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A deathly silence had descended in the stadium...

The spectators from all over the universe could only look at their friends or family members with eyes wide open.

Felix\'s body had already shrunk to his normal size yet the viewers still weren\'t reacting.

Their eyes could only reflexively follow his movements as he walked back to the unbroken armchair and sat on it.

He crossed a leg above the other while wearing a new set of clothes and repeated his brand slogan with a smirky expression, Landlord\'s clothes, only winners have the right to put them on.

Just like a magic spell had been cast, the spectators had exploded into a hysterical uproar as each one was shouting louder than the other with flushed cheeks.

Felix\'s fans were from the excited fanatical bunch who didn\'t bother to even think about the last confrontation!

They simply brought out their drums, flags, and other gadgets then began chanting on top of their voices!


Meanwhile, the rest of the viewers didn\'t fanatically cheer for Felix but were asking each other or shouting their questions in the air, hoping that someone would clarify what in the seven hells had just happened!

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The most asked question was, WHERE DID HELL\'S CROW GO!

Naturally, most of them were his fans who never expected such an outcome.

Some of them even fainted at the spot, scared **less that their idol had perished without a single bone left behind.

However, the others were more optimistic as they knew that it was impossible for Felix to cause such damage...He was just a human right...

Our idol must have used the surrender coupon! It\'s the only logical conclusion!

You useless MC! Show us already what happened to our idol! We want to see the replay!

Unbeknownst to those fans, Luna had broken off from her daze faster than the others and went straight to watch the replays to understand the situation better before commentary.

She might be a fallen fairy and tiny but she was extremely professional.

What she saw, shocked her to the core!

\'Dear mother of fairies, is he really a human or a new race in the body of a human!\'

Luna gulped a mouthful while watching how Hell Crow\'s body had gotten disintegrated like dust by millions of lightning tongues arcs striking his entire being to the marrow!

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Useless MC! Show us the replay already!

Upon hearing the ruckus again, Luna shook her head to regain her wits and swiped her finger at the big screen, replacing Felix\'s face with what the viewers wanted.

The replay was naturally the edited version, allowing the viewers to understand what happened to Hell\'s Crow.

While the viewers were left dumbfounded by the truth, Manananggal, Wendigo, and Saurous were currently in a discussion.

This is good for us, he finally used size manipulation with another elemental ability.

That should consume most of his energy since it didn\'t increase with his size. Saurous proclaimed.

Manananggal and Wendigo nodded their heads in agreement.

Just like the other primogenitors who were watching the game, they had done their research on Felix and knew about his size manipulation from his previous games.

Two of them even had the same gift, making them understand fully its advantages and disadvantages.

For the advantages, it was naturally increasing the size which correspondently increases physical strength.

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But this was just the basic benefit.

The real deal was the increase in force to the elemental abilities!

It was only common sense that a fireball fired by a human wouldn\'t possess the same power as a fireball fired by a cosmic being with the size of a planet!

The same ability but different power!

Size matter in everything.

Felix had just utilized his electrical field while growing X16 bigger! That was the same as using Electrical Field 16 times at once!

The power emitted from the ability was enough to turn Hell\'s Crow into dust since he was merely hiding inside a flaming Crow...It wasn\'t able to block much for him.

Nevertheless, there were other disadvantages coming along with increasing one\'s size.

That was the energy held doesn\'t magically increase as well.

The capacity naturally increases but the energy itself remains the same.

That\'s why the primogenitors keep hunting for energy during their space travel when utilizing size manipulation and why Felix had ended up spending 70% of his energy on that attack only!!

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He only managed to afford using it after the last etching enhancement that increased his capacity.

If he ended up facing against two more players before your champion, he wouldn\'t have enough energy to lift his arms. Wendigo said.

I do hope so...I just have this weird feeling when I look at him. Manananggal said while eyeing Felix who was still chilling on the armchair, He seems genuinely too carefree like wasting such a large amount of energy wasn\'t going to affect him badly.

You are just seeing things. Saurous shook his head and mentioned, Even if Lady Sphinx had done something to his energy capacity, it would merely double it.

That\'s barely enough to repeat the same attack twice. Wendigo continued.

I don\'t know, something just doesn\'t sit well with me about this situation. Manananggal rubbed his chin with a thoughtful expression, \'Hopefully, I am overthinking things.\'

Meanwhile, at the Assembly, the primogenitors had started to rethink the whole matter about the human bloodline system being trash.

They realized that it was indeed ** if they used other beasts\' bloodlines but when primogenitor\'s bloodlines were utilized

An abnormal freak like Felix emerges!

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Our descendants either inherit limited manipulation to make their own destiny or inherit some of our lowly abilities to live by. Aspidochelone said with a deep voice, Not one of them had inherited our strongest abilities that we take pride in.

The primogenitors knew that it was impossible for them to even help their descendants obtain it so they could nurture a powerful champion for them.

Unlike humans who didn\'t have connections to primogenitors, making their body a good vessel for possibly anything, the descendants\' fate gets locked from birth.

\'Maybe I should pick a gifted human and turn her into my champion by giving her my essence...

Uhmm, Nah.\' Kumiho waved her hand in disinterest, \'Even if she managed to inherit my strongest ability, she still will lack in base strength.

If Lady Sphinx\'s champion didn\'t have that, they wouldn\'t have betted on him at all.\'

Her thoughts were shared by most primogenitors.

Although they seemed disinterested in the idea now due to the limitations imposed on humans, who would say that they wouldn\'t find their own method to go around it later on


The 2nd night cycle had been concluded! Luna extended her hand at a list she created and claimed, Another seven players had been eliminated! Two had been disqualified willingly by breaking the rules and one had used the surrender coupon!

This leaves us with 14 players in total. Luna split the screen into 14 parts and displayed the remaining players.

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It looks like four players have gotten severely injured in the previous cycle. Luna said, They will probably disqualify themselves during the daylight cycle to not avoid getting hunted.

This will leave us with only ten players.

As Luna said, the moment the shuffle ended and the cycle began again, those four players immediately disqualified themselves by attempting to hit other players.

This left only nine players roaming in the corridors.

There were still some familiar faces like Anisa, Blood Slayer, Doom\'s Day, Vanlord, and naturally, Blood Merchant.

Meanwhile, Felix was nowhere to be seen in the corridors.

That\'s because he was chilling in his apartment, still sticking to his original plan.

He didn\'t worry about the debuffs stacking on him since the moment he eliminated Hell\'s Crow, the 1st debuff had been removed.

This devious kid is planning to make a joke out of your champion. Wendigo said to Manananggal, laughing a little.

Upon seeing that Blood Merchant and Vanlord had started another round to search for Felix, Manananggal could only cover his eyes while sighing deeply.

He could already envision Jörmungandr\'s ear-pricking laughter in the assembly with the other primogenitors.

But he knew that Blood Merchant shouldn\'t be blamed for this since the players weren\'t given information about who died and who lived.

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For the viewers, it was clear that 10 players were still in the game but for the players, that number could either higher or lower.

Hence, after spending 20 minutes covering all the floors, both Blood Merchant and Vanlord concluded that there was an 80% chance that Felix had been eliminated!

\'Now what\' Vanlord asked, \'Should we drop it and just focus on the game\'

Blood Merchant thought about it for a second and nodded his head, \'That\'s the only thing we can do.\'

\'I have already located my target, what\'s about you\' Vanlord asked.


\'Alright, good luck.\' Vanlord said one last time before teleporting back to his apartment.

This time, all nine players had found their target but Felix!

This high success rate was caused by a shortage of players and empty apartments while the time remained the same.

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In other words, the players had enough time to try and open all of the apartments in that 30 minutes window.

To combat the players all turning as hunters without prey, the right of the hunt would be given to players who found their targets the fastest of the bunch!

Since Felix had willingly chosen himself to be a prey, his hunter wasn\'t included in this rule.

That\'s why Vanlord was currently standing before his apartment without a single clue about the horrors that await him inside...

Vanlord vs Landlord. Luna rubbed her hands in excitement and said, Who is going to emerge as the true Lord in this game


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