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Before leaving the castle, Felix naturally had to inform Sage Dalilia and the headmistress so he would receive full protection during those three minutes journey.

Three minutes might seem short but Felix didn\'t dare to understimate what could happen in it.

After all, there were at least three kidnapping attempts that occurred during that 3 minutes window.

Now that he had offended the Darken faction members and attracted the attention of most Origin Realm Bloodliners, god knows what would happen.

Ten minutes later...

Felix was surprised to see ten large vehicles, that appeared like flying silver tanks, were sent for his protection.

In the previous times, he got escorted by only two of them and they were enough for his safety.

\'Did something happen or is this the elder doing\' Felix wondered.

\'It\'s not me.\' Lady Sphinx glanced upward and chuckled faintly, \'Dalilia finally started liking you after you won the game.

Or in better terms, you won me the bet.\'

\'Wait, did she hate me before\' Felix asked speechlessly while thinking of Sage Dalilia\'s kind and elderly smile she always showed when meeting him.

Lady Sphinx merely chuckled and continued reading her book.

Felix also dropped the matter as he didn\'t want to keep the soldiers waiting for long.

Hating him or liking him, Felix didn\'t care much about it.

But, the improved treatment did feel nice.

Upon entering one of the vehicles and greeting the soldiers inside, they took off rapidly towards the Academy\'s campus.

The sight of a platoon of tanks made the pedestrians wonder if a Sage Witch was being escorted to another city.

As for the scouting dogs who were left to report Felix\'s movements They could only stare at the platoon with a dumbfounded expression.

\'Isn\'t this protection way over what his citizenship could offer! They thought to themselves.

But, they still reported the news to their superiors.

When those superiors got the news, they could only curse Queen Alluna for her overprotectiveness.

Hell, some of them even started to assume that Felix was her lover in the UVR since it was common knowledge that witches change their race to humans to get some fun.

No matter how much they guess, it would never come close to the truth.

Just like that, Felix had reached the campus without any hiccups.

The moment he was put down, he went straight to the main faculty since he had a theoretical class in ten minutes.

While he was cruising down the streets on his hover platform, he was surveying the empty sidewalks and gardens with a peculiar look.

Compared to the first time he came here where the streets were full of life, now he could barely spot a couple of witches walking by.

Even those witches seemed like they were in a rush.

When he crossed past the library and saw how packed it was with witches carrying books of all sizes and shapes, it clicked in his mind.

\'Damn, the exams are making those witches forget about everything.\'

\'I doubt you will say that if you didn\'t drink the photographic memory.\' Asna scoffed while drinking juice from a straw.

Upon remembering all the books that he needs to study for the exams, Felix realized that he was indeed getting a bit snobbish in his thoughts.

It had been only five months yet he almost completely forgot what it\'s like to read a book twice just to etch most of the important content in his mind.

Yet, forgetting all about it during the exam due to stress!

Such pain was foreign to him!

\'Photographic memory sure is a wonderful gift.\' Felix wished luck to all the students and continued on his journey to the faculty.

Before long, he reached the main entrance and found that the witches were rushing out and in with their heads in the clouds.

\'Hehe, are you feeling upset that the girls aren\'t swooning over you\' Asna said, giggling.

\'On the opposite.\' Felix smiled in elation while walking upstairs, feeling for the first time that he was completely invisible in the academy.

Even on his way to the class, no one bothered to approach him and ask him about the game yesterday.

However, the moment he entered his class, the party was over as his classmates all collapsed on him with neverending questions about his absence, mission, game, and many more.

Seeing that he was struggling to fend off the vixens\' inquires, Naima decided to save him by shoeing the girls away, Go, go, he is already more stressed with the exams after skipping half the semester.

The witches returned to their own seats after hearing so, feeling somewhat bad for Felix.

Do you think he is going to fail

If he really didn\'t study the syllabus while he was with Sage Dalilia, then it\'s highly likely that he will either fail or barely pass.

I guess we won\'t be classmates in the next semester.

The witches talked with hushed tones while glancing at Felix who was sitting with Naima and the rest of his study group.

Soon, they were forced to focus in front after spotting Teacher Hala entering through the class\'s backdoor.

When she reached the podium, she surveyed the students from left to right, wanting to check if someone missed the class.

\'Oh, Felix is back\' She raised an eyebrow in surprise and said calmly, Welcome back student Felix, I hope that you have built a good foundation while in presence of Sage Dalilia.

Felix stood up and bowed his head slightly, Thank you for your care.

Teacher Hala nodded her head and asked, How about the exams Did you prepare for them

I am doing alright. Felix replied vaguely.

He didn\'t want anyone to know about his lightning passive lest some jealous witches protest to ban him from using it in the exams.

After all, the moment some witches realize that Felix was a serious threat to their ranking, it wouldn\'t be weird to see them pulling Felix down at all costs.

Especially when it comes to having a human ranking higher than a witch...Not a single witch dared to imagine how of laughingstock she would become if that ever happened.

That\'s why most of his classmates sighed in relief in their minds after hearing his answer.

If you need help, just ask. Teacher Hala offered.

Thank you.

Upon hearing so, teacher Hala stopped bothering with Felix and jumped straight into today\'s course, which was just a revision of a potion that they worked on it in Felix\'s absence.

Hence, Felix had entered a full concentration mode, not wanting to miss anything.

After two long informative hours, the class was dismissed, allowing Felix and the girls to hit their next and last mandatory class of the day.

When it was done as well, Felix went back to the dorms and began practicing his unique concoction method and also try to discover the most efficient way to get the best results in the least time possible.

Felix had already checked yesterday how the previous exams had been carried out and realized that to get in the top three, he needed to ace the written exams, getting the perfect marks in each one of them.

In addition, going far and beyond in practical exams by concocting more potions than required to pass the exams!

So, it wasn\'t just concoct 6 potions for him anymore.

It was concoct as much as he could in two hours!

\'There are four witches in the entire first semester with monstrous innate traits and have consumed photographic memory potion.\' Felix thought while preparing the materials swiftly, \'To surpass them, I need to get better at my materials preparations and catalyst creation in those 20 days.\'

Felix knew that the elimination of the microorganisms wasn\'t the one that consumes most of the time but the preparation and especially the catalyst.

While some could be prepared in under 5 minutes, others need at least 15 minutes for one catalyst to be prepared.

The timing couldn\'t be messed with lest he ends up failing to create even the catalyst.

Hence, he needs an efficient way to mass-create potions at the same time and takes advantage of his lighting quick reflexes to the limit before he runs out of juice.

He was already prepared to enter the exam fully charged with electricity to the limit.

But still, he knew that it could never last for one hour even if he rationed it properly.

\'It\'s going to be challenging but with the right plan and dedication, I am positive about my chances to secure a rank in the top three!\'

That was the last thought in Felix\'s mind before he completely engrossed himself in preparing as many materials as possible in less than five minutes...


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