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Before long, the daylight cycle had only 20 seconds left in its lifespan.

Yet, the players were finding it hard to know who located his target in this cycle or not since everyone was still trying to open the apartments.

Only the viewers knew that currently there are only 9 players who managed to find out their target.

This meant that if all of them declared the right of the hunt, 18 players would be fighting in the night cycle while the rest would be chilling in their apartments.

Since they had actually shown effort to locate their targets, they wouldn\'t be punished by the Queen.

Only the ones who hid in their apartments or guarded their door for 30 minutes straight would be having their strongest suit reduced by 10%.

A few moments later...Felix\'s bracelet vibrated twice, alarming him that the daylight cycle had concluded.

\'Let\'s see if we are going to get teleported back to our apartment or get forced to sprint to the...Never mind.\'

Before he could finish his thought, his entire body started deconstructing just like the players near him on the 2nd floor.

\'Damn it, I got nothing from this.\' Vanlord cursed in his mind after seeing that he was getting teleported away.

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His entire chase had bore no fruit since he didn\'t find his own target in all of those apartments that Felix had chosen.

Naturally, Felix wasn\'t an idiot to continue fake opening only the players\' apartments when he had already found his target.

He knew that he would be doing a favor to Vanlord if he did so.

Hence, he mixed the players\' apartments with multiple empty ones!


While the players were getting sent back to their apartments, the entire atmosphere of the apartment complex and the area surrounding it had turned ominous and dark.

Soon, the fog had manifested in the area, covering almost everything except the blood moon that had emerged in the sky, shining brightly like a red gem.

All the players were currently gazing at it deeply from the glass ceiling in their apartment.

Let the hunt begin!!

Thrilled, Luna shouted while clapping her hands twice, splitting the camera into 9 parts.

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They were showing only the players who succeeded in locating their target.

Malak and Erik, who were currently standing behind Robert in his fortified suite, focused only on Felix\'s screen.

They were expecting that he would head to the door like the rest and declare the right of the hunt, but he merely kept gazing at the blood moon silently.

Why isn\'t he declaring the right of the hunt like the others Erik asked with a baffled look.

As he said, 6 players had gotten the right to exit their apartment and hunt their prey.

The only ones left were Blood Merchant, Felix, and an Orc player called Doom\'s Day.

It seems like we are going to postpone Blood Merchant\'s battle. Luna said while eyeing the 6 players who were currently actively sprinting towards their targets.

She picked the most promising battle of those 6 and placed it on the big screen.

While the viewers had engrossed themselves in the battle, Felix was tapping his finger on his elbow while pondering, \'If I made a move now, I might end up finding the apartment empty.

It\'s best to hunt him down at the last ten minutes.\'

Since the night cycle was 30 minutes long, this implied that the players could declare the hunt at any moment they desired.

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The only requirement to avoid punishment was successfully eliminating the prey before the new daylight cycle emerges.

Felix believed that it was optimal to delay the hunt as much as possible since he didn\'t know if Baguga found his target or not.

He had only one shot to meet with Baguga inside his apartment and eliminate him.

If he missed it, he would be required to return to his room and wait for another cycle.

This sounds like the perfect decision to make.

Yet, 6 players decided to declare the right of the hunt right at the start of the night cycle.


Felix knew that it was due to their worry of getting targeted unluckily by their own hunter.

If that happened, they would be forced to fight against a player that had 10% extra strength than them.

It might not seem like a lot but in those high leveled battles tiny enhancements like those could be the tipping point to win.

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This signified that Felix was fully aware of the danger he was currently in but he still refused to declare the right of the night so soon.

However, instead of gazing at the blood moon any further, Felix walked to the door and released a cloud of colorless mist from his pores that covered the entire area behind the door.

Then, he controlled it with his mental energy to remain affixed like that instead of spreading everywhere.

This mist was a merged from paralyse inducement and headache inducement.

Felix chose this combination so the mist would remain colorless and undetectable unlike the rest of his inducements.

Even paralyze inducement had a light yellow color and could be noticed if one paid close attention to it.

Since it was colorless, Olivia and the rest of the viewers didn\'t manage to see it at all.

His movement simply made them believe that he was finally planning on aiming for his target.

Alas, Felix returned to his chair and continued chilling silently, baffling them even more.

Seconds went by then minutes, Felix kept glancing from time to time at the door, waiting for someone to come in rashly and get paralyzed.

Too bad, 20 minutes went by yet no one even knocked.

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\'It seems like I am in the safe for now.\' Felix cracked his neck while standing up, \'Hopefully, that giant would be waiting for me as well.\'

Queen, I am ready to hunt. Felix said indifferently while walking to the door.

The moment he reached it, he unlocked it with his key and emerged into the desolate semi-dark corridors.

Then, he walked casually towards the staircase, planning to head to the 2nd floor.


Only his well-paced footsteps kept resounding the apartment complex, making it seem like he was in an abandoned building.

\'The other players must be either fighting or have already finished.\' Felix guessed after he surveyed the entire building with his infrared vision and saw not a single soul outside of his apartment.

But he didn\'t bother with this matter for now but purely focused on his upcoming battle.

Shortly after, Felix had reached apartment number 24 under the views of his eager fans and worried family members.

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He brought out the 2nd key and slowly pushed it in the keyhole.

Then, he unlocked it and opened the door wide open.

He didn\'t bother hiding behind the wall or such as he knew that it was impossible to be harmed unless he stepped foot in the apartment.

Hence, he merely narrowed his eyes at Baguga who could be seen sitting on his armchair while yawning in boredom.

He was bald, beardless, and had a sophisticated feeling about him since he was wearing a formal blue marine suit and a white tie above his black shirt.

Plus, the way he carries himself made it clear that he wasn\'t an idiotic giant with a trash IQ.

If it wasn\'t for his giant status and big head, he would have been thought of as a human due to their resemblance.

I guess it\'s my lucky day Baguga smiled faintly at the sight of Felix frozen still in front of his door.

He might not be able to hear what Felix was mumbling but he could see that he was sweating slightly from his forehead, a subtle hint of fear.

\'Hopefully, he balls up and enters.\' Baguga sighed in his mind, believing that there was a high chance of Felix bailing out.

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Phew!! Crack!!

Just as that thought coursed in his mind, Baguga was shocked to find out that Felix had disappeared from his sight after a sudden burst of electrifying light!

When Felix reappeared, he was standing exactly on top of Baguga\'s giant bald head with his hands in his pockets.

With hair stiffened like spikes and skin as bright as a lightbulb, Felix glanced down at the dumbfounded Baguga, whose nerves weren\'t fast enough to react to such a situation that happened in less than half a second!

Alas, Felix wasn\'t planning on giving him time to recover his wits as he simply snapped his finger while calling in his mind, \'Electrical Field, activate!\'


The instant the order was given, the lightning energy within Felix\'s body had transformed automatically into lightning white tongues and emerged from every single inch of his body, turning the entire area into a blinding lighting show!!

It was so bright, the viewers who were watching him live with their omnipotent vision were forced to close their eyes tightly.

Zzzzzz!!! shshshs!!

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The only sounds resounding in their ears were of flesh getting scorched and lightning zapping anything that it touches.

This lightning show lasted for exactly ten seconds before Felix snapped both of his fingers and jumped away from the paralyzed Baguga.

Even for a giant like him, it was impossible to avoid having his nerves paralyzed while sitting inside the heart of an electrical storm!


By the time Felix landed on the ground, the lightning had broken into white particles, leaving behind a perfectly well-maintained floor and armchair but a wholly scorched black giant!

Smoke kept releasing from his entire naked body and especially his lowered head.

When Felix\'s fans opened up their eyes and saw this sight, their jaws almost dropped to the floor in disbelief.

The Great Giant Baguga, one of the hardest players to kill due to his skin\'s toughness was scorched black with one ability

The scene was too unreal!

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