prepurchased yesterday.


7 minutes later...

He entered the public bloodline market that was packed with rowdy people just like ever.

Felix kept walking step by step while browsing the stalls and shops.

But he never bought a thing, he just marked the items which pleased him and left them be.

He couldn\'t afford to waste even a single coin from his bloodline capital.

70 million might sound a lot, but Felix knew that it wasn\'t enough to even buy him a rare tier 5 bloodline.

Don\'t even mention Tier 6 and 7.

However, he was satisfied with tier 4 for now.

At least, his abilities would be much stronger than his peers in the same realm.


After half an hour of constant browsing, Felix reached a tight well-lighted alley.

He had been walking before towards this specific alley.

His browsing and marking were merely a side activity he did on the way.

\'Hopefully, that greedy bastard is still open at this time.\'

Irked, Felix spat on the floor and entered the alley.

The image of the shop owner he was on his way to visit ruined his day instantly.

Alas, he could only suck it up and tread through the maze-like alleys.

After a while, he stopped in front of a clean looking brick wall with frowned eyebrows.

Seconds passed by and Felix just stood frozen in front of it.

\'Fuck me, just do it and get it over with.\'

His frowned eyebrows eased up a bit.

He let out a long despairing sigh and without warning; he head-butted the brick wall three times and called out loud while gritting his teeth.

Looby the most handsome male in the universe is not a greedy person.

I came to buy and not to insult.

Felix backed away from the wall and massaged his red forehead that had throbbing veins.

Well, anyone would be angered if had to say such embarrassing hidden code to access the shop.

A few moments later, the brick wall vibrated, like it was being assaulted by an earthquake.

This caused fissures to course through it, drawing an image of a goblin head.

Suddenly, the eyes of the goblin materialized and gazed at Felix with a dreadful look.

Felix rolled his eyes at this sight and ignored that garbage attempt of scaring him.

Kid, who sent you here I only deal with regulars and for you to know the secret method to enter my shop, you either must have received a referral, or a spy sent by one of my rivals, so out with it.

Why you are here A frightful husky voice echoed three times in the tight alley.

Felix unbothered by it, extended his middle finger towards the image, and said, Greedy dog are you still not opening up after I said that embarrassing passcode! He threatened, If you don\'t let me enter in three seconds, I will make sure to tell all your rivals the passcode. He smirked, Good luck calling your regulars to tell them that you upgraded your shameful code to a better version of it.

I bet they would love it.

Cough, handsome Mister, no need to be so mean.

Come, come, I was just playing with you.

Threats are unnecessary. The horrifying husky voice immediately changed into a pleasing fawning one.

Felix sneered and dashed straight into the brick wall, unworried about getting harmed.

The instant he did so the promised sound of the collision did not occur, but only water ripples were left on the surface of the wall.

Seconds later, it got hardened back to its original state.

The fissures withdrew like snakes entering their holes, leaving the brick wall with a brand new outlook.


Nostalgic, Felix nodded his head in appreciation at the massive interior of the shop that was packed with rows upon rows of shelves, each with plenty of unique items.

Yet, the majority of them were bottles filled with different liquids.

Some of those bottles were small, while some were as big as a five-liter water bottle.

Felix couldn\'t help but chuckle after seeing small horned elves not reaching even his knees, running back and forth in the empty shop like they were extremely busy.

What are you laughing at kid You never saw a successful business before

A short blue-skinned Goblin with long dropped ears, big wide nose, and toothless narrow mouth, stood in front of Felix and inspected him with interest using his left eye, as his right one was hollow inside.

Felix crouched down until he was face to face with the blue-skinned goblin and scoffed in his face.

Greedy Looby, how dare you have the face to call this desolate shop, successful It seems like your brazen prices were about to force you to shut down.

Unbothered by his mocking tone, Looby shrugged his shoulders with his hands spread wide and smiled politely.

Dear unknown guest, I did not invite you here to buy from me.

It was you who knocked on my doorstep without even a referral letter. He extended his thin blue finger and added, Plus, you came to purchase my items knowingly they are overpriced.

Mind telling me why is that, or should I tell you myself

Felix\'s eyelids couldn\'t help but twitch at this bastard counter-attack.

But he was not planning to brood over this matter forever.

The only reason he mocked Looby was to vent some of his anger at being required to use that humiliating passcode.

Alright Looby enough humble bragging, and remove that fake polite smile. Felix went straight to business.

I came here to buy an epic tier 4 poison bloodline.

Go bring me all the stock you have, and also bring rare ranks as well.

Looby\'s gentleman manners immediately were thrown in the sewers as he licked his lips like a vampire ready to devour all of Felix\'s hard-earned coins.

He didn\'t have greedy Looby as a nickname for no reason.

Felix\'s shoulders couldn\'t help but tense at this sight.

He knew that he needs to bring his \'A\' game during the negotiation.

Otherwise, he would leave the shop butt naked, without a single dim in his account.

Give me 5 minutes and all my stock will be in front of you. Looby rubbed his hands together and added while eyeing the shelves, Meanwhile you can browse my bloodline item collection.

You might find something that pleases you.

Without waiting for Felix\'s response, he swiftly bolted towards the back of the shop, while calling for the little cute dear elves to follow him.

Felix didn\'t need Looby\'s reminder, as he was planning to examine those items in the first place.

He walked near the shelves while examining the items one by one.

He kept commentating on the ones he found interesting.

Oho A grey keeper Bear claw that can be merged with an arm, and used to increase the power of claw abilities Not bad. He nodded, as he held a sharp looking grey claw.

Works best if the bloodline integrated with was the Keeper bear itself.

Whoa, that greedy dog actually got hold of this!! What a lucky bastard.

If he sold it to a desperate person, he might rip him off with double to triple the price.

Felix exclaimed as he appraised with wide eyes, a unique looking penis that was constantly changing its size and shape, based on the thoughts of the holder.

One can easily infer how well received this item would be for men.

Three minutes later, Looby came back holding four bloodline bottles, two in each hand, while his minions each held one bottle.

Dear customer, my entire poison stock is here. Looby put the bottles on a desk and said with a solemn tone, Please take your time in your choice.

I don\'t mind waiting.

Just make sure that the bloodline you choose is perfect for your future path.

Looby\'s warning was genuine, as every time a young lad paid a visit to his shop, he only leaves after buying the most expensive bloodline there was in the shop.

Not caring if the beast he picked had a good rapport with him.

Their ignorance resulted in them having at least their strength lowered by 30%.

The synergy between the bloodline and the host must never be disparaged, as each beast had abilities specifically made for a unique fighting style.

Some beasts preferred using their body parts as their main source of power, while their element provided assistance.

While some were the total opposite, as they relied heavily on their elemental abilities to fight their battles.

Those beasts preferred keeping distance.

Those young kids only realize this fact after the deed was already done.

This led to only one result, and that was forcing them to hasten their integration to replace the bloodline, totally ignoring building a solid foundation.

Felix knew all of this as well, thus Looby\'s advice meant nothing to him.

But he still appreciated his warning.

Thanks for the advice.

But don\'t worry; I already know what I am doing. He smiled and requested, Now can you clear the room for me, so I can focus on my choice please

Got it. Looby clapped his hands twice and went upstairs, followed by his minions.


Felix\'s focus was brought to the 10 bottles before him after hearing the sound of the door gets closed.

He held the first one and scanned it with his bracelet.

Soon, all the details of it were shown as a hologram.

//Bloodline Name: 100 legged poisonous Tarantula.

Tier: 4

Rank: Rare

Passive abilities pool: *Paralyze Poison Immunity*, *Skin Hardening*, *Night Vision*, *Wall-Crawling*, *Finger Flexibility*....etc

Active abilities pool: *Organic Webbing Shot*, *Penetrative Fingers*, *Sleep Inducement Bite*, *Web Cocoon Seal*....etc

History: The Tarantula is a spider type beast that uses poison element and Silk Element.

Its current habitat is rain forests in Rainy Kindrian Planet that is near the edges of the Andromeda Galaxy.//

Felix shook his head and closed the hologram.

He was never a spider-type lover.

He preferred snakes and serpents beasts, just like in his previous life.

He had a good rapport with them, and he wouldn\'t change the species, just because he had a fresh start.

It was always better to learn from experience than to try new things all over again, wasting a ton of time just to be edgy.

So, he excluded every bottle that had a bloodline of a different species, leaving only bottles that had snakes and serpents bloodline on the table.

As he read the details of each of those bloodlines, he kept shaking his head in disappointment over the current stock.

\'Am I just unlucky to end up with this trashy stock or Looby lied and did not bring his best\'

Confused and disappointed, Felix tapped his finger on the table as he eyed the last bottle.

He truly began to believe that Looby brought him a **ty stock because he was not a regular customer.

\'Sigh, I hope the last bottle is at least somewhat good.\'

Felix already stopped thinking about buying the best.

At this point, he just wanted something that fits him.

He was not one of those bloodliners who chase after the perfect bloodline.

Unlike them, Felix understood clearly that chasing after the perfect bloodline was the same as chasing after the perfect girl to marry, something that was clearly an illusion.


However, the moment he saw the details of the last bottle, his crooked vision about the perfect bloodline couldn\'t help but adjust a little.

Just like love at first sight, he knew this was the bloodline he would awake with.


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