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Asna also stopped speaking at once upon seeing Felix\'s condition.

All three of them knew that the zone state was a condition that couldn\'t be accessed manually but only by chance.

It could happen to anyone, from commoners to the strongest in the entire universe.

From an athlete to a professional SG player and finally to a Potioneer.

Felix was currently disconnected from the world, having his eyes closed shut while his mind in a completely different place.

Although his eyes were closed tightly, he could see green energy particles swimming past his vision.

The feeling was inconceivable like those particles were always there but he never noticed them before.

They were extremely bright, probably due to their large numbers.

However, just as he wanted to dive deeper into this world, the bright lights dimmed and the show was concluded against his will.

Only darkness left behind, making him open his eyes with a dejected expression.

\'Is this related to talent or something\'

Felix was ought to feel doubtful as he had spent weeks doing the same exercise yet the only positive result he got was this one.

He didn\'t know if he should even call positive results since he didn\'t benefit from it at all.

Don\'t think like that lad. Jörmungandr comforted, It is meant to be hard for you since your race has no relation to poison inherently like the serpent species, spiders, scorpions....etc.

I see. Felix nodded, feeling a bit better about himself.

He was always pressured that his unsatisfactory results would disappoint Jörmungandr since he was using his poison manipulation.

But it turned out, that it wasn\'t him who was trash but all races or species without inherited relation to poison.

Should I try again Felix wondered.

Yes, keep doing it for three hours. Jörmungandr said, Then, you are free to choose if you want to train internal manipulation or close combat practice against me.

Felix nodded his head and closed his eyes again, then he relaxed his shoulders and drifted in this warm atmosphere.


While Felix was feeling like he was on a hot spring, the news of his promotion game had already spread not only galaxy-wide but also universal-wide!

After all, the things he displayed in the game made him appear more like a new race that resembled humans than humans themselves who were recognized for being weak.

While the media in other galaxies wrote a few articles about him for those interested, the media in the Milky Way Galaxy went absolutely bonkers!

The Articles they kept releasing were grander than the last one, turning Felix into some sort of a hero that was sent to bring their race some honor in the universal scene.

No media was flaming him or dared to do so when most people in the galaxy were as high as kite, watching Felix brutalize a player after another in his promotion game.

Naturally, there were a lot of questions about his poison manipulation, 4th lightning affinity, and lastly his enhanced strength.

No matter how they discussed those subjects, the answer always comes back to the Phantom Organization.

Felix had muted his email inbox right after the game was concluded because he knew that a lot of backgrounds would be sending invitations to parties, meetings, weddings, and any social gathering to bring him close and question him.

He was certain that one or a couple of Origin Realm bloodliners would be on the guest list with him.

Felix wasn\'t ready to deal with any one of them since he knew that those old monsters had enough strength to slap him to death.

The difference between peak 6th stage bloodliner and Origin Realm was unfathomable.

If it wasn\'t for so, some humans would have never made it to platinum or diamond in the UISG.

Did he reply yet The grand elder has woke up from his slumber just for this. The Maganda Chief asked with a rushed tone while pacing around Princess Bird who was staring at her inbox.

Stop moving around me, you making me dizzy! Princess Bird gave her father an annoyed look and said, And I doubt he will reply to any of us after he sees how mad the outside world is.

Ahhh, I shouldn\'t have awakened the elder and filled him with the situation so soon. The Chief sat on the side of the bed and sighed in frustration.

He thought that either Felix or the Organization would respond to them since they were allies on paper, but he didn\'t receive a single reply for hours now.

That was freaking him out since he knew that the grand elder valued time more than anything in the universe.

Making him wait for even a minute could cause him to lose a limb.

Alas, minutes went by then hours...Felix didn\'t magically reply to him since he was still chilling in the swamp, trying his best to establish a connection with his element.

Chief Maganda could only stare at the ceiling of his daughter\'s room with a deadpan expression and cold sweat covering his entire body.

\'I am going to get killed if I met him without information.\'

Soon, he looked down and spotted Alicia playing with her feet in the air while reading the latest news about Felix in the forums...An idea came up to him!



Don\'t you want to see your great-granduncle You were born while he was still asleep. He asked with a hopeful tone.

Nope. Alica replied bluntly while writing a comment, bashing on someone who praised Felix.

You are still coming with me either way. Chief caught her by the waist and affixed her on his shoulder against her will.

Put me down! Alicia threw a tantrum immediately, I will tell mom about this!

The Maganda Chief ignored her threats and the servants\' weird looks as he walked towards the elevator.

What are you staring at me for! Alicia growled, Go call the security! I am being kidnapped by an imposter!

Alas, no one bothered to address her shenanigans.

An interaction like this was already happening on weekly basis.

Oh, father what are you up to again

Suddenly, a pleasant voice resounded from above, making Maganda Chief and Alicia glance upward.

What came in their view was a mesmerizing long-legged tanned girl, who had her hair caramel brown hair made into a short ponytail.

She was wearing shorts and a tight-fitted blue t-shirt.

Big sis Les, save me! He is taking me to the grand elder! Alicia immediately beseeched.

The moment everyone heard that name, they lowered their heads and scattered like a bunch of cockroachs that got exposed under an oven.

Les was the fastest of them...

Looking at her escaping back, Princess Bird could only cry out loud, You traitor!


A few minutes later, deep under the Royal tree where nothing could be seen beside giant roots and dirt, Maganda Chief had reached the door of a room that was made inside one of the many roots.

The tunnel leading to it was well brightened and unguarded.

The Chief pushed it slowly while speaking with a respectful tone, Grand Elder, I have arrived.

Upon receiving no response from the other side, Maganda Chief and Princess Bird gulped a mouthful at the same time in nervousness.

After a couple of seconds, Princess Bird whispered, Let\'s leave, he must have returned to sleep after you kept him wait...Mmmm!

Before she could finish, Maganda Chief hastily closed her mouth and shushed her with sweat dripping down his forehead.

Just as he wanted to scold her, a deep jarring voice resounded in his ears akin to a thunderclap, It\'s been one hour and 12 minutes and 37 seconds since you left...To keep me waiting this long, you better have something good to offer.

Maganda Chief\'s hands trembled slightly, making Princess Bird realize that her father sincerely feared the grand elder.

She had never seen him before but she heard rumors from her bigger sisters who met with him years ago.

Based on their words, he is older than the Royal Tree itself, which stood the test of time for eons and eons.

But unlike the immortal Royal Tree, he had already reached the end of his longevity a hundred years ago.

Currently, he was merely slowing down his death by entering long slumbers...So, he was always a bit on edge when it came to time.

Elder, I have tried to contact him and his organization tens of times to no avail. Chief admitted, I asked other members of my alliance and they informed me that he didn\'t respond to their calls either.

Silence...In this god-forsaken area where the light of the sun never reaches, such silence could be dreadful and spooky.

\'Dad, is he mad\' Princess Bird asked telepathically.

\'No.\' Chief said with a bitter smile, \'He is livid.\'

\'I do...\'

Before Princess Bird could reply, her face was suddenly dyed red, making her stiffen in her place.

Only her eyeballs managed to turn around and glance at her father, who was standing still with a single arm left.

The other It was nowhere to be seen...

Wake me up only when you set a meeting with him. The same jarring voice sounded this time distant and low like it was sent from a hole.

Then, the door closed by itself, leaving the bloodied Chief and the stunned Princess Bird by themselves.

D, dad, are you okay Princess Bird hastily asked with a worried tone while beaming rejuvenation potions clumsily.

Hehe, I got quite lucky.

Instead of feeling pain by losing a limb, Maganda Chief simply chuckled while closing the wound forcefully with his mental control.

He truly believed that he got off lightly as he was expecting both limbs to be lost after making such a blunder.

Bringing you here was really the right move. Maganda Chief patted the dumbfounded Princess Bird and started walking from where he came from, not caring in the slightest about his missing limb.

Meanwhile, Zosia and Berry had it slightly better than him since their Origin Realm Bloodliners weren\'t that Old to feel antsy about every second wasted.

Though, Gabrial almost ended up in the same situation due to his great grandfather being close to kicking the bucket.

Felix\'s untimely disconnection truly created a mess for them but they could only blame themselves for informing their elders about everything the moment the game ended.

But their rush was justifiable as they knew that not only their elders were interested in Felix but every Origin Realm Bloodliner alive in the Galaxy!

Their sources had told them that many sleeping giants had been awakened by the news!

This meant that the vultures had been just upgraded, making it even more impossible for Felix to leave the witch empire and head for adventures!


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