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Can you guess your rank

I think I wil be in the top 100.

Sigh, I doubt that I will make it that far.

Most of the materials that I prepared didn\'t get chosen.

At least, you won\'t be last.

The witches around Felix kept chatting between them while a couple of them sneaked a glance or two at Felix.

They heard that Teacher Sonna had praised him but they still refused to believe that he could do better than them.

Thankfully, Teacher Sonna didn\'t leave them guessing for long as she had manifested a wide holographic list that displayed the entire semester ranking.

It appeared as...


1) Felix Maxwell: written exams/A /A /A /A /A /A ...Practical exams/A /1680 Points.

2) Lara: written exams/A /A /A /A /A /A ...Practical exams/A /1260 Points.

3) Kamil: written exams/A /A /A /A /A /A ...Practical exams/A /1260 Points.

13) Naima: written exams/A /A /A /A /A /A ...Practical exams/A /900 Points.

24) Karry: written exams/A /A/A /A /A /A ...Practical exams/A /800 Points.

251) Salma: written exams/B /A/B /A/A /B ...Practical exams/A /500 Points.


The moment the witches spotted Felix\'s name toppling over everyone like a god over a mortal, their hopeful expressions stiffened at once.


Meanwhile, their brains were trying their best to analyst what they were staring at.

\'Is this some sort of a joke\' Kamil thought with her pupil enlarged to the limit, reflecting on its glassy surface, Felix\'s name and his monstrous marks.

Her reaction was shared by most witches as all of them had doubted their eyes at the start then felt like they were being pranked by the administration.

Although it was farfetched, in their eyes it was more logical than a human performing better than all of them in the one thing that they know!

Such a slap, such a shock, it was too much for their minds to handle and they would rather avoid considering it at all!

Teacher...I think you made a mistake with ranking. A witch murmured softly while glancing at Felix who had a relieved expression like a weight had been removed over his shoulder.

Uhm Teacher Sonna pushed her glasses clumsily and said, If you are talking about student Felix, then there is no mistake whatsoever.

Teacher Sonna looked at their taken-back expressions and proclaimed with a soft tone, His performance was indeed extraordinary and deserving of such a rank.


I refuse to believe it!

He must have cheated! Humans are known for being deceptive! So he would have found a way!

This can\'t be happening to me... Kamil swayed a little, feeling like she will pass out at any moment.

No one else got hit harder than her.

Even Lara was left merely speechless by the situation.

Previous memories of picking up Felix from the space elevator station coursed in her mind, making her find it a bit difficult to imagine that human would actually surpass her!

\'So scary, if they jumped on me out of anger, I will definitely end up killing one of them by mistake.\'

When Felix saw the hysteria in the classroom of witches clamoring around, he gulped a mouthful and sneaked to the window.

The cheater is trying to run away!

Don\'t let him leave!

The agitated witches instantly noticed his attempt and tried to block it.

Alas, Felix was too mobile to be caught by them.

He easily jumped outside of the window and landed on the grass like a feather.

Then...He bolted towards the dorms.

Looking at him running away, teacher Sonna didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry.

This was supposed to be his moment to shine and gain approval in the academy but it turned into this fiasco due to the witches absolutely refusing to accept the reality.

To put it into our perspective, it was the same as a literature student ranking first in a science major final exam after studying merely 6 months.

Who in his right mind would accept it without seeing how he did it

Unfortunately for the witches, the proof was already trending viral in the network, showing clips of Felix\'s unique way of concocting potions.

Well, it wasn\'t that unique since he was mostly using techniques that had already been done before.

But the fact that he could enhance his mental control with his lighting element was the most astonishing part.

When Kamil, Lara, and the rest of the witches saw those clips, they went seeking answers in the forums since they couldn\'t figure out how could lightning ability help him with his mental energy control.

They quickly found that everyone\'s first hypothesis was enhanced reflexes due to lightning.

They didn\'t know which ability he used exactly but there were plenty of abilities related to enhancing reflexes.

As for how he managed to create 6 catalyst portions at the same time It was also explained in detail for them.

Lastly, the photographic memory potion easily explained his written marks.

The bottom line was that Felix had utilized only his own assets to concoct the potions, which translate to him passing the exams without cheating at all!

When the witches reached this conclusion, hell broke loose in the academy! Even senior witches had heard the news and were flabbergasted by it!

They could already foresee the academy\'s reputation and its students getting thrown in the gutter by other witches from different academies and also people from around the universe!

Some even predicted that the witch as a race was going to suffer from this.

That\'s because everyone would begin considering that their talent in potion-making was actually garbage if a human could score higher than their students without having the same foundation as them!

Hell, there were already comments from humans, dwarves, goblins, and more races, claiming that they would perform better than them if they had also a spiritual eye!

So this was a real issue!

Uncaring about the mess he left behind, Felix was chilling on the upper floor of the library, sitting in the right-most corner.

This place was a perfect hiding spot since there were many rows of books around it, hiding Felix and his table.

Since today was for the exams, the library was completely empty from witches, allowing Felix to enjoy a few minutes of peace.

He didn\'t dare to return to his room since everyone knew about it.

That\'s why he bolted before in its direction to fool the witches into heading there when they come for his ass.

Felix was fully clear that wasn\'t going to blow off anytime soon since he had just delivered a resounding slap that would be written in history books!

\'Hehehe, Good, good, good, now just keep it up for the other 5 semesters. Lady Sphinx praised with a tiny grin while watching the chaotic situation in the academy through the headmistress\' eyes.

Sob, you want me to get beat up. Felix\'s eyes got a bit teary after being reminded of his classmates\' bloodthirsty eyes.

Their beauty was no more as he saw only devils, who lost their insanity due to such a brutal humiliation.

It wasn\'t that he was afraid of getting beat up but ending up killing a witch by accident due to his strength.

That\'s going to screw him up big time since everyone was assuming that he was under the effects of the weakening potion.

\'I can only avoid them until they accept the reality...\' Felix surveyed around him with his infrared vision.

When he saw that the floor was still empty, he requested in his mind, \'Queen, please show me the latest biggest transfer to my bank account.\'

\'35 Billion SC from the Peacock Gambling House.\' Queen replied.

\'Thank you.\' Felix smiled at the sound of that.

It was free money after all and also a good punishment to anyone who doubted him after everything that he had been showing in the games.

\'Give me the rewards for the 1st rank.\' He requested again, quickly forgetting about those billions.


]Congratulition for obtaining the Duskwraith Potion Recipe Licence and 7000 CP.[

Upon hearing the notification, Felix grinned slightly, \'I won\'t need to worry about the rent for a long while now.\'

Due to his three months absence, Felix had 1200 CP debt on his rent.

Since the fake mission he accepted by Sage Dalilia was clearly meant for training, the contribution points rewarded were a couple of measly hundred points.

\'Duskwraith potion is capable of giving the drinker 200 longevity instantly just to sap all of it for a massive enhancement in elemental energy.\'

Felix brought out a holographic picture of the grim-looking potion and its recipe.

He already read about its effects but the recipe was kept secret.

Only those with permission or license could know it.

\'Hopefully, its materials aren\'t that expensive or hard to get.\' Felix wished softly.

Felix knew that he was asking for a lot since for a rank 2 Duskwraith potion to be sold at half a billion it only meant that its main and subsidiary ingredient were going to be rare.

As expected, Felix flinched the moment he saw that its main material was a dusk flower while the subsidiary was a dawn flower.

As for the catalyst, it was created from five drops of purity fountain and a cup of cleansed water.

Since Felix had been reading plenty of books about materials, he recognized those flowers at once and also most of their details.

\'Dawn flower is capable of increasing longevity by 200 years if all of its petals were consumed...Because it could be used by everyone, its price is at 100 million.\'

Felix rubbed his chin and glanced at the dawn flower.

If anyone saw it, they could mistake it for a normal lily flower since it appeared just like it...Even its petals were creamy white

\'As for the dusk flower, it does the total opposite as it saps the drinker from 200 years of his longevity but provides an astronomical level of energy that will remain for years...Unless the drinker decided to use it fully.\'

Felix thought while looking at a twinflower that appeared exactly like the dawn flower but with pitch-black leaves.

\'It\'s priced at 50 million...Which is not that bad.\'

Felix rested his head on his elbow and returned to reading the recipe.

Since it was a rank 2 potion, there were additional secondary materials needed for a 3rd step in the concoction.

It was called The Augmentation Phase!


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